Aalen, Germany - 31 October 2007

Event: Sparkassen Oldie Nacht
Bands: Marmalade, Dave Dee, The Rubettes, SAILOR

Photos by: Susi Akinci

Grant, Phil and Oliver during "The Old Nickelodeon Sound"

Henry and Phil during "Vera From Veracruz"


Preparations for "Wooly Bully"...

SAILOR during "Karma Chameleon"

Henry, Grant and Oliver during the "Full Monty"...

Oliver during "Con Te Partiṛ - Time To Say Goodbye"

A concert review by Susi Akinci:

Halloween, the 31st of October - what do you do on a day like this? Of course, you drive to Aalen for an Oldie Night to see SAILOR, what else!
Well, we arrived at the city hall in Aalen and were plesantly surprised that many people were there already (completely different from Luckenwalde......). All were in a good mood and we were very happy. The show started without any announcement with Marmalade, who were really quite good. Things got a little worse for us when Dave Dee joined them on stage and told too many nasty jokes instead of singing. But then, we weren't there to see him. Then it was time for the Rubettes who were great. During their show we could watch the SAILOR boys on the balcoy, walking around and having a look at the concert.
Then it was time for them, and the audience was in a fantastic mood when SAILOR came on stage. It wasn't necessary to tell the people to clap or sing, the audience joined in from the very first second on. The acoustics in the Greuthalle were very good, and SAILOR were very good - everything was just was good. The songs sounded great. During the "Full Monty" there were two ladies, who were in a very good mood thanks to several glasses of champagne (Grant also noticed that, clearly amused), really beside themselves. They didn't know this part of the show yet and thought ... oh yes ... something special. The two of them, who clearly weren't teenagers any more, seemed especially impressed by Oliver. The screaming was like at the Chippendales!
In short: SAILOR gave is a bit more than an hour of wonderful entertainment, and we had the impression that the boys really enjoyed it too. At the end we expected them to sing "Sailing", but that was wrong: Oliver sang "Con Te Partiro" (Time To Say Goodbye) with a bit of gentle support of Henry and Phil at the Nickelodeon. Here, suddenly 1000 people became completely silent, many had tears in their eyes (also the men!). In between the audience couldn't help it, started clapping enthusiastically, which motivated Oliver for his peak performance. In the end he got a non-ending thunderous applause with standing ovations until the very last row of the audience. Henry was especially moved and proud of his son - and rightly!
Unfortunately time passed way too fast, but it was a magical evening. After the concert many people still talked about the "gigantic" voice of Oliver for a long time.
Now we're looking forward to the next concert, of course, and we hope that it will become another great success.
Many greetings to all the SAILOR fans!
Susi Akinci

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