Gelsenkirchen, Germany - 14 May 2011

Event: Oldie Marathon Auf Schalke
Location: Arena Auf Schalke
Bands: SAILOR, The Sweet, The Weather Girls, Chris Andrews, George Baker, Barry Ryan, Boney M. feat. Liz Mitchell, Slade, Middle Of The Road, The Equals, Pussycat, Christie, Hot Chocolate, Smokie, The Rubettes feat. Alan Williams, Harpo, The Lords, John Kincade, special guest: Shakin' Stevens

Photos by: Katrin Wagner, Karsten Wagner, * Markus Wermers
Video by: Katrin Wagner


  • As I had many requests, here's a little piece of SAILOR live in Gelsenkirchen, Germany, on 14 May 2011. Here you can see Nick, Henry, Phil and Tom with the "Champagne Reprise" at the end of their show.
    Please note that the bad sound quality is due to the circumstances at the venue/event!
    filmed by Katrin Wagner

SAILOR on stage

Tom on the big screen

Henry on the big screen

Phil on the cube

Captain Nick on the big screen

 Markus Wermers
Captain Nick *

 Markus Wermers
Tom *

 Markus Wermers
Henry *

 Markus Wermers
Phil *

 Markus Wermers
Tom *

Henry and Phil on the big screen

SAILOR on stage

 Markus Wermers
Henry, Phil, Tom and Nick at the end of the show *

The songs that SAILOR played in Gelsenkirchen:

A Glass Of Champagne
The Old Nickelodeon Sound
Girls Girls Girls
The Secretary
La Cumbia
Champagne Reprise

Here comes a SAILOR-related excursion of the same concert:

The Sweet
with Peter Lincoln

Before and after the show:

The arena


Tom and Karsten before the show

M & M? - A concert review by Katrin Wagner:

Concert 101 starts at 8.30 am, when Karsten and I drive to Gelsenkirchen. SAILOR will play there with 20 other bands and artists at a huge event called "Oldie Marathon Auf Schalke" at the football stadium. The Sweet with "our" Peter Lincoln will be there too.
Unfortunately the promoter was not helpful, and so we don't know where to meet the boys yet. Therefore we decide to drive to the stadium and have a look around. There we walk to the nearby Marriott hotel and wait there, joined by Christel. Many of the other bands are there already, so we hope to be at the right place. Peter eventually lets us know that The Sweet are one of the few bands who stay somewhere else, at the Maritime hotel in town. Well that's just bad luck.
We continue to wait and say hi to some of the other bands who pass us. Finally, just when our food arrives, SAILOR get to the hotel too and welcome us. But when they want to check in it turns out that their names can't be found in the booking system. Eventually it turns out that they are also supposed to stay at the other "M"-hotel in town, and they have to leave again.
We stay and finish our lunch and then walk over to the venue. The doors were already opened at 1 pm and the show is to start at 3 pm, but we were told that the tickets for the inside of the stadium are valid in all areas, no matter if front or back.
As we approach the venue, at 2.45 pm, we suddenly hear Harpo sing inside. Apparently the show started earlier than planned. And when we finally reach the correct entrance and pass the security guys, Harpo (whom we really wanted to see) has just finished his 4-song-performance. Inside we then also realise that the audinece in front of the stage is blocked by a safety-border, and only 1000 people were allowed in there with special passes. Anybody who wants to get near the stage now can't go in this section. Why wasn't this mentioned in advance? Our friend Ursula is there, but she eventually decides to give up her place in front of the stage to rather join us behind this border and party with us. Later we are also joined by Andreas.
We enjoy the show and all the bands and singers we've got to know over the last years. But unfortunately the sound is bad and blurred, even worse in the back where you can hardly hear a thing. To add to this, the changing times for the full live-bands are way too short so that no soundchecks can be done and monitor sounds aren't there. Many of them can't hear themselves play. And many instruments aren't there in the main loudspeakers until the sound guys change and change their settings. But each band/artists only gets 3-6 songs, so that usually only the very last song truly sounds ok.
SAILOR are on at 5.45 pm and play 5 songs plus the "Champagne Reprise" before they have to leave again. Unfortunately, their sound guy struggles with almost everything, so that we can hardly hear any drums through the entire show, and the first songs only consist of the sound of Henry's half of the Nickelodeon plus a bit of guitar. The encore bit is the only song which sounds acceptable, leaving us all a bit frustrated there on the right side of the stage in the crowd. But in spite of all this, our boys deliver a great show and play their most important old and new hits to a huge audience, which is very important.
The Sweet are on at 6.50 pm, and, ignoring the rule that they can only get a very short time to get their instruments ready and just taking the time that they need, they sound stunning and ROCK the venue to a marvellous degree. We're so proud of Peter, watching him on the big screen (and wishing we could be closer to the 'real him' there on the far away stage). Wow! The "we want more" shouts go on and on after The Sweet have left the stage after only 6 songs, and the host keeps making excuses why they can't play more. I guess in the time it takes him to explain they could have done at least 3 or 4 more songs. It's such a shame... most breaks between the acts take longer than the actual performances.
We stay to watch some more bands, including Shakin' Stevens, and decide that we'll leave to meet our boys at their hotel after Middle Of The Road. But when it finally comes to their performance, it turns out that those are not the real Middle Of The Road featuring Sally Carr but another version of the band with the original guitarist who has his own version of the band, performing with half-playback. We shake our heads and leave.
At the "other M-hotel" in town we spend some time with Phil and Tom (as Henry and Nick have already gone to bed) and watch the results of the Eurovision Song Contest. Unfortunately we don't get to see Peter, either, as he spends the evening at the venue with lots of old friends from the other bands.
And finally, after a long journey home, we get back to Kassel at 3.40 am.
We had a lot of fun with our friends today. But seeing how often the word "unfortunately" was used above you might guess that it was not one of the best experiences overall. But surely one of the most chaotic ones!
Katrin Wagner, 20 May 2011

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