Berlin, Germany - 13 February 1999

Event: SEZ Carnival 1999
Location: SEZ building, Landsberger Allee
Admittance: 6 pm
Beginning: 7 pm
Bands: The Berlin Blues Brothers, Jeff Christie, SAILOR

Photos by: Katrin Wagner

Captain Peter

Henry with his new chicken-hat (?!)

Grant enjoying "The old Nickelodeon sound"

Phil and Peter during "Mack the knife"

Henry together with Peter

Henry and Phil at the Nickelodeon

Henry playing "dead man" on stage

Grant behind his drums

The songs that SAILOR played in Berlin:

A Glass Of Champagne
La Cumbia
Give Me Shakespeare
One Drink Too Many
The Old Nickelodeon Sound
Mack The Knife
The Secretary
Vera From Veracruz
Cotton Eye Joe (Irish medley)
Pop Muzik
Girls Girls Girls
Catwalk Girls
Champagne Reprise

The "Full Monty"
Latino Medley

A concert review by Katrin Wagner:

Cap K and I have had a weird (but marvellous) trip to SAILORīs performance on Saturday, February 13 1999. We reached Berlin at 2 pm after a 2 1/2 hour drive with the ICE- train and first went to our hotel, which was situated near the railway station, in order to relax for a while (- unfortunately I had fever and a really bad cold that day). In the hotel we met another fan named Wilma Kleinertz from Chemnitz (Germany).
In the evening we took a taxi and drove to East- Berlin, where the SAILORīsperformance should take place at a carnival party in the "SEZ- building". The doors of the concert hall were opened at 6.30 pm and Karsten, Wilma and I were the first people who enterd the hall and placed ourselves at a table near the stage, on which the Nickelodeon had just been built. SAILOR had not yet finished their soundcheck, so that we were able to welcome them and to have a short talk to them. Grant had his wife Michelle and a friend of his with him. Phil was accompanied by his wife Ann and his little son Harry (I think that he is 8 years old), and Henry had his daughter Laura with him.
SAILOR soon left the place and drove back to their hotel and we stayed inside the concert hall and waited for the strange thing they called a "Las Vegas Show" to start.
This show started at 7 pm, when finally some more people in very strange costumes had entered the concert hall.It turned out to be something like a disco party that was interrupted by several performances of strange kinds of artists. For example we had to watch a kind of Western show with two guys who pretended to be cowboys, then there was a performances of a young football team including cheerleaders, some Gospel singers and a short performance of some guys who desperatly tried to imitate the Blues Brothers. At 10.30 pm there then was a (half-)live performance of Jeff Christie, who played some of his most popular songs. After this part of the show we decided to place ourselves right in the first row of the audience in front of the stage because after the next disco- break it should finally be time for SAILOR...
At 11.30 SAILOR finally started their performance (thatīs why I soon forgot my fever and how bad I had felt during the whole time before!), and the whole show was really marvellous...
After the show we walked to SAILORīs hotel. The other SAILORs stayed with us for a few minutes and then went to bed because they had to take care of their family members and friends, but Peter (who actually wanted to stay with us only for a few minutes because he was very tired) kept on talking with us for almost two hours...
Copyright by Katrin Wagner 1999

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