Egmond aan Zee, Holland - 23 August 2003

Event: Golden Classics Oldie Festival "Back to the 70s"
Hotel Zuiderduin
Admittance: 8.30 pm
Beginning: 9 pm
Blue Six, The Gibson Brothers, SAILOR

Photos by: Katrin Wagner, Bas Siewertsen, Co Eeman, Karsten Wagner, Linda Welch, Ursula Porwollik
Special thanks to: Bas Siewertsen, Frits Van Eck!!


  • Here's a video-clip of SAILOR live in Egmond aan Zee, Holland, on 23 August 2003... Check out Peter, Phil, Rob and Grant playing "The Secretary":
    filmed by Fritz Van Eck

photo  by Bas Siewertsen
Phil... and...???

SAILOR on stage

photo  by Ursula Gerguri
Rob and Phil at the Nickelodeon

photo  by Katrin Wagner

photo  by Co Eeman

photo  by Katrin Wagner

Rob and Phil at the Nickelodeon

photo  by Linda Welch

The audience during "The Old Nickelodeon Sound"

photo  by Katrin Wagner

photo  by Linda Welch

Rob, Phil and Peter

photo  by Katrin Wagner
Grant and Peter during "The Old Nickelodeon Sound"

photo  by Katrin Wagner
Phil and Peter during "Karma Chameleon"

photo  by Katrin Wagner
Rob and Phil during "Traffic Jam"


Rob and Phil

photo  by Co Eeman
SAILOR performing "Traffic Jam"

photo  by Linda Welch
Rob with "Georg Seagull"...

Rob and audience

photo  by Linda Welch
Rob and Phil

photo  by Katrin Wagner

Rob, Phil and Peter


SAILOR and audience during "The Secretary"...

photo  by Linda Welch
Don't drop the ship...

photo  by Linda Welch
In the navy...

The full monty...

...The full monty

photo  by Karsten Wagner
The full monty...

Hot stuff... ;-)

The songs that SAILOR played in Egmond aan Zee:

A Glass Of Champagne
One Drink Too Many
Give Me Shakespeare
Vera From Veracruz
Blame It On The Soft Spot
The Old Nickelodeon Sound
Josephine Baker
Traffic Jam
Karma Chameleon
The Secretary
Latino Medley
Girls Girls Girls
La Cumbia
Champagne Reprise

"Grant's moment" - drum solo
The "Full Monty"

photo  by Karsten Wagner
Grant, Peter, Heiner, Phil, Lody, Rob and Ursula after the show

Peter, Grant, Katrin, Lody, Karsten, Phil and Rob

Peter, Grant, Katrin, Lody, Phil and Rob

photo  by Karsten Wagner
It's too hot, we are tired and we need more beer... ;-)

photo  by Karsten Wagner
Karsten and Bas

photo  by Karsten Wagner
Karsten, Graham and Katrin - the beach visit at night...

A concert review by Katrin Wagner:

1003 kilometres total... Our SAILOR trip starts on Friday, 22 August 2003. Karsten and I drive to the German town Duisburg, where we stay with our friend Christel. On the next morning we meet another SAILOR friend whom we haven't seen for a long time: Ursula. The four of us drive to Holland.
After a couple of traffic jams we finally reach the hotel "
Zuiderduin" in Egmond aan Zee at 4.30 pm. Karsten and I meet another German fan, Susanne, as well as the Dutch fans Lody, Pieter and their folks, but in the meantime we lose Christel and Ursula somewhere in the huge hotel. While trying to find them we meet Phil, who has also lost somebody: the other SAILORs. We start searching for the concert hall together with him, so that he can meet the others.
Having discovered the concert hall after rather a long search, Phil joins the other SAILORs, and Karsten, Susanne and I still can't find the other girls, so we decide to eat something and get ready for the concert - always wondering where this hotel might have got its four stars from...
We go back to the "
Zuiderduinzaal" and wait in front of the door until we can get inside together with all the other impatient fans at 8.30 pm. The first band, Blue Six, starts the show at 9.30 and performs for an hour. Afterwards it's time for the Gibson Brothers, who do a good show although most of their music only comes from a playback-tape. During their performance we are finally joined by Christel and Ursula again, and another German SAILOR friend, Heiner, also joins us in front of the stage.
SAILOR's show starts at 12.30 am, and - as usual - they are really marvellous and do a very long and hot (!) show - with almost all the songs from the High Wycombe show (DVD). The audience is really enjoying the show and sings along to "Girls Girls Girls", "Traffic Jam", "Sailor" etc.
The show ends with the "full monty". Afterwards, SAILOR and their fans stay inside the concert hall for autographs and photos. Christel sells CDs and DVDs, while Peter and Rob take care of the beer-supply for all of us. ;-)FANMIX - photo  by Katrin Wagner
It's still very hot, so that one of the other fans gives Peter her small ventilator. I offer to hold it for him, so that Peter then employs me as his "fan-fan".
We talk to the boys until about 3.45 am. While all the others go to bed, Graham persuades Karsten, Susanne and me for a walk down to the beach...!
The next morning the alarm clock rings at 8.30 am, after only 3 hours of sleep, and we have breakfast together with Christel, Ursula, Heiner, Susanne, Graham and the SAILORs, the whole "SAILOR-family" sitting at one long table because nobody wants to get lost in this strange place again... ;-)
We talk to the boys until midday, then we all check out and meet again at the reception for another short chat. Then it's time to day goodbye again. SAILOR drive to the airport of Amsterdam to fly back home (hopefully not a flight as frightening as the one on their way to Holland the day before...!), and we also leave and drive back to Germany.
A very nice SAILOR-weekend with lots of fun! ;-)
(Special thanks to Bas Siewertsen!!)
Copyright by Katrin Wagner, 25 August 2003

