Kassel, Germany - 15 November 1994

Event: 5th anniversary party of Radio FFH
Location: Documentahalle
Admittance: 8 pm
Beginning: 9 pm
Bands: Radio FFH Täterä Band, The Weather Girls, PUR, Boney M, Haddaway, SAILOR

Photos by: Karsten Wagner, Wolfie*

photo © by Karsten Wagner

photo © by Karsten Wagner
Georg during "Girls Girls Girls"

photo © by Karsten Wagner
Henry and Phil during "La Cumbia"

photo © by Karsten Wagner
Phil smiling to captain Georg (on the screen)

Phil during "La Cumbia"

Henry and Phil during "The Old Nickelodeon Sound"

photo © by Karsten Wagner
Henry and Georg during "Vera From Veracruz"

photo © by Karsten Wagner
Georg playing the Charango during "Vera From Veracruz"

Henry and Phil at the Nickelodeon

Henry and Phil during "Give Me Shakespeare"

photo © by Karsten Wagner
Henry and Phil during "Give Me Shakespeare"

The songs that SAILOR played in Kassel:

The Secretary
La Cumbia
Girls Girls Girls
The Old Nickelodeon Sound
Vera From Veracruz
Latino Meldey
A Glass Of Champagne
Champagne Reprise

Give Me Shakespeare

photo © by Karsten Wagner
Katrin together with Georg

photo © by Karsten Wagner
Karsten together with Georg

A concert review by Karsten Wagner:

We had found out that SAILOR should perform at a gig in our hometown Kassel in the "Documenta"-hall. Unfortunately Katrin and I also found out that only sponsors and invited guests of "Radio FFH" were allowed to see the gig because it was the birthday party of this radio channel. For Katrin and me this meant: we had to stay outside.
Next to the concert hall we waited for SAILOR since 2 pm. I helped Wolfie (the roadie and van-driver of the Nickelodeon) to get the Nickelodeon into the concert hall. All the other bands appeared that were going to play at the show tonight: Haddaway, Boney M, Pur, The Weather Girls.
Suddenly, it had already become dark outside, SAILOR arrived too. They were pleased to see some well-known faces like ours, and so we got the chance to see their soundcheck. Then Katrin and I walked to the hotel together with Henry, Phil, Grant and Georg. The hotel was in a big shopping center, and there was also a CD store. We went into the store, and Grant bought a SAILOR CD (the one from 1991) for a friend who wasn't able to find it in England.
The highlight of the evening (at leat we thought it was the highlight...) was the dinner we had with SAILOR. It was "our" shy Georg who suddenly started to sing "All I Need Is A Girl", and Grant, Henry, Phil and ourselves started to sing along.
Then - thanks to the band - we were the only "normal" spectators thsi evening who were allowed to attend the show! And the show was really great!! Especially because SAILOR were the last band and the highlight of the evening, while all the other bands only performed three or four songs each. That felt great. They did a 45 minutes show and their first three songs were broadcast live on the radio.
Copyright by Karsten Wagner, 1996 - as published in the former fanclub magazine "Nickelodeon" issue August 1996

photo © by Karsten Wagner
Karsten and Katrin Wagner at the Nickelodeon after the show*

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