Munich, Germany - 25 January 2004

Event: Radio Arabella Stars 2004
Location: Olympiahalle
Admittance: 1 pm
Beginning: 2 pm
Drafi Deutscher, Piero Mazzocchetti, Ricchi e Poverie, SAILOR, Right Said Fred, Hermes House Band, Chris Norman, Les McKeown's Legendary Bay City Rollers, Wolfgang Ambros, Special Guest: Rainhard Fendrich

Photos by: Katrin Wagner, Karsten Wagner

A text from the Radio Arabella programme - with a link to ;-)

SAILOR - The champagne-corks pop
SAILOR was the name of the band with a very special music in the 70s. Nice pop music with sounds of sailor songs. With this sound the four young English boys entered the European charts. Nobody serves a glass of champagne as musically as SAILOR. "A Glass Of Champagne" reached the Top-10 of the German charts straight away in 1975. The successor-hit followed soon. A few months later SAILOR reached number 2 in Germany with their super-hit "Girls Girls Girls".
Four good-looking guys in sailor outfits with catchy tunes - that's what the audience liked. Thousands of people went to SAILOR concerts.
In the early 80s the band broke up to the regret of their many fans.
1989 the boys came back together again and entered the charts with "La Cumbia".
After several changes in the line-up they are now sailing on the waves of success again.
Ahoy and welcome to the Arabella Stars 2004 - SAILOR.

photo  by Katrin Wagner
Grant and Peter during "A Glass Of Champagne"

photo  by Katrin Wagner
SAILOR on stage

photo  by Katrin Wagner
Rob, Phil and Grant

photo  by Katrin Wagner
SAILOR during "La Cumbia"

photo  by Katrin Wagner
SAILOR on stage - Grant announcing "The Old Nickelodeon Sound"

The audience...

photo  by Katrin Wagner
Grant and Rob during "The Old Nickelodeon Sound"

photo  by Katrin Wagner
SAILOR during "Karma Chameleon"

photo  by Katrin Wagner
Rob and Phil during "Karma Chameleon"

photo  by Katrin Wagner
The "Full Monty"...

photo  by Karsten Wagner

photo  by Katrin Wagner
The "Full Monty"...

photo  by Karsten Wagner
The end of the show...

The songs that SAILOR played in Munich:

A Glass Of Champagne
La Cumbia
Give Me Shakespeare
The Old Nickelodeon Sound
Karma Chameleon
The Secretary
Girls Girls Girls
Champagne Reprise

"Grant's moment" - drum solo
The "Full Monty"

photo  by Katrin Wagner
SAILOR sign autographs in a special "autograph box" for the fans after their show...
("We are celebrities, get us out of here"... ;-))

photo  by Katrin Wagner

A concert review by Katrin Wagner:

Our SAILOR trip to the "Radio Arabella Schlager-Olympiade" in Munich starts very early on Sunday morning. I get up at 4.45 am, we leave Kassel by train at 7.25 am and finally reach Munich at 11 am. We take a taxi to the (very huge and expensive) hotel where SAILOR and we are going to stay, and, having survived a strange drive through the snowy Munich, check in and wait for SAILOR at the hotel.
Phil and Peter arrive at the hotel at 1.45 pm, while Rob and Grant are still preparing everything for their show together with Graham at the "Olympiahalle". The concert there starts at 2 pm, and SAILOR are to perform at 4 pm.
A short time later we take another taxi to the "Olympiahalle" and look for the backstage/VIP entrance. This time Karsten was able to get us press tickets for the "Free Radio Kassel" so we can go wherever we want and also stay in the press-section right in front of the stage and take photos during the show etc. About 9000 people are inside the huge "Olympiahalle", and Ricchi e Poverie are just finishing their performance, while we welcome Rob, Grant and Graham behind the stage.
SAILOR have quite a lot of time to set up the stage this time, as there is a 30 minutes break between the performances. Their show starts at 4.15 pm, and Karsten and I watch it from the press-section and take lots of photos etc. Behind the stage there is a huge screen on which the audience can see SAILOR a bit bigger too.
After SAILOR we watch the first couple of songs from Right Said Fred and then leave the press section in order to look for SAILOR, who have to sign autographs in a special "autograph box".
Later Karsten and I try to get a taxi back to the hotel (not easy...). At the hotel we wait for the boys, who arrive at 8 pm. We sit down with the SAILORs, talk and drink a lot (;-)) and spend the rest of the evening at the bar. Grant goes to bed early because he is ill.
Later only Peter and Graham remain with us at the bar, together with some other people. At about 1 pm Graham wants to build a snowman, so we all go outside, but that idea is abandoned quickly again because it's much too cold. A short time later we go to bed. Only "NaylorMan" stays at the bar.
In the morning we have breakfast with the boys. Before they leave we get the Charango from SAILOR because our good SAILOR-friend Andreas got it at the auction and we are to pick it up for him and keep it until we see him next.
SAILOR leave at 10 am, and we also take the train back to Kassel a few hours later. (Never travel through half of Germany by train with a Charango on your knees!! ;-))
This was the "Munich Thing"... and we will hopefully see you all the "Tring Thing" in 53 days... ;-)
Copyright by Katrin Wagner, 27 January 2004

photo  by Katrin Wagner
Peter and Karsten at the hotel

Peter and Katrin after the show

A concert review by Karsten Wagner:

Ahoy out there! Katrin and I were in Munich this weekend, to see SAILOR at the "Arabella Schlager-Olympiade" at the Olympia-hall Munich. This time we had press tickets (fortunately I'm working at a radio station in Kassel), so we were allowed to go to all places inside the hall.
Starting very early on Sunday, the 25th of January 2004 in our hometown Kassel, we took the fast ICE-train to Munich and arrived there 3 1/2 hours later. By taxi we drove to the hotel, a very luxuries one, were SAILOR were staying too. I recorded radio trailers for my show with some other stars too (Right Said Fred, Les McKeown from the Bay City Rollers...) and we talked to Phil, Peter, Rob and Grant. Poor Grant was ill and had nearly no voice.
Later on Katrin and I went to the Olympia-hall by taxi, were we had to find the backstage/VIP entrance (wasn't easy, I can tell ya). But we were welcomed and got a press-map with a plan so we had the running-order for the show, went behind the stage and then took place in front to take pictures of the show in the press-area. Great to have so much space to move.
SAILOR only performed about 30 minutes because so many others stars were on that show too. There was a big screen over the stage, where we all saw the SAILOR boys very big. :-)
After the gig it was not easy to find a taxi for us, but then we found one and went back to the hotel for the After-Show-Party. :-)
We had much to discuss with the boys for the websie and things like that.... and had some drinks. In the morning (grin), Pete was one of the last "survivors" at the bar, then we went to our beds. Tech Graham stayed a little longer.
Next morning we got a unique instrument from SAILOR: the Charango - because the auction for this one is closed now. Lucky winner: Our good SAILOR-friend Andreas B. Until  we  meet Andy "live" again, the Charango will stay in Kassel at Wagner's home. ;-) You can hear the instrument on songs like: "Cool Breeze", "Panama", "Vera From Veracruz", "Romance" (album version) and many others....
It was a nice trip, and it's always fun to meet the SAILORs. They are lovely guys. So let's all meet in UK/Tring too!?
All the very best: Cap K ~~~~  

Copyright by Karsten Wagner, 27 January 2004

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