A concert review by Karsten Wagner:

Katrin and I started on the 22 August to Germany's town DUISBURG, where our friend Christel lives. There we stayed one night, and the next day, another SAILOR friend of ours - Ursula from Bochum arrived, to join us, the Holland-crew. Then we 4 SAILOR people went to the motorway - direction Holland, Egmond an Zee, where SAILOR performed on the 23 August.
After 2 or 3 traffic jams, we arrived at the hotel and checked in. Not long after this Katrin and I me met Phil in one of the long floors of the big hotel (We don't know, where their 4 stars came from!!!) . He (Phil) wanted to meet the other SAILORs for soundcheck, but couldn't find them in this big house. *g* Now, we searched for the venue with him. It took nearly 20 minutes, but we found it. :-)
Another good new friend of ours, Susanne came to that hotel, spent a short holiday there and wanted to see SAILOR live there too. In front of the concert-hall some people came to Katrin and me, saying: "You are the guys with that great website!?"
First band that evening was a Dutch band, followed by the Gibson Brothers (they performed good, but the music was playback, they only had a live-drummer. He played over the playback). Very late or should I say in the morning of the 24 August, the stage was prepared for the SAILOR gig.
At ~ 0.30 am they went on the stage, and a hot SAILOR show began. They played nearly the whole "High Wycombe"-set again, sadly without "Jacaranda" (they thought, that it was to "slow" for the show that night, I don't know why). In the second part of the set, Pete broke a guitar-string, so he had to play the rest of the gig on 5 strings. :-o We stood so close to the band, that I have to concentrated very much this time, playing my tambourine and maracas. I had to be in the right groove...... with Grant and Phil ;-) (I'm sure that my instruments were picked up by the microphones as well a little...) ;-)
It was a great, funny gig, many people were there to see and hear SAILOR and see the unique Nickelodeon (the topical version *g*). After the gig, SAILOR gave autographs and Christel sold CDs and DVDs beside the stage.
In the morning, around 4 am, Graham, me, Katrin and Susanne went to the beach :-o So, we didn't have much sleep as you can imagine, and met all the SAILOR guys and friends and fans at breakfast. We had a long table all together, so the whole "SAILOR-family" was together. We had lots of fun at breakfast. At midday, SAILOR drove to the airport, and Christel, Ursula, Katrin and me back home via motorway in Katrin's car again......
What a nice SAILOR weekend! ~
Greetz: Cap K ~~~~~~~

Copyright by Karsten Wagner, 25 August 2003

A concert review by Linda Welch:

The last time I saw SAILOR in concert was back in 1977 in London's Empire Ballroom, Leicester Square, and I didn't think the performance could be equalled, let alone topped, but Saturday's (23 Aug) show in Egmond aan Zee in Holland was better than I could have ever expected.
Energetic, exciting, witty, and with a fantastic sound quality (despite a broken guitar string towards the end) - in short, well worth the last minute decision to fly over from England just for the show! I'm now planning a trip to Vienna to catch the show in October - after all, I've got a lot of lost time to make up for!
See you in Vienna!
Linda (Southampton, England)
Copyright by Linda Welch, 26 August 2003

A concert review by Susanne from Stuttgart:

