Graz, Austria - 10 September 2005


First concert after the return of Henry Marsh!

Event: Antenne Steiermark Ohrwurm-Party
Venue: Stadthalle
Bands: SAILOR, Middle Of The Road (with Sally Carr), Glitter Band, The Troggs, BC Sweet, The Rubettes (featuring Bill Hurd), Ohio Express

Photos by: James McCarraher

Grant, Peter, Henry and Phil before the show

Graz - Antenne Steiermark Ohrwurm-Party

Grant finishing Peter's make-up... (the anchor) ;-)

Henry, Grant and Peter during "The Old Nickelodeon Sound"

Henry and Peter


Phil and Peter during "Karma Chameleon"

SAILOR on stage


Everyone is enjoying the SAILOR show...

SAILOR rock Graz - A concert review by James McCarraher:

There was an enormous sense of excitement in the air as SAILOR flew in to Graz. For the first time in six years, Henry was to take up his rightful place on the treble side of the Nickelodeon, in the band he helped to form and shape some thirty years ago.
Back stage before the show, there was a wonderful feeling of anticipation as we waited to see what he was going to wear on stage. Henry emerged from the dressing room looking a million dollars, resplendent in a classic butterscotch suit, colourful tie, flower in his button hole and felt hat.
As SAILOR took to the stage, some members of the 3000 strong audience surged forward. Opening with "A Glass Of Champagne" and hammering through "La Cumbia" and "The Secretary", the boys took Graz by storm! They didn’t just bounce along, they rocked!
The chemistry between the four musicians was blissfully magical, with Phil and Henry striking up a rapport which took me back to the Seventies when I first saw the band with Georg.
Pete, Phil and Henry used the full width of the stage, interacting beautifully with each other and the audience.
As I wandered through the crowd with my camera, I saw children and adults dancing and to my joy, three heavily tattooed, long-haired heavy metallists bouncing along to "Vera From Veracruz"; testament to the breadth of appeal SAILOR still have in certain parts of the World. It is apparent that the people of Austria still hold a special place in their hearts for a band that have endured all sorts of changes over the years.
SAILOR remain unique not only for their sound, but for the fact that they still have three original members. One thing that became apparent to me was that Phil, Peter, Grant and Henry are all grateful to Rob for the valued contribution he has made to SAILOR and they all wish him well.
James McCarraher

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