Dresden, Germany - 07 July 2012

Event: Die Große Oldienacht 2012
Location: Junge Garde (Freilichtbühne Großer Garten)
Bands: Chris Andrews, The Rubettes feat. Bill Hurd, T-Rex, Dozy Beaky Mick & Tich, SAILOR

Photos by: Katrin Wagner, Karsten Wagner
Video by: Katrin Wagner, Karsten Wagner ©


  • Here's a video of SAILOR live in Dresden, Germany, on 07 July 2012...
    Check out Oliver, Henry, Phil and Tom with some bits of "Girls Girls Girls", "Vera From Veracruzs", "Karma Chameleon", "The Secretary", "La Cumbia" and the full version of "Con Te Partirò" sung by the amazing Oliver Marsh:
    filmed by Katrin Wagner, Karsten Wagner ©

Henry, Phil, Tom and Oliver during "A Glass Of Champagne"

Henry, Phil, Tom and Oliver

Henry, Phil, Tom and Oliver during "Vera From Veracruz"

SAILOR during "La Cumbia"

SAILOR during "La Cumbia"

Phil, Tom and Henry during "La Cumbia"


Tom during the drum solo

Phil, Henry and Oliver during the "Full Monty"

The end of the show

The songs that SAILOR played in Dresden:

A Glass Of Champagne
One Drink Too Many
Give Me Shakespeare
The Old Nickelodeon Sound
Vera From Veracruz
Girls Girls Girls
Karma Chameleon
The Secretary
La Cumbia

Tom's Moment (Drum Solo)
The Full Monty
Con Te Partirò - Time To Say Goodbye
Champagne Reprise

Before and after the show...

The venue before the concert

Three crazy people in Dresden - A concert report by Susi Akinci:

Dresden really is a beautiful city, but it is neither close to Kassel nor to Munich. But who cares? We, meaning Katrin, Karsten and myself, didn't mind. People can think what they want about it, but we just wanted to be there. Sure, the way from Munich to Reutlingen in two weeks would have been much shorter, but looking at the location I was negatively surprised that the venue was going to be seated. Who wants to sit down? I just don't feel old enough to sit and wave my arms in the air yet. We once had this in Straubing, and Katrin and I were happy when the host of the show said that people should get up and come to the front of the stage. And believe it or not, Katrin and I were the only people who didn't remain in their seats for this show. We were looked at rather strangely, but we didn't care. So, a big 'yes' to Dresden.
When the decision was made I immediately felt better. And I never experienced a SAILOR concert that wasn't fun. After all fun is a very mportant thing in life, isn't it? Full of anticipation I waited for a message from Katrin about where we were going to stay. It was great to not have to take care of this. The weeks until the 7th of July flew by and I was really looking forward to the day. But four days before the concert we didn't have a hotel yet, and I told Katrin that I didn't want to spend the night in the car. Then finally the good news: we had a hotel
All problems solved, we thought, and so we travelled to Dresden. I left an hour earler because the way from Munich is longer. Without any traffic jams I quickly reachted our hotel in Dresden. Checked in, room and the leave the car at the hotel's car park on a nice 'womens' parking space' close to the exit. Right then Katrin and Karsten arrived there too. Great timing! Refreshed and after having taken some photos from our rooms on the 13th floor (and that although I'm scared of heights). Then Karsten went to the reception to ask whether SAILOR had already checked in. The big surprise: SAILOR are at a different hotel. How did this happen then?
After a quick break we eventually decided to drive straight to the open air stage "Junge Garde". Until then the weather was on our side. Once all around the venue by car, but where could we park? Nowhere. On my own I'd have left by now, but luckily Katrin and Karsten are concert-pros. So onto the parking area protected by some security guys, and Katrin got one of them to let us park closer to the venue in a very charming way (I, the 'trainee', am still laughing about this). A few more steps through the park and there we were. Unfortunately SAILOR had just finished their soundcheck, but Oliver came to welcome us very nicely. He also told us that SAILOR were going to be the last band tonight. After all this we truly deserved our first beer. I just wonder why the cups always have to be so small.
Then, as the doors were opened, a few raindrops. And when Chris Andrews started his show it began to rain so heavily that we got soaked within seconds. Katrin had a bit of protection thanks to her rain jacket and Panama hat. But I quickly looked like a... well, nobody wants to know that. In spite of this, Chris Andrews did a great show. The "lady" next to me danced and sang so enthusiastically that her umbrella kept hitting my head and eye. Well can she be serious? After the fourth attack I couldn't stop myself any more and made it clear to her that she wasn't alone and I intended to keep my eye. She left quickly, looking insulted, but hey... Then the break for The Rubettes feat. Bill Hurd, and what can I say? Ok, I say something: the singer has a good voice. Full stop. It kept on raining. The Troggs couldn't perform tonight due to their singer's illness, so they got replaced by T-Rex. Of course not the same as they used to be, but Jay Spargo, the singer really did a great job. I thought about adopting him because I found he was really cute.The explanation comes later. Another break. No more rain. And we really looked forward to seeing Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich and truly enjoyed their show. I sang along loudly, sorry Katrin for shouting into your ear all the time.
In a good mood we waited for the end of the last break of the today, and when SAILOR started their performance the sky had become clear again and we had wonderful weather. Ok, the look and outfit was ruined, but who cares... Henry instantly noticed Katrin's Panama hat ;) The show was, obce again, super-fun, Tom fantastic on the drums, not to mention Oliver's voice. Phil and Henry old professionals, as usual, making the audience dance and have fun. At "The Old Nickelodeon Sound" Henry suggested that people should grab their partners and dance to the waltz. Two older ladies next to me began to sigh and say that they had no partners and would like to dance with him. Sweet! Ollie's last song didn't just make Katrin cry but left the whole audience truly impressed. And the Full Monty made the two older ladies next to me shout "take them off, take them off..." As usual it was all over way too fast.
In high spirits we left the venue, drove back to our hotel to get rid of the wet clothes and then took a taxi to the hotel where the bands stayed. At least we also wanted to have a drink or too for a change and not just water. At the hotel we bumped into The Rubettes feat. Bill Hurd who were just about to go to bed, apparently not in the mood for the crowded bar. But we were, and Beaky said hello to us. Suddenly the elevator doors opened, and who came out of it, wearing nothing but black underpants? Jay Spargo from T-Rex who had looked himself out of his room (how this happened will remain his secret) and got help from once of the hotel-guys. We couldn't stop laughing about this.
Then SAILOR finally arrived, said hello to us and had a quick shower. With beer and red wine we then spent the rest of the evening with fun and nice conversations. I'm so happy that it wasn't me who dropped the glass of red wine. Phil and Henry said goodbye a little later, and we stayed for another glass. I had to leave for a few minutes to get some fresh air. That was really nice and afterwards I was ready for a last beer with Tom, Katrin and Karsten. After the poor bar guy who had already beared us for a long time told us that somebody had phone the reception and complained about the noise/voices we eventually said goodbye to Tom at about 3 am and took a taxi back to our pish hotel with the glass showers.
Summary: Great hotel with a big bed and a glass shower in the middle of the room, great buffet and a long fun night with lovely people.
PS: Kudos to Phil who talked to the audience in German, well done!
And: Happy Birthday Harry, belated!
Susi Akinci

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