Bilzen, Belgium - 14 August 2003

Event: Terras Bilzen Festival
Terras Bilzen Grote Markt
Bands: SAILOR, The Troggs, Suzi Quatro, The Vipers and guests: Bart Herman & Jan Schepens

A concert review by Guy Meysmans:

SAILOR in concert at Bilzen, 14 August 2003:
Through the fortunate intervention of Katrin, I was advised of a concert in Belgium, were SAILOR would perform. As all good things come in three, it was near were I live, it was free and it was lovely weather. This made up very nicely for the cancelled concert in May.
SAILOR would perform at what is known as "Terras Bilzen", which means people sit on the terras on the market square and groups perform on a stage. In all a few hundred people attended and I was one of them.
SAILOR did not open the show, but appeared second and immediately opened up with "A Glass of Champagne" / "One Drink Too Many". Next came "Give Me Shakespeare", "Vera From Veracruz", "The Old Nicklelodeon Sound", "Karma Chameleon", "Panama" (which sounded fantastic and got the crowd moving), "The Secretary", "Latino Medley", "Girls Girls Girls" and last "La Cumbia".
I may have forgotten a one or two in the excitement!
The group then went off stage. There was a short musical break and then Grant Serpell had his drum solo. Next after that the band re-appeared and performed their 'In The Navy' act. This quickly had much attention of mostly female public, but didn’t that old Nicklelodeon break down just then!...... This little act was much loved by the public and SAILOR got a good applause. People shouted for more.
Though maybe not a full SAILOR show, I liked it very much and did not realise until then that all their songs sounded incredible, live on stage. I was used to studio recordings ever since I bought "Trouble" in 1976! I liked "Panama" live enormously and sang along the whole time. I never had heard or seen Peter Lincoln or Rob Alderton perform before, but they are excellent in their show and performance on stage.
I had the impression the people liked it very much and gave the band a good applause which the band more than deserved! I only wished I could have paid them a good Belgian beer afterwards!
Guy Meysmans,
August 2003

Also special thanks to Guy Meysmans for the newspaper article:

Here's what Guy says about the article:
"I also managed to get hold of the newspaper with the photo. I don’t think people will understand much of the text. In short it gives credit to the bands performing, especially SAILOR who got people dancing and youngsters enjoying as well."

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