Bielefeld, Germany - 25 November 1995

This was the last SAILOR concert with Georg Kajanus. A short time later he left the band.

Event: Oldie Night
Location: Stadthalle
Admittance: 7 pm
Beginning: 8 pm
Bands: Daniel Boone, The Marmelade, Dave Dee, Hermans Hermits, SAILOR, Smokie

Photos by: Karsten Wagner, Christel Müller, Ursula Porwollik, Christa Wagener
Video by: Karsten Wagner

  • Here's a video-clip of SAILOR live in Bielefeld, Germany, on 25 November 1995...
    Check out the two unplugged versions of "Traffic Jam" and "Two Ladies On The Corner" from the last concert with Captain Georg Kajanus:

    filmed by Karsten Wagner ©


Henry during "Give Me Shakespeare"

Grant during his announcement
for "The Old Nickelodeon Sound"

Phil with his maracas

Fans on stage during the second encore "La Cumbia": Katrin, Karsten, Michaela and Cilia

The songs that SAILOR played in Bielefeld:

The Secretary
La Cumbia
Girls Girls Girls
One Drink Too Many
The Old Nickelodeon Sound
Traffic Jam
Two Ladies On The Corner
Vera From Veracruz
Latino Medley
A Glass Of Champagne

Champagne Reprise
Give Me Shakespeare
La Cumbia
Girls Girls Girls

A concert review by Karsten Wagner:

Yes, it really was the last show with Georg! But nobody knew that yet.
Our friend Jörg was with Katrin and me again, and we were on the way to SAILORs hotel in Bielefeld. Meanwhile we were quite good detectives...
Henry, Grant and Phil had already arrived at the hotel, while Georg wanted to come later. Many other fans were there, too: Sabine, Cilia, Marina, Michael, Michaela, Ursula, Stefanie, Norbert, Doro, Ute, Heiner, Claudia, Stephan, Christel, Inka, Manuela, Christa...
Later we all went to the city hall and were able to watch the soundcheck of Henry, Grant and Phil. I had my videocamera with me, so that I could film some funny scenes. One of the roadies unfortunately broke the keyboard on Henry's side of the Nickelodeon while he tried to lift it up on the stage with a crane. The boys checked the keyboards and noticed that they still worked, although Henry's keyboard had some "injuries" now.
During the soundcheck Phil and Henry also played some old songs at the Nickelodeon, for example "Let's Go To Town" and "Blame It On The Soft Spot".
The Oldie Night started at 8 pm, and we watched Daniel Boone, The Marmelade, Dave Dee and Herman's Hermits.
A short time before the beginning of SAILOR's show Georg was there, too. We were all very happy to hear the sound of his guitar from behind the stage. After SAILOR, Smokie were to perform as the last band of the Oldie Night. But they had another show in another town before this, so that they didn't arrive in time. So SAILOR had to play more songs. They played "Traffic Jam" and "Two Ladies On The Corner" in a special unplugged-version. Then they repeated "La Cumbia" and "Girls Girls Girls" one more time at the end of their show, and Phil fetched little Cilia, Katrin, Michaela and me on stage to make a special "La Cumbia"-show this time. We had our maracas with us, and it was a very funny thing.
Who would have thought that this might have been the last show with Georg...?!
Copyright by Karsten Wagner, 1996

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