Erfurt, Germany - 24 November 2007

Event: Traumzeit 8
Grönland, Petra Zieger & Band, Goombay Dance Band, SAILOR, The Manfreds, The Sweet
(with ex-SAILOR Captain Peter Lincoln on lead vocals!!), Suzi Quatro, Karat

Photos by: Katrin Wagner, Karsten Wagner, Christel Müller
Video by: Katrin Wagner


  • Here's a video-clip of SAILOR live in Erfurt, Germany, on 24 November 2007... Check out Oliver Marsh singing "Con Te Partirò":
    filmed by Katrin Wagner ©



Henry, Phil and Grant

The audience during "The Old Nickelodeon Sound"

Henry and Phil

SAILOR on stage
© by Traumzeit

Phil and Henry during "Girls Girls Girls"



The audience (featuring the Wagners ;-))
© by Traumzeit

Peter Lincoln is watching SAILOR's performance...

The "Full Monty"...

The "Full Monty"...

The "Full Monty"...

The "Full Monty"...

Oliver during "Con Te Partirò"

The songs that SAILOR played in Erfurt:

A Glass Of Champagne
Wooly Bully
The Old Nickelodeon Sound (shortened)
Girls Girls Girls
The Secretary
La Cumbia

Grant's Moment
The Full Monty
Con Te Partirò - Time To Say Goodbye
Champagne Reprise

Here comes a SAILOR-related excursion of the same concert:

The Sweet
with Peter Lincoln

© by Traumzeit

The front row of the audience (featuring the Wagners ;-)) during the show of The Sweet
© by Traumzeit

After the concert...

Meeting of the captains: Peter and Oliver ;-)

Peter and Oliver

Susi, Henry, Karsten and Peter

Oliver and Katrin

Peter and Oliver

Peter and Oliver



Henry, Bruce (The Sweet) and Peter

Self-made photo of Ollie... by Ollie...

Little fan Kevin has asked whether he could have Phil's fez...

...but in the end he doesn't want to wear it...

... and even mother Wilma can't persude her son! ;-)

Twice as marvellous... - A concert review by Katrin Wagner:

The 82nd SAILOR show, the 6th time in Erfurt. And funnily enough the promoter for this concert in Erfurt is the same promoter (Traumzeit) who did an Oldie Night with SAILOR there in August 2002. A few weeks ago I happened to discover their website and e-mailed them to say they should book SAILOR again. The Sweet were already booked for this year's show at that time. And then... suddenly... SAILOR and The Sweet with "our" former captain Peter Lincoln at the same show. Things couldn't be better.
Karsten and I are joined by our friend Christel at about 10.30 am. Then we pick up a friend of Karsten's called Peter B. (not to be mixed up with Peter Lincoln who will be called "Sweet Pete" from now on in this report!) and drive to Erfurt with Karsten's car.
We arrive in Erfurt at about 3 pm and check in at the hotel. SAILOR haven't arrived yet, so that we join fellow SAILOR-fan Wilma and her son Kevin at the bar. Soon we are also joined by Susi and Hilde. And to our surprise, "Sweet Pete" is not at the venue for a soundcheck with his band, but he's at the hotel and wide awake now that I've just texted him. Oh oh... (sorry! ;-)) He's here already because he's had a different flight and has come to Erfurt by train on his own. He joins us for a drink and a chat while we all wait for the other bands to arrive. "Yes, that's how it feels to sit at an hotel and impatiently turn around every few minutes while you wait for these SAILORs to arrive", I tell him!
The other bands all arrive in a big coach (or a bus-bus, as "Sweet Pete" calls it). All the other bands? No. In fact one band is missing. And of course there's no doubt that this has to be SAILOR. We're all confused. "Sweet Pete" finds out that SAILOR were on the same flight as all the other bands, but while the others went on the bus-bus in Frankfurt to be driven to Erfurt, SAILOR changed to a flight to Leipzig to avoid the long drive and be here earlier. Back at our table at the bar this causes some strange looks. Expect the unexpected!
This also leads us fans to another golden SAILOR rule: Never make fun of another band or artist at a hotel bar to then find out that fans/friends of them might be sitting behind you.
We keep on waiting for SAILOR. Without success. We keep on wondering where they are. Nobody knows. At about 4.45 pm we have to leave to get to the concert hall, where we are supposed to pick up our press tickets before the doors are opened at 5.30 pm. But due to a lot of traffic we only get to the venue at 5.25 pm, and the crowd that is waiting in front the doors is quite impressive already. The people from the promoters didn't send us a confirmation for our tickets, which makes me rather nervous. We manage to find our way inside just in time, and just as we've signed the list for our press tickets the doors are opened. "RUN!........" I can hear myself shout. At me? At Karsten? At all of us? While I'm still wondering I find myself hitting the barrier in front of the stage. Front row. 5 seconds later and we wouldn't have been able to stand here any more! We have a look at the official press information that we've been given at the foyer. It includes a detailed page about every band - except for one. There's NO information about SAILOR except for the fact that they will perform here. Why? They have a section with a nice text, a topical photo and a link to my website on the concert's website. WHY is there nothing in this press thing???
Wilma, Kevin, Susi and Hilde join Karsten, Christel, Peter B. and me near the stage a little later. The concert is sold out, as we're told. Lucky us!
The first band Grönland is quite good, as well as the performance of Petra Zieger and her band, during which we are almost burnt by a LOT of fireworks and flame-throwers that are placed right in front of us on the edge of the stage. Our faces suddenly feel rather hot - as does Karsten's hat! ;-) Scary!
During a short performance of the Goombay Dance Band on the so-called party stage in the middle of the hall, the big stage is prepared for SAILOR. The schedule is quite tight, so that we won't get any special songs tonight. But at least we're looking forward to a SAILOR set with all their big hits.Best Of - Front row photos ;-)

The sound is great and the audience is in a fantastic mood (only interrupted for us personally at the second song of the set which is the most inappropriate choice of all for such a short show: "Wooly Bully"). Later we will be told how funny it looks to see us scream and jump during "A Glass Of Champagne" and then lean on the barrier and look annoyed during "Wooly Bully". Due to the lack of time the audience doesn't get to know the true promise of SAILOR live classics like "One Drink Too Many" or "Vera From Veracruz". But they really enjoy it, and during the shortened version "The Old Nickelodeon Sound" 11.000 people all wave their arms in the air.
My personal highlight is my favourite song "The Secretary", as well as seeing "Sweet Pete" watching and enjoying the entire SAILOR set from behind the mixing desk on the right side of the stage. He watches them, he watches us, we watch him... This feels very weird!
Despite the lack of time we get SAILOR at their best once again. A wonderful show with marvellous music and a lot of fun. Just typical SAILOR.
The big finale of SAILOR's set is of course Captain Oliver's impressive rendition of "Con Te Partirò" (Time To Say Goodbye). What a voice. I want to film the whole song, but even though I'm leaning on the barrier I don't seem to be able to hold the camera still. The 11.000 people inside the concert hall are amazed and thrilled.
After SAILOR we catch our breath during the great show of The Manfreds. Finally we get a chance to see them! And then it's time for another exhausting part of the evening: The Sweet with our "Sweet Pete". Lucky as we are he's standing right in front of us, and just like during the SAILOR set, the SAILORs appear on the right side of the stage to watch "Sweet Pete" (and us). We even surprise "Sweet Pete" with our SAILOR maracas during "Co Co" and "Poppa Joe". Very funny.
After The Sweet I could use an oxygen tent, but instead we have to make our way through the crowd to get to the foyer of the hall. In hall number 2 we find something to eat and to drink, and then we drive back to the hotel to join the SAILORs, "Sweet Pete" and the other fans at the bar.
The after-show-party is really enjoyable - as ever. And this is another special thing about SAILOR. They are there for their fans and friends before, during and after their concerts.
And after all, personally I need the occasional concerts. There couldn't be a better way to vent after a lot of stress at work or after a bad time or when you're really frustrated than standing in front of a stage, watching these lovely special people and being able to sing along and scream when you feel like it...
Katrin Wagner, 29 November 2007

Dreamtime 2007 (or: expect the unexpected, part 1567489...) - A concert review by Karsten Wagner:

On the 24th of November 2007 we - Katrin, Christel and Peter B. started with the "SAILOR-1" car in Kassel to our direction Erfurt, where the big "Traumzeit" (dreamtime) festival happened. Me, driving after a long time! Luckily we had no traffic jams, so we arrived at the hotel right in time. After Katrin woke up Peter (again), oops, he came down to talk with us. Susi and her Mum were there too. After another Suzi arrived, watching us very "friendly", as ever, with concert-mogul Rainer Haas, a big bus showed up in front of the hotel. All the bands where in this bus, but one was missing. Guess who? Yes: SAILOR! For some reason, they took a flight from Frankfurt, where all the other bands took the bus, but for some (er) "unknown reason" SAILOR changed for a flight to Leipzig and now they were missing.
We went to the concert hall soon, because they opened up the doors early. So, anyway, Katrin and me were from our radio station and got the permission to go inside before they opened the doors. There we were, in the front row, our friends Christel and Peter B. followed soon. Even Susi and her Mum and Wilma and her son joined us.
First Band that evening were "Grönland", a cover band of the in Germany very famous Herbert Grönemeyer. But they were quite good. Second on the bill was Petra Zieger and band, whom I didn’t know until then, but they where good as live-package. In front of the stage, big flames came up ~20 feet high, so for us it was very warm in a second, every time these flames came up. After that advantage, we had a rest, because the Goombay Dance Band showed up in the middle of the concert hall, on a small stage with their full-playback. In the meantime the stage was setup for SAILOR. Great that they arrived in time, so it was space to "build" the "Framelodeon" around the keyboards.
Sadly SAILOR only had half an hour to play, so the played shorter versions of "The Secretary" and "The Old Nickelodeon Sound", but some cover versions. I really don’t know why they can’t play any of their many hits ("Down By The Docks", "All I Need Is A Girl"…) or buried treasures like "Danger On The Titanic" or the fantastic "Street Lamp".
One highlight was at the end of the show, that Oliver Marsh sung "Time To Say Goodbye" in Italian language. So he got standing ovations for this masterpiece and his voice on that one.
During SAILOR's performace ex-singer Peter Lincoln watched the show from behind the mixing desk, sang along, danced and had fun with us.
After SAILOR, the Manfreds went on the stage, wit their big hits "Mighty Quinn", "Pretty Flamingo" etc… The man who gave the band their name is missing, but the other originals are all there and they play the hits, which Manfred Man is not doing with his "Earthband" he has since the 80’s. So I enjoyed the Manfreds very much!
After them, The Sweet were on the bill and wow - what a show, songs and sound! Great!!! And Pete (our ex-SAILOR-frontman) did very well, he fits totally as Sweet-singer and he plays bass very well too. They were my personal highlight that night!
After The Sweet, we decided to search for something to eat and drink. In hall number 2, we saw Suzi Q. on a big screen, playing 5 new, unknown new songs first, because she likes to sell her latest album, well I think a mixture of the well-known ones and new ones would be better, but that’s her prob. ;-)
After Miss Q., Karat where the highlight in the Eastern city, it’s clear! But at this time, we went to the hotel to party with our SAILORs and Sweet Pete, and we all had great fun, joined by Bruce (Sweet’s drummer), two Wilmas (one from the concert management) and all the others.
The Party went on until the next morning, and after ~4 hours of sleep, we went to breakfast to say goodbye to our SAILORs then we went back to Kassel wit me as the driver again. ~~~
Looking for the next funny event….
Greetz: Cap K / Karsten Wagner ~

Newspaper article about the concert from the OTZ:

Newspaper article about the concert from the "Thüringer Allgemeine":

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