I want to tell you about Egmond aan Zee too:
I already arrived Friday afternoon and stayed until Monday midday. At least it was a 670 kilometre drive. So I combined this with a short holiday. It was worth it. One should do this more often. Especially during such a hot summer like the one we have this year. In Egmond aan Zee it was not that hot, the sun didn't show itself that often, but it was still enough for a big sunburn.
As you could already read in some of the other reviews, the Hotel Zuiderduin had one its 4 stars in the lottery. No, meanwhile I have found out that they must have got them from the Dutch ADAC. Some of you may have experienced that you always get the worst room etc. when you travel on your own. That's what happened here too. A comparison to the rooms of the other fans definitely confirmed this. The hotel manager Marcel Bakker reacted to my objective complaint with the following words: "This is 4-star-standard." He said this in the presence of Katrin and Karsten etc.
I don't want to bore you with more of those hotel-stories, although there would be a lot more to tell about this place. I am going to keep an eye on this and check if anyone finds himself responsible for this place. It should only be a warning for you, just in case you are thinking about travelling to this area, with or without a concert... The area is really worth a visit. A very long beach along the coast...
Well, having arrived on Friday I finally met Katrin and Karsten on Saturday at about 5.30 pm. We walked through the hotel and met Phil, who was looking for the hall where the soundcheck was to take place. There weren't any signs that showed the way, so the four of us started a rather long search and finally found the place with some help of the staff.
Having brought Phil to the others, Katrin, Karsten and I searched for something to eat. Then we got to the entrance of the hall and waited for the admittance. But this took a while. This gave us the opportunity to welcome one or the other band member that walked by. We also talked to some of the other waiting people. I was surprised by the enthusiasm of a German couple who were on a holiday in Egmond for their 40th wedding anniversary. They had happened to see the SAILOR concert poster and spontaneously
decided that they had to go and see them. Later I met them again right next to me in front of the stage while SAILOR performed. They really enjoyed it. (How else could it be?) Many fans also came to Katrin and Karsten and asked them, if they are the ones who are working on this homepage.
While we were waiting for the beginning of the concert I wanted to shorten the time by buying us "A Glass of Champagne". But unfortunately nothing like this was available. So, Karsten and I tried wine instead. We left it with this one try...
After the Dutch opening-band the Gibson Brothers followed. Because we are on the SAILOR website and I have already bored you with a lot of details that probably don't interest you, I don't want to talk about this part of the concert.
The performance of SAILOR war super! I really enjoyed it! It doesn't happen often that I get carried away by something... It was a "big party"... I had seen SAILOR in late 2002 in Rust for the first time. (Kassel hadn't worked out. I had travelled without knowing it had been cancelled, but I was on a business journey.) In Rust I had only got a little foretaste of what I experienced now. Unfortunately the concert was over much too fast. As ever when you really enjoy something: You want to have more... and don't find an end...
After the show we had the opportunity to talk to the SAILOR and also get some autographs and photos. I bought the CD " SAILOR - Live in Berlin". At first I wasn't sure because I'm not a fan of live-recordings. But I'm happy that I have it at home now. It reminds me of the feeling during the concert. It sounds really good. For a few moments I can get the feeling back that I had during the concert. I hope that this works for a long time.
Later most of the others - SAILORs and fans - went to bed. Graham, who is responsible for the technical things, took care of the fans and persuaded Katrin, Karsten and myself to accompany him to the beach. Afterwards I still think that this was a fantastic idea: On the one hand we were really tired, but on the other hand still very excited...
We didn't walk very far, but Karsten didn't want to get rid of his suitcase that he had already been carrying the whole evening. On the beach we persuaded him to open it once more for this night and show us his treasures. We also took some photos of this, so that I hope they will be added to the internet soon...
The night, or should I say the sleeping-time, was short. At 9 am or with a little delay we (Katrin, Karsten, Heiner, Christel, Ursula and myself) met in the huge breakfast room. SAILOR also joined us. Somehow there was some kind of "family-feeling".
SAILOR told us about their flight to Holland. Shortly before reaching the ground during the landing the pilot had to start off again... They were still impressed by this experience (but who wouldn't?)...
At about 12.30 pm it was time to say goodbye. The SAILORs were picked up by their driver. Katrin, Karsten, Christel and Ursula drove back home, and I went to the beach...
A commendation to Katrin and Karsten: Although I only got to know them in Kassel (or they got to know me?), and I didn't know the homepage before that, they have naturally accompanied me. Many thanks!
If you ask me whether I would drive 2 x 670 kilometres again to see SAILOR? Sure, if I could combine this with a short holiday or something like that. This is a great round thing and gives me the opportunity to enjoy this event.
I am also very sure that I'm going to repeat something like this. I have just had a look at the internet to check where SAILOR are going to perform next...
Copyright by Susanne, 26 August 2003

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