Plön, Germany - 04 August 2007

Event: NDR 1 Welle Nord Sommertour
Bands: Freestyle, Steve Crown And The Slapping Candys, SAILOR

Photos by: Katrin Wagner, Karsten Wagner, Uli Neumann, Christel Müller, Bianca Dürkop
Videos by: Karsten Wagner


  • Here's a video-clip of SAILOR live in Plön, Germany, on 04 August 2007... Check out Oliver, Henry, Phil and Grant playing "La Cumbia":
    filmed by Karsten Wagner ©

SAILOR during "A Glass Of Champagne"

Can you find Phil in this photo?? ;-)

Henry, Phil and Grant during "Blame It On The Soft Spot"

Henry, Phil and Grant

SAILOR during "The Old Nickelodeon Sound"

Henry explains the audience what to do
during "The Old Nickelodeon Sound"

...and I'm watching

Phil and Oliver during "The Old Nickelodeon Sound"


Phil and Grant

SAILOR during "Vera From Veracruz"

Henry, Phil and Oliver during "Vera From Veracruz"



"I wonder why my two maracas look
so different from each other?!?"

The Wooly Bully hat delivery...

SAILOR during "Wooly Bully"

SAILOR during "Karma Chameleon"


SAILOR during "Karma Chameleon"

SAILOR during "Karma Chameleon"

Grant and Oliver



SAILOR during "Girls Girls Girls"

The audience enjoys the show...

There are even people in SAILOR shirts!

SAILOR during "La Cumbia"

The "Full Monty"...

The "Full Monty"...

The "Full Monty"...

The "Full Monty"...

SAILOR during "Sailing"

photo © by Katrin Wagner
The end of the show

The songs that SAILOR played in Plön:

A Glass Of Champagne
Blame It On The Soft Spot
One Drink Too Many
Give Me Shakespeare
The Old Nickelodeon Sound
Vera From Veracruz
Wooly Bully
Mack The Knife
Karma Chameleon
The Secretary
Girls Girls Girls
La Cumbia

Grant's Moment
The Full Monty
Champagne Reprise

Before and after the concert...

Katrin together with Phil

Katrin, Thomas and Karsten

