Mannheim, Germany - 10 November 2001

Event: Golden Oldie Night Live 2001
Location: Maimarkthalle
Admittance: 6 pm
Beginning: 7 pm
Bands: Ohio Express, Harpo, Chris Andrews, SAILOR, Mungo Jerry, Middle Of The Road (with Sally Carr), Equals, Glitter Band

Photos by: Horst Götz, Katrin Wagner, Karsten Wagner

The new Nickelodeon... (black and white)


Rob and Phil at the Nickelodeon

Girls Girls Girls...

...Girls Girls Girls...

...Girls Girls Girls


Peter during the "Latino Medley"

Rob and Phil at the Nickelodeon during the "Latino Medley"

Peter, Rob and the girls during the "Latino Medley"

SAILOR during the "full monty"

the end of the show...

the end of the show

The songs that SAILOR played in Mannheim:

A Glass Of Champagne
One Drink Too Many
La Cumbia
The Old Nickelodeon Sound
Karma Chameleon
Girls Girls Girls
Latino Medley
Champagne Reprise

"Grant's moment" - drum solo
The "Full Monty"

A concert review by Katrin Wagner:

At 12.25 pm Karsten and I reach Mannheim by train. At the railway station we are welcomed by SAILOR fan Horst Götz. SAILOR fan Astrid Pöltz from Austria arrives at the same time, and we all walk to the hotel together. The hotel is placed in a shopping centre. We stay there and wait for the arrival of our friend Christel and - of course - SAILOR. A lot of other people also wait at the hotel in order to get autographs from the bands.
...Nearly 4 pm. We are discussing whether SAILOR might first go to the concert hall for a soundcheck or come to the hotel. The question is answered when suddenly the door opens, and Peter enters the room, followed by Phil, Rob, Grant and his wife Michelle and Graham.
Big chaos starts at the reception because all the other people try to get photos and autographs of SAILOR before we can welcome each other. Rob get's his belated birthday presents. Poor Grant is ill and doesn't feel very well. In spite of this, he and Michelle stay downstairs because they want to meet up with their son Edmund, some friends and Grant's mother who also wants
SAILOR fans in Mannheimto see the concert today.
A short time later Christel also arrives at the hotel. We all stay at the hotel with the SAILORs while Peter entertains everyone with his favourites like "It wasn't me" etc...
At 5.30 pm we decide to go to the concert hall "Maimarkthalle". Horst and Astrid drive together, while Karsten and I drive with Christel. Almost 30 minutes later we reach the concert hall and get inside. The hall is already filled with people, but the whole audience is seated, so that we first remain standing at the right side of the stage. A short time later we meet another SAILOR fan that we haven't seen for many years: Gabi Jockel, who's here together with her husband.
The "Golden Oldie Night Live 2001" starts at 7 pm. The announcer tells the sequence of the bands: Ohio Express, Harpo, Chris Andrews, SAILOR, Mungo Jerry, Middle Of The Road (with Sally Carr), Equals, Glitter Band. We watch Ohio Express standing near the right side of the stage. In front of the stage there's quite a big free space, but the security-people say that it's not allowed to stay there. So the members of the audience who want to dance are forced to go to the back of the hall instead of enjoying the show in the front. Very "nice"!
Then it's time for Harpo, who's performance is very good. He wonders why nobody comes to the front and tells the audience to stand up and get closer to the stage. That's our chance, and so we all rush to the first row right in front of the stage. A lot of people follow, so that the security-people can't keep them at the back any longer.
After the performance of Chris Andrews it's finally time for SAILOR. They start at 9.30 pm with "A Glass Of Champagne", followed by "One Drink Too Many" and "La Cumbia". Then Grant tells the usual story of a little waltz and adds that this is a song for his mother who obviously stays in the back of the concert hall together with Michelle, Edmund and the others. They play "The Old Nickelodeon Sound". The next song is "Karma Chameleon", of course announced by Phil in German.
During "Girls Girls Girls" and the "Latino Medley" two Go-Go-Girls get on the stage and dance. The girls and SAILOR both seem to enjoy the show. Peter, Grant, Rob and Phil also surprise the audience by wearing some very "nice" sombreros during the "Latino Medley".
There isn't enough time for "The Secretary", so that they go on with the reprise of "A Glass Of Champagne" and then leave the stage in order to change their outfits for the "full monty". Grant does his great new drum solo, and then SAILOR start the most entertaining part of their live show.
After SAILOR's performance we leave the "Maimarkthalle" and drive back to the hotel, where we spend a nice evening with the SAILORs. Even Grant feels much better after the show. Even Astrid, Gabi and her husband are very impressed by SAILOR's performance because they had never seen them live without Georg yet...
Copyright by Katrin Wagner, 2002

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