Göttingen, Germany - 26 November 1999

Event: Golden Oldies 99
Location: Lokhalle
Admittance: 6 pm
Beginning: 8 pm
Bands: Chip Hawkes, The Glitter Band, Middle Of The Road (with Sally Carr), SAILOR, Dozy Beaky Mick & Tich, The Troggs

Photos by: Katrin Wagner, Karsten Wagner, Jörg Quitter, Christel Müller

Grant enjoying the show

Anthony at the Nickelodeon

Phil with the bell of the Nickelodeon

Anthony, Phil and Peter at the Nickelodeon during "Mack The Knife"

...Greetings from captain Peter

And now it's time for the...

...full monty!!

The songs that SAILOR played in Göttingen:

A Glass Of Champagne
La Cumbia
Give Me Shakespeare
One Drink Too Many
The Old Nickelodeon Sound
Mack The Knife
Vera From Veracruz
The Secretary
Cotton Eye Joe (Irish medley)
Girls Girls Girls
Catwalk Girls
Champagne Reprise

The "Full Monty"
Latino Medley

A concert review by Katrin Wagner:

Today SAILOR are going to perform at an Oldie night in Göttingen, a town which is only 45 minutes away from our hometown Kassel. At 2.30 pm I meet up with Norbert Lorenz from Hamburg (Germany) at our house and then we both drive to the city of Kassel in order to meet Karsten at his work. A short time later Karsten, his friend Jörg, Norbert and I start our drive to the town of Göttingen.
Having reached SAILOR´s hotel after 1 1/2 hours and quite a huge traffic jam we meet some the German SAILOR-fans Christel from Duisburg, Wilma from Chemnitz and
Sabine & Cilia from Braunschweig. We all expect SAILOR to be here because their plane has already left early in the morning, but in the hotel we get to know that SAILOR have not been here yet. So we decide to wait and spend the time looking at some photos from the last concerts.
At 5 pm SAILOR finally arrive in their hotel and tell us that they have been in a very long traffic jam between Berlin and Göttingen. Phil, Grant, Peter and Anthony all seem to be very tired, but in spite of this they welcome their fans and talk to us for a while. A short time later they go to their rooms in order to sleep.
Wilma, Sabine and Cilia decide to drive to the concert hall in order to buy tickets, while the rest of us remains in the hotel for a while. But it seems as if nothing important is going to happen here within the next few hours, so that Karsten, Norbert, Jörg, Christel and I also leave the hotel a few minutes later in order to drive to the concert hall "Lokhalle".
It is 7.30 pm when we reach the "Lokhalle". Inside the huge concert hall we meet SAILOR´s manager, who tells us that only 300 - 400 tickets have been sold, so that the whole Oldie night almost had to be cancelled. Fortunately Karsten and I have been in Göttingen several times before in order to place our own promotion posters for SAILOR in the whole town. Otherwise the Oldie night couldn' t take place now just because of a lack of promotion.
The show is opened by Chip Hawkes (the former lead-singer of the Tremeloes). Afterwards the Glitter Band, who replace The Marmalade, start their performance. Meanwhile the other SAILOR-fans from our hometown Kassel have also arrived here: Karsten's two friends Uli and Patricia and of course Lothar and Monika. We also meet Hans-Ulrich and his girl-friend Manuela from Gifhorn, who we have got to know in the Internet recently.
The next band is Middle Of The Road (with Sally Carr). During their performance we can already see that SAILOR are just arriving in the backstage area of the concert hall.
At 11.15 pm it is finally time for SAILOR, and we all take our bags, cameras etc. and place ourselves in the first row of the audience in front of the stage.
SAILOR's performance is really great, and the audience is in a marvellous mood and seems to enjoy the show very much. In the middle of "The Old Nickelodeon Sound" Peter has a very special surprise for us, because he sings: "...the town, the girls, the Wagners and SAILORs and the old Nickelodeon sound". At the end of their show SAILOR do their special strip-performance for the first time together with Anthony. Afterwards many people come to us and tell us how much they have enjoyed SAILOR's show and that they have been the most entertaining band they have ever seen. - Again a good opportunity to distribute some promotion material for the SAILOR websites!
All SAILOR fans leave the concert hall in order to drive to SAILOR's hotel while Dozy Beaky Mick and Tich start their performance. SAILOR arrive there 30 minutes later and we welcome them with a lot of applause. Then we all go to the bar of the hotel in order to have a few drinks together with them. ( - By the way: Peter, thanks a lot for the marvellous bottle of whisky!! - ).
Phil tells us about the musical-project named "Casper - The Musical" for which he has written the music together with Henry. Grant looks at our photos from the last few concerts, tells us about the future concert dates and eats all of Monika's Christmas cookies.
After a while Grant, Phil and Anthony leave the bar and go back to their rooms. The other SAILOR fans also leave the hotel in order to drive home. Peter stays in the bar together with Karsten, Norbert, Christel, Jörg and me and keeps on talking to us. At 3 o'clock we say goodbye to Peter and leave the hotel in order to drive back to Kassel.
Copyright by Katrin Wagner 1999

Peter and Katrin, both wearing the same silver anchor-earrings

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