Lauterbach, Germany - 17 December 2011

Event: SAILOR In Concert
Gemeindehaus Lauterbach

Photos by: Werner Blessing, Katrin Wagner, Karsten Wagner, Frank Schwedler, Karin Christiansen, Roland Löffler, Wolfgang Wöhrlin
Videos by: Karsten Wagner ©

Many SAILOR fans from Germany, Denmark and Switzerland friends had travelled from far to be part of this special event, which eventually became the longest SAILOR concert ever, including all the hits and live favourites plus several songs that weren't performed live for many years and, in one case, never before (see video impressions below).
Best wishes and SAILOR-greetings,
~ Katrin
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A message from Phil Pickett:

SAILOR wishes all the fans a very merry Christmas and are now - especially with Tom & Ollie on board - more than ever looking forward to playing throughout Germany and Europe in 2012.
The Lauterbach show arranged by Werner and Renate in their own home town was a real joy for us and seemed to 'cement' Tom and Oliver into SAILOR's fraternity and history. It's probably easier for me - now being the only "non- Marsh" in the band! - to state that in my opinion
, this is probably the greatest line-up (obviously apart from the original) that the group has enjoyed, and the power, enthusiasm and sheer vigour Henry's sons have injected into our music is incomparable! (Whether Henry and I can keep up is another matter however!) Having said, that of course we will always miss and appreciate the uniqueness and great company of Grant and Georg - but hey, none of us can go on doing this forever!! Can we?
We've all heard the clichés such as a 'shot in the arm' and 'youthful resurgence' that younger players bring to a band's music - but this really does feel like a brand new SAILOR to me - so much so that for the first time in a very long time, we have added songs to the repertoire - like 'Lets Go To Town' and 'Cool Breeze' - as are feeling so confident about the future for SAILOR now that Ollie and Tom are part of it all. Growing up as they did surrounded by the SAILOR 'vibe' and literally being a part of our family is a very special experience for me.
Everyone felt on the way home - through a lovely 'Christmassy' drive in the Black Forest in the snow - that Werner's event was a new landmark in the band's history, the longest show we have ever played (1 hour 45mins) and probably the most enjoyable - and we were very happy and delighted to note that so many of our most loyal fans made it to the show.
So, Happy Christmas everybody.
See you all again next year!

A message from Henry Marsh:

Last Saturday was a celebration of all that is great about being in SAILOR. We had a chance to play exclusivley to our fans, many of whom had travelled a very long way.
The return of Oliver with his magnificent voice and stage presence and Tom with his powerhouse drumming have definitely put the band into Turbo!
For Phil and myself revisiting two songs "Let's Go To Town" and "Cool Breeze" was a refreshing experience and thanks to Werner and Renate we had the best environment to perform these.
Many thanks to the Mayor and the people of Lauterbach for their wonderful hospitality. It was a very special evening and I hope we can do it again next year.
Love to All


  • Here's a video of SAILOR live in Lauterbach, Germany, on 17 December 2011...
    Check out Oliver, Henry, Phil and Tom playing a very rare song, "Cool Breeze":
    filmed by Karsten Wagner ©

  • The winner of our video poll with 26 % of all votes: "Stay The Night":
    filmed by Karsten Wagner ©

  • And here is another rare bit for the fans: Check out Oliver, Henry, Phil and Tom playing "Let's Go To Town" (encore):
    filmed by Karsten Wagner ©

SAILOR and audience during "One Drink Too Many"

Captain Oliver

Henry, Phil and Tom

Das Publikum bei "The Old Nickelodeon Sound"

Die Erste-Reihe-Crew :-)

Henry, Phil and Tom

Henry, Phil, Tom and Oliver during "Vera From Veracruz"

Henry, Phil and Oliver during "Vera From Veracruz"

Hello Phil...

Phil at the wheel...





Phil and Henry

Captain Oliver


SAILOR and audience

Here they go...

Henry and Phil during "Karma Chameleon"

SAILOR during "Karma Chameleon"

Henry, Oliver and Phil


Captain Oliver

Henry, Phil, Tom and Oliver during "La Cumbia"

Phil and Henry during "La Cumbia"

Phil and Henry during "La Cumbia"

Phil and Henry

Phil and Henry enjoying "La Cumbia"

Phil, Henry and Oliver during "La Cumbia"

The "Full Monty" a.k.a. the threesome

Phil, Henry and Oliver during the "Full Monty"

Phil, Henry and Oliver during the "Full Monty"

Phil, Henry and Oliver during the "Full Monty"

Oliver during "Con Te Partirò"


Henry, Phil, Tom and Oliver during "Let's Go To Town" encore

Henry and Phil

Henry, Phil, Oliver and Tom

Henry, Phil, Oliver and Tom during "Let's Go To Town" encore

The end of the show

The end of the show

The end of the show

The songs that SAILOR played in Lauterbach:

Let's Go To Town
Blame It On The Soft Spot
One Drink Too Many
Give Me Shakespeare
The Old Nickelodeon Sound
Vera From Veracruz
Cool Breeze
Mack The Knife
Traffic Jam
Wooly Bully
Girls Girls Girls
Karma Chameleon
Stay The Night
La Cumbia

Tom's Moment (Drum Solo)
The Full Monty
Con Te Partirò - Time To Say Goodbye
A Glass Of Champagne
The Secretary
Let's Go To Town

Before and after the show...

Huge thanks to Werner and Renate
and the whole crew for organizing and
hosting this wonderful event and making
it an amazing experience for all of us -
band and fans!!

And also thanks to Dan the great sound-man!

The venue


Soundcheck - and a nautical stage

Before the concert, host Werner organized a little pre-show-party for the fans and sponsors at the hotel

The pre-show-party

Richard, Karsten and Rolf

Katrin and Susi

Karsten and Heiner

Michael, Karsten and Werner

The front row crew: Karin, Heiner, Michael, Susi, Katrin, Karsten, Richard and Rolf

Katrin, Patrick, Michael, Karsten and Susi

Phil, Henry, Tom and Oliver sign the golden book of Lauterbach - with major Norbert Swoboda

SAILOR play "Cool Breeze", "Girls Girls Girls" and "Let's Go To Town" at the after-show-party

With thanks to the official photographer... Katrin with the SAILORs

Susi with the SAILORs

SAILOR in the Black Forest: fun guaranteed! - A concert report by Susi Akinci

When the news from Werner arrived that he was going to get SAILOR to the Black Forest for a headline conert I could hardly believe it. Soon it was clear, I had to get there. Werner hat organized everything so well that there was no need to worry about getting there, really great. So my journey started on the motorway to Stuttgart on Saturday at 8.15 am. You can't imagine what you experience as a woman travelling on her own when you just stop at a filling station, but that's another story.
Just as I arrived at the hotel, SAILOR arrived too, as well as Werner and Renate. Having checked in quickly and being on the way to my room I met Phil who welcomed me nicely. Then I looked out of the window and saw Katrin and Karsten arrive outside. Super, we were all on the same floor of the hotel. A quick break to refresh and then the three of us went downstairs to the restaurant to welcome SAILOR who were just about to eat. Slowly but clearly the other fans arrived, and we spent a lovely time together. Then off to the rooms to get changed and off to the concert. Here I'd like to add a bug thanks to Richard for taking me with him and for the good careful driving, which meant that I could have a beer or two. At the venue we also met Heiner, and it was great to also see the "old and well-known" faces. At the hotel Werner had already told us that some luggage pieces of SAILOR hadn't arrived with British Airways. The Nickelodeon, or better said, the frame of it only arrived with a later flight and got here now. At least it arrived just on time. Only the beginning of the show got delayed a little, but we didn't care, being in a very good mood. Phil's son Harry was also there to help setting up everything - a very nice and good-looking young man.
Then the time had come, and Werner announced SAILOR (we kept an eye on the time, it was longer than the 3.48 minutes he had promised), and they started really strong from the first moment. The fans were in a really good mood, everybody sang and danced. The boys truly surprised ud with "Let's Go To Town" and "Cool Breeze", I never thought that I'd ever hear those great songs live. Oliver was simply fantastic. His voice has become even better, if that's possible at all - it's great to have you back! My personal highlight was "Stay The Night", my big favourite. We, and it was obvious for all of us, SAILOR as well, had a lot of fun. Katrin and I especially enjoyed our 'dance' during "Wooly Bully". It was my first concert with Tom, Henry's oldest son, and I must say that I'm impressed. Tom is very nice and just right. Only once we felt a little sad: During "The Old Nickelodeon Sound" one just has to think of Grant. Of course Oliver truly impressed the audience with "Con Te Partiro". And here I also had the same impression again: his voice has become even better. SAILOR had to play encores and even more encores and nobody wanted to let them go.
But unfortunately this great concert had to end eventually. For us this meant going back to the hotel for more, though. A short speech from Werner, good food. The speech of the major, Norbert Swoboda, was extremely nice, and he proudly asked SAILOR to sign the golden book of the town. Then the fans could take photos with the band. The absolute highlight of the after-show-party was when Henry, Phil, Oliver and Tom sang "Cool Breeze", "Girls, Girls, Girls" and Let´s Go To Town" for us again, just great!! The modd was amazing and everybody joined in. Afterwards we had some more fun hours with nice conversations and one or more nice drinks. I'd like to use this opportunity to thank Michael for the glass of champagne!
At about 3.30 am the last remaining people went to bed and the night was way too short for all of us. In the morning we said goodbye to SAILOR and drove home after a nice breakfast. It was a very nice weekend and an indescribably great concert. For me it was a wonderful SAILOR concert, as good as I hadn't seen it in many years.
Susi Akinci

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And last but not least, some snow impressions:

The lovely hotel where we all stayed...

...and the road to the town

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