Leipzig-Mölkau, Germany - 08 November 2003

Event: Oldie Night
Location: Gasthof Zweinaundorf, Zweinaundorfer Strasse 210, 04316 Leipzig-Mölkau, Germany
Admittance: 7 pm
Beginning: 8 pm
Beat Club, SAILOR

Photos by: Katrin Wagner, Frank Schwedler, Susanne S.
Video by: Karsten Wagner

SAILOR in Mölkau
Original band plays old hits

SAILOR - The legendary "SAILOR" band will perform at the Gasthof Zweinaundorf, Zweinaundorfer Straße 210. You can see the four musicians there on Saturday, 08 November.
Mölkau. SAILOR were formed by Phil Pickett and Georg Kajanus. The idea came from the history of a nightclub in Paris. The owner of the club wanted his muscians to perform in sailor outfits - as a remark of respect for a sailor who had saved his life some years earlier. This tradition was pursued by the two musicians in 1970, and they formed the band SAILOR. Hits like "A Glass Of Champagne", "Down By The Docks" or "The Secretary" formed their succes-story. In the early 80s they split up. 12 years after the split SAILOR came back together again in the original line up and celebrated a felicitous comeback.


  • Here's a video-clip of SAILOR live in Leipzig-Mölkau, Germany, on 08 November 2003... Check out Peter, Phil, Rob and Grant playing "Give Me Shakespeare":
    filmed by Karsten Wagner ©

  • And another video-clip of SAILOR live in Leipzig-Mölkau, Germany, on 08 November 2003... Check out Peter, Phil, Rob and Grant playing "The Old Nickelodeon Sound":
    filmed by Karsten Wagner ©

photo © by Katrin Wagner

photo © by Frank Schwedler
SAILOR during "La Cumbia"

photo © by Katrin Wagner
Rob and Peter during "La Cumbia"

photo © by Katrin Wagner
Phil and Peter

photo © by Katrin Wagner

photo © by Katrin Wagner

photo © by Katrin Wagner

photo © by Susanne S.
Grant and Peter

photo © by Katrin Wagner
Rob joins the audience during "The Old Nickelodeon Sound"

photo © by Katrin Wagner
Phil during "Karma Chameleon"

photo © by Katrin Wagner

photo © by Susanne S.

photo © by Frank Schwedler
SAILOR during "Girls Girls Girls"

photo © by Susanne S.
The end of the show...

The songs that SAILOR played in Leipzig-Mölkau:

A Glass Of Champagne
One Drink Too Many
La Cumbia
Give Me Shakespeare
Vera From Veracruz
The Old Nickelodeon Sound
Josephine Baker
Mack The Knife
Blame It On The Soft Spot
Karma Chameleon
The Secretary
Latino Medley
Girls Girls Girls
Champagne Reprise

"Grant's moment" - drum solo
The "Full Monty"

photo © by Katrin Wagner
SAILOR after the show...

FANMIX photo © by Katrin WagnerThe town, the girls, the Wagners and Naylors and the old Nickelodeon sound (?!)... - A concert review by Katrin Wagner:

Leipzig - what a wonderful town... well, no, not really (sorry! ;-)) - at least not concerning the signage. And what a chaotic weekend!
Karsten and I finally reach Leipzig at 4 pm. Unfortunately we can't find the way to the part of the city named Mölkau, where SAILOR are going to perform at the "Gasthof Zweinaundorf". Even the map is not helpful at all (see photo at the bottom).
Having had a look at the whole city (but only because we have not been able to find the right way so far), we finally reach our small hotel at about 5.30 pm. The other small hotel in which SAILOR are going to stay and perform was booked up, so we had to choose another one in the same road. We quickly get changed for the gig and drive to the "Gasthof Zweinaundorf".
SAILOR have just started their soundcheck. NaylorMan is not there today, so SAILOR have to do the soundcheck with the help of the crew of the other band, Beat Club, and Rob has to take care of all the technical things, the Nickelodeon etc. Grant is ill and not feeling very well.
Afterwards we welcome the boys and talk to them for a moment. Then they leave, while Karsten and I stay in the concert hall. A nice guy even gives us the permission to film the concert from the balcony at the back of the small concert hall. He even gives us a power socket for Karsten's good old camera and tells us that he's responsible for eveything here and we shall contact him if there are any problems.
While the audience enters the concert hall and all the people sit down at the tables downstairs, we stay at the balcony. We meet Frank and Ulrike, two nice SAILOR fans that we had only known via eMail until today. Susanne from Stuttgart joins us, and our friend Wilma is also there together with some friends.
We have a glass (or a bottle) of champagne with Susanne and take some photos. In the meantime the band Beat Club starts their performance.
A short time later we realise that the guy who gave us the permission to film is not the "real" boss of the "Gasthof Zweinaundorf". After a little discussion inside and outside the concert hall we can fortunately solve the problems (special thanks to T. and P.!) and get back to the balcony to pluck the camera in once again. (Things can be so easy if you just talk...) - Really marvellous...!
The stage is prepared for SAILOR's performance (by Rob) at about 10 pm. Karsten remains upstairs in order to film the show, while Susanne, Wilma, her friends and place ourselves in front of the stage.
To everyone's surprise the audience is in a fantastic mood, and the approx. 150 people make quite a lot of noise... singing along to all the SAILOR songs.
SAILOR are great as usual, and Peter gives us a special surprise by changing the lyrics of "The Old Nickelodeon Sound" a little bit to: "The town, the girls, the Wagners and Naylors and the old Nickelodeon sound". Marvellous...!! (And NaylorMan wasn't even there... ;-))
At the end of the show Peter tells the audience that they are going to sign autographs and sell DVDs after the gig in his best German-English mixture: "Wir haben keine CDs, but wir haben SAILOR Live-DVDs, and we will come here 10 Minuten nach dem Auftritt und werden Autogramme geben."
Grant plays one of the best drum solos of all time. Afterwards the show is finished with the "full monty".
While Beat Club perform once again, we join SAILOR in the bar next door, where they sign autographs for all the fans, sell DVDs, shirts etc. Then we sit down for a chat with the boys. Grant is still not feeling well and goes to bed, while Peter, Rob and Phil decide to have some sandwiches and chips, which they share with us (thanks, Rob!!).
Later, Karsten helps Rob to get the Nickelodeon off the stage and back into the car, while Phil and Peter go to bed too. When everything is back in the car we also say goodbye to Rob and drive back to our hotel. But the highlight of the night is still to follow: On the 1500 metres between the "Gasthof Zweinaundorf" and our hotel we are stopped by the police and Karsten has to do an alcohol test... which turns out ok!
The next morning we decide to get up an hour earlier in order to say goodbye to our SAILORs at the "Gasthof Zweinaundorf" again... After they have left we meet Susanne and Wilma for breakfast in our small hotel. At 11 am we try to find the way back to the motorway and leave Leipzig...
Copyright by Katrin Wagner, 10 November 2003

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