Düsseldorf, Germany - 23 January 2008

Event: "Boot" Exhibitor's Party - private function
Bands/Artists: Nightflight, Prinzengarde Rot/Weiß, George McCrae, SAILOR

Photos by: Katrin Wagner, Karsten Wagner
Videos by: Karsten Wagner


  • Here's a video-clip of SAILOR live in Düsseldorf, Germany, on 23 January 2008... Check out Oliver, Henry, Phil and Grant playing "The Old Nickelodeon Sound":
    filmed by Karsten Wagner ©

  • And another video-clip of SAILOR live in Düsseldorf, Germany, on 23 January 2008... Check out Oliver, Henry, Phil and Grant playing "Karma Chameleon":
    filmed by Karsten Wagner ©

SAILOR during "A Glass Of Champagne"

SAILOR during "One Drink Too Many"

Grant announces "The Old Nickelodeon Sound"


SAILOR during "The Old Nickelodeon Sound"

Oliver x 2

SAILOR during "Vera From Veracruz"

SAILOR during "Vera From Veracruz"



SAILOR during "Karma Chameleon"

Phil, Henry and Grant during "Karma Chameleon"

Henry and Phil during "Panama"

Henry, Phil and Grant during "La Cumbia"

Oliver during "Con Te Partirò"

SAILOR during the "Full Monty"

The end of the show

Phil promotes the official SAILOR website (which has unfortunately been offline since July 2007! Maybe we can change that to!;-))

The songs that SAILOR played in Düsseldorf:

A Glass Of Champagne
One Drink Too Many
Give Me Shakespeare
The Old Nickelodeon Sound
Vera From Veracruz
Wooly Bully
Mack The Knife
Karma Chameleon
The Secretary
Girls Girls Girls
La Cumbia

Grant's Moment
The Full Monty
Con Te Partirò - Time To Say Goodbye
Champagne Reprise

Heiner, Brigitte and Katrin before the concert

Mark - the man who's responsible
for SAILOR's sound ;-) - and Karsten

A concert review by Katrin Wagner:

Today SAILOR will play in Düsseldorf at the huge "Boot" exhibition. The only problem about this is that the concert is a private function - a party for all exhibitors in the evening, so that all the fans who'd have loved to see this concert won't be allowed in. The promoters told us that "they didn't want any fans to turn up there" so there was no public announcement about the show. Later it was suggested that the webmaster might be allowed in. But would it be worth travelling all the way to Düsseldorf, not knowing what to expect?
Well, eventually Karsten and I decide to go, so that Karsten picks me up at work at 2 pm after my colleagues and my boss kindly allowed me to take the afternoon and tomorrow off for this. (Still no way to avoid questions like: "Why would one go and see a band so many times? That must be so boring." Explanations about them being more than just my favourite band and all that have never reached their listeners in the last 15 years or so.)
We reach Düsseldorf at about 4.45 pm and drive to the hotel. And - good timing as usual - we find the SAILORs in front of the hotel, waiting for the cars to get them to their soundcheck. The boys seem surprised to see us there and we say hello. "Oh, did you get in?" Phil asks. But there hasn't been a chance for us to even find out where exactly the venue is yet.
So, SAILOR leave and we check in at the nice little hotel before we decide to also drive to the nearby exhibition centre and find the concert venue. The only thing we know is that it's somewhere at the congress centre next to the "Boot" exhibition centre. And that is huge.
But, lucky as we usually are in these cases, we get to the correct hall without even knowing where we are, and - about half an hour before the exhibitors' party for about 5000 invited guests is about to start - we are let in. We pass a huge foyer with lots of different stands that offer international food... everything one could wish for... and finally reach the main hall where SAILOR are still busy with their soundcheck. We watch them and then sit down at one of the tables close to the stage.
The venue is quickly filled with people, and we notice that the food is free and the drinks are really cheap. Lovely! And then, out of the blue as usual, we discover our SAILOR-friend Heiner and his girlfriend who have managed to get two tickets for this event. They sit down next to us and we watch the other artists and enjoy the food.
Several hours later George McCrae is on stage and overruns his time by more than half an hour (It would be useful for the guy who operates his playback CD to actually find the correct songs!), which - in addition to the usual delay that the other artists have brought us - makes SAILOR's bit of the show start about one hour too late.
By then, some people are already leaving (keeping in mind they are all exhibitors at the "Boot" and have to be back at work in the morning, and also keeping in mind that all free food is gone by this time), and the remaining people sit and listen but are not too enthusiastic about getting up or singing along.
Still, SAILOR play a great long set which we - Karsten, Heiner, Brigitte and I - enjoy a lot. Karsten manages to film the whole show, I get a song dedication from Henry (thanks ;-)) at the beginning of "The Secretary" and in the end I even get a bunch of flowers from Phil (which the boys previously received from the promoters). It feels like some kind of private concert just for us somehow. We laugh a lot - whether things go right or whether things go wrong. And that's what makes this so different from any "normal" concert. Oh, and the sound is great! ;-)
After the show Heiner and Brigitte say goodbye to us, and Karsten and I meet the SAILORs at the lovely little hotel bar again for a drink and a chat... Another thing that makes SAILOR different from any "normal" band, I guess. Thanks boys!
Katrin Wagner, 27 January 2008

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