Northeim, Germany - 12 May 1994

Event: "Forever Young" Open Air Oldie Festival
Location: Waldbühne Northeim
Admittance: 2 pm
Beginning: 4 pm
Bands: Dave Dee, The Blue Moons, The Rubettes, The Equals, Suzi Quatro, SAILOR, Slade

Photos by: Karsten Wagner, Katrin Wagner

SAILOR performing "La Cumbia"

SAILOR performing "One Drink Too Many"

SAILOR performing "The Old Nickelodeon Sound"

SAILOR performing "Vera From Veracruz"

SAILOR performing "Girls Girls Girls"

The songs that SAILOR played in Northeim:

The Secretary
La Cumbia
One Drink Too Many
The Old Nickelodeon Sound
Vera From Veracruz
Girls Girls Girls
A Glass Of Champagne
Champagne Reprise

La Bamba

Karsten and Heike together with SAILOR after the show
(left to right:) Heike, Georg, Phil, Grant, Karsten, Henry

Katrin and Georg

Katrin and Henry

Georg and Karsten

Katrin and Phil

Katrin and Grant

The following articles were published a few days after the Oldie night in Northeim:

Second Oldie-Festival
"Waldbühne" is a fan-paradise

Good music and nice spring-weather: 3500 people were fascinated by the second Oldie-festival in Northeim at the "Waldbühne".
The fans really liked the performances of the 45 minutes long performances of the old stars; they also liked the fantastic atmosphere at the open air arena. And the nice whether also helped to create a great party-mood for the visitors of the second "Forever Young" event.
In the evening it was the usual picture: Lighters and candels lit up the open air stage that is said to be one of the prettiest in Germany. After the show the musicians told us that they also enjoyed the concert very much.
(...) Nobody thought "This is only a playback show". Everybody knew that the bands of the 70s were still strong.
Especially Suzi Quatro from Detroit, who will live in Hamburg after her marriage soon, proved this in her very loud way. The woman with the tight outfit and the great voice performed her hits "48 Crash" or "Can The Can". The audience loved her and came closer to the barrier in front of the stage - singing and shouting.
SAILOR, who appeared in the usual outfit, also got good resonances. The leadsinger in the "captainslook" expressed the fun of great live performances: A constant smile could be seen on his face while he accelerated the speed with his guitar. That´s why "Girls Girls Girls" or "A Glass Of Champagne" were enjoyed very much and made the fans dancing.
The good quality of the music made good old memories come back into the visitors' minds. But that doesn't mean that there were only old people in the audience. Surprisingly lots of young people celebrated the Oldie-party as if the number-one teeny-band was in town.
They performed lots of former number-one-hits: "Zabadak" with Dave Dee", "Sugar Baby Love" with the Rubettes" and "Baby Come Back" with the Equals. Top-act were Slade with hits like "Far Far Away". The surprise of the show were the guests "The Original Blue Moons", a local band from Göttingen that started the show. (...)

The text under the photo of Georg says:
"SAILOR" played as fresh as at the beginning of their career - the best musical act.

3500 enthousiastic fans

NORTHEIM - Warm temperatures and nice music from the good old days - that was available for 3500 people who made their way to the idyllic "Waldbühne" in Northeim in order to see the second Oldie-Festival.
(...) Afterwards SAILOR performed and cared for a great mood and many joyful expressions on the faces with songs like "Girls Girls Girls".

On the photo you can see the SAILOR fans Karsten & Katrin Wagner and Heike Böhle in the first row of the audience with their SAILOR poster.

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