Basingstoke, UK - 02 April 2005

Glitz Blitz and 70's Hitz UK Tour 
The Rubettes
featuring Alan Williams
Andy Scott's
February - May 2005

Location: The Anvil
, The Rubettes featuring Alan Williams, Andy Scott's The Sweet

Photos by: Linda Welch

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Rob and Phil at the Nickelodeon



Rob, Phil and Grant during "The Old Nickelodeon Sound"

The "Full Monty"...

Phil and Rob during the "Full Monty"...

Rob, Grant and Peter during the "Full Monty"...

The songs that SAILOR played in Basingstoke:

A Glass Of Champagne
La Cumbia
The Old Nickelodeon Sound
Karma Chameleon
Vera From Veracruz
Girls Girls Girls
Champagne Reprise
Sailor's Hornpipe
The Full Monty

A concert review by Linda Welch:

The tour just keeps getting better with each show!  It's been marvellous to see the bands enjoying themselves almost as much as the fans.
Having been at The Anvil Theatre in Basingstoke a few days earlier (and found my way to the Stage Door after the show to meet Merrill and Wayne Osmond!) I knew exactly where to go when I arrived at Basingstoke on Saturday afternoon.  I had the 'nautical tat' as promised in my last review, and the 'rum ration' for the boys, and I headed immediately for the stage door.  To my surprise, the security man at the stage door let me in immediately and showed me to the dressing rooms - much to everyone else's surprise, as well!  I handed over the 'rum ration' and a Winnie The Pooh beanie baby dressed as a pirate (so cute I wanted to keep him!) and Rob let me go on stage whilst he taped Pooh on top of the bell on the front of the Nickelodeon (you can see Pooh quite clearly in some of the photos).  I left Rob and Grant to relax before the show (didn't see Phil and Pete) and went to the bar where I met Sarah and a friend she had dragged along for moral support, Brian, and discovered that we were sitting next to each other in the middle of the front row.
The show was as slick and polished as ever, and even though Rob was dying of 'man flu' (very heavy cold) he still turned in a great performance.  Even though they played the same set as the previous couple of shows, it's still a thrill to watch.  The audience (auditorium a bit more than half full in the stalls) loved the Full Monty and if ever the boys decide on a change of direction in their career I'm sure they could strip for a living.  Well, maybe once!  Sarah thought that Grant enjoyed the Full Monty a bit too much and he certainly does look extremely cheerful in the FM photos.  Maybe, as Sarah pointed out, it's because he gets a chance to stop hiding away behind the drums and be out in front for a change!
The Tsunami CD was selling well - so well, in fact, there seemed to be very little room for SAILOR to sell/sign DVDs etc.  Rob took the opportunity to drive home straight after they'd finished (to have some more Lem-Sip Max Strength?) and I didn't see Pete during the break, but Phil and Grant were around, chatting to fans and friends.
It's sad to think that the next show I see - Oxford, 10 April - will be the last one I'll go to of this tour.  It's been wonderful to see them so regularly this Spring after all the years when I didn't even know they were playing again.  Fingers crossed for a headline show in the Autumn!
Linda Welch

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