Mainz, Germany - 03 August 2008
TV: ZDF "Fernsehgarten"


  • Here's the video of SAILOR at the German TV show "Fernsehgarten", broadcast from Mainz on 03 August 2008... Check out Oliver, Henry, Phil and Grant with "Girls Girls Girls" and "A Glass Of Chamapgne":

Photos by: Heike Obst

On the way to the show... without Phil who had a flight delay and only just got there in time for the first song

Oliver, Grant and Henry at the intro for the show, while Phil is still on the way...

Henry, Oliver, Grant and Phil waiting to perform "Girls Girls Girls"

SAILOR during "Girls Girls Girls" - photo ZDF

Make-up time


Grant signs autographs

SAILOR on the way to the second performance...

Henry, Phil, Grant and Oliver waiting to perform "A Glass Of Champagne"

Bye bye old cardboard-Nickelodeon!!

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