Füssen, Germany - 26 February 2007

Event: Oldie Night
Location: Festspielhaus Neuschwanstein
Bands: Duty Free, SAILOR, The Tremeloes

A concert review by Susi Gebel:

Hello SAILOR Fans,
I'd like to send you lovely greetings from Munich and would like to tell you about SAILOR's performance at the Oldie Night in Füssen. Unfortunately I don't have any photos!
Well: Deeply sad because the headline concert in Munich was cancelled (and we had front row tickets since 7 months!!!) we bought tickets for Füssen instead. We found the idea a bit strange to have an Oldie Night on a Monday and then even at the Festspielhaus Neuschwanstein, but in the end it was better than not seeing SAILOR at all. Here we had tickets for the front row as well.
When we reached Füssen we worried again because one hour before the event hardly any people were there and we were very confused...., but then the Festspielhaus got fuller slowly and people sat down. Because there were only seated places we hoped that they audience would still be in a good mood, especially as there weren't too many people...
The evening started with Duty Free, who many of you might know, and who created a very good mood, even if the audience was still quite "shy" at the beginning. Then there was a "little" break during which the audience had to leave the concert hall (again this was a bit strange..) and the hall was even closed. But after the break we could look forward to our SAILORs again.
And then it was time for them, they were announced by the drummer of Duty Free and suddenly there was a huge enthusiasm in the hall. Of course we were all excited and couldn't sit down any more, so that the people next to us stood up too. The performance of SAILOR was SUPER, Oliver sang wonderfully and was so sweet. Honestly: it was a great show with many funny interludes by Henry and Phil, Grant as usual gigantic! The audience was all excited, even those people who weren't there for SAILOR, and at the end everybody in the hall was standing and said goodbye to SAILOR after their encores with standing ovations. Afterwards SAILOR signed autographs and so on, and as usual they were super-super-nice!
We were very happy that we decided to drive to Füssen, it was really worth it, even if it would have been better to have the headline concert...
Many greetings from Munich
(by the way, my first SAILOR concert was 1976 in Munich, then I was only 9 years old)

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