Dortmund, Germany - 20 August 2006

Event: Oldie Night at the EDEKA Familientag
Location: Westfalenpark, Seebühne
Bands: Chip Hawkes, Shocking Blue, SAILOR

Photos by: Katrin Wagner, Heiner Imdahl, Andreas Bosse, Christel Müller, Peter Lincoln*

photo © by Katrin Wagner
SAILOR on stage

photo © by Katrin Wagner
Henry, Phil, Grant and Peter on stage

SAILOR on stage

The end of the show

The songs that SAILOR played in Dortmund:

A Glass Of Champagne
Blame It On The Soft Spot
One Drink Too Many
Give Me Shakespeare
The Old Nickelodeon Sound
Vera From Veracruz
Mack The Knife
Karma Chameleon
The Secretary
La Cumbia
Girls Girls Girls
A Glass Of Champagne

Before and after the show...

Christel, Heiner, Katrin and Ursula ready for the concert

photo © by Katrin Wagner
Christel, Heiner and Ursula at the Westfalenpark

photo © by Katrin Wagner
Ursula, Andreas, Heiner, Katrin and Christel after the show *

Gazing out my porthole view in hope of sighting land... - A concert review by Katrin Wagner:

Concert number 75 starts early Sunday morning. Karsten has told me that he can't join us for today's concert as he's not feeling well, so that I leave for Dortmund on my own in my poor old car. I reach Dortmund at about 1 pm and check in at the huge Hilton hotel where all the bands and artists of the "EDEKA Familientag" are staying. EDEKA is a big shopping chain that rents the big park called "Westfalenpark" in Dortmund for their annual celebration at which they have various stages with bands and artists and all sorts of entertainment. The area in front of the hotel is full with fans, mostly young girls waiting to see the winners of Germany's last season of "Pop Idol". Therefore there is are a lot of police and security people in front of the hotel. But I can go inside as I have a room there.
Having checked in I go to my room to get changed. There I receive a phone call from SAILOR fan Heiner who has also managed to get in without beging suspected of being some kind of autograph hunter and is waiting at the bar at the foyer. As I am just about to leave my room again to join him I bump into Grant. He has just woken up from a little afternoon nap. I follow him to the foyer and join Heiner at the bar while Grant and Henry, who also welcomes us briefly, want to enjoy the catering.
A little later Heiner and I are joined by Christel and Ursula. We stay at the bar to talk and wait for the other SAILORs. Phil comes to say hello, and we also talk to driver Thomas for a while. Peter is still on his way here, as he's had a concert with Andy Scott's Sweet in East Germany last night and has to get here by train. Today is his penultimate SAILOR concert.
Peter arrives a little later and welcomes us before he also wants to check out the catering and then goes to his room.
At 4.30 pm Christel, Ursula, Heiner and I walk to the nearby "Westfalenpark". The whole park is full of people who enjoy watching the various shows and buying stuff. First we watch the performance of famous German singer Michael Holm on the "Schlager"-stage. Then we walk to the Seebühne where the Oldie Night will take place.
Far on the other side of the lake Chip Hawkes has just started his performance as we arrive. Our SAILOR-friend Andreas is there too. Afterwards it's time for Shocking Blue. During their set it starts raining heavily so that many people leave the place.
The rain stops again just in time for SAILOR's show. The promoters of the show don't give them any additional time for the setup so that today is the first (and hopefully ONLY) ever concerts that has got no Nickelodeon. Fortunately it's not that obvious because the stage is so far away from the audience. But two keyboards and the good old pirate flag are still not as decorative! :-(
Despite the sound problems at the beginning that are out of the band's control SAILOR play a great set. We sometimes wonder whether they can see or hear us at all on the lake stage as we're shouting "Everyday is like SURVIVAL..." in the middle of "Karma Chameleon" and "Girls Girls Girls" across the lake. During the announcement for "Vera From Veracruz" Peter mentions that "there's a lady in the audience who is 75... er... has her 75th SAILOR concert today". Thanks for the mention! ;-) We have a lot of fun singing and dancing, but the concert also has some sad moments whenever we think of the fact that captain Peter will be leaving us shortly...
As usual the concert is finished much too fast. It's the very last show of all shows at the "Westfalenpark" today so that the park is almost empty as we walk back from the venue to the hotel.
There is no problem for any of us to go back into the hotel again because the nice security people meanwhile know us and know that SAILOR don't mind us staying there. So we sit down at the bar and are quickly joined by Grant and Henry, later also by Phil and Peter. The SAILORs take a lot of time to talk to us.
Christel, Ursula, Heiner and Andreas leave at 12.15 am. They all have to be back at work again in the morning, while I don't have to work and can stay the night at the hotel. In the morning I bump into Grant again several times on the way to and from my room ("Miss Wagner who is always outside her door..." ;-)) and enjoy a nice breakfast with the SAILORs before I drive back home.
Thanks a lot boys, it has been a marvellous day!!
Katrin Wagner, 26 August 2006

The fans on the other side of the lake enjoy the show

Christel, Heiner, Ursula and Katrin

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