Northampton, UK - 01 March 2005

Glitz Blitz and 70's Hitz UK Tour 
The Rubettes
featuring Alan Williams
Andy Scott's
February - May 2005

Location: Royal and Derngate Theatres
, The Rubettes featuring Alan Williams, Andy Scott's The Sweet

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Short but Sweet - A concert review by Alan Wale:

Well I'm sure you're getting the same opinion from all us hardened SAILOR fans... it left us wanting more, my maracas are still warm!... so I hope they do arrange another SAILOR only show in the UK (as long as it's not a sunday morning service!)
I'm a big seventies fan,so these shows are great and introduce people who were not into SAILOR at the time... but maybe now will join our ship!
Maybe a idea would be setting up a disco/party night somewhere after a show? I have attended Eurovision conventions and they go down really well.
I'm sorry this is a bit late... but I was waiting to get my photo developed.
Best Wishes
Alan Wale (Coventry, England)

left to right: Peter, Rob, Grant, Phil and Alan

The songs that SAILOR played in Northampton:

A Glass Of Champagne
La Cumbia
The Old Nickelodeon Sound
Karma Chameleon
Vera From Veracruz
Girls Girls Girls
Champagne Reprise
Sailor's Hornpipe
The Full Monty

Here's quite a different concert review for a change, written by a Sweet fan. The review appeared at the Sweet message board in addition to John's review of the Peterborough concert a few days earlier. At that show he hadn't really been that impressed by SAILOR and had mentioned that in his review, but at Northampton some things suddenly changed to his surprise and he got "converted" (at least kind of ;-))...

A concert review by John (VC10 at the Sweet message board):

Why do these things always happen to me...?
You may recall I made a comment
here about SAILOR and their drummer, after seeing them at Peterborough. I likened him to Albert Steptoe cos of his neckerchief. Well, at Northampton I knew I was in for trouble when....
During their set, when their drummer came forward to make an announcement, the keyboard player played the theme to ......."Steptoe & Son". No no, got to be a coincidence, thought I.
Andy Scott spots me in the audience and says to me - in front of the whole Derngate crowd, mind you - "You're in trouble when SAILOR catch up with you!"
THEN (yes it can get worse)...
I bump into some friends in the foyer. Not Sweet fans at all, but people I work with in the Panto. "What are you doing here?" I asked. "Oh we're here to support SAILOR.....a mate of mine plays in the band....he's Grant Serpell....the drummer".
And THEN he goes and tells the band that he KNOWS the guy who put the post on the
Sweet message board! Great!
Why do these things always happen to me? Something to do with my big gob I guess!
Actually before any SAILOR fans get undone, the band thought it was really funny, hence the tune onstage. They've asked to meet up with me (a.k.a. throw me to the lions) at the next gig. So my mates and I plan to go to the next gig together (possibly Cambridge) so we can go for a beer and a crac with the band after.
They sound like a good laugh. I love SAILOR!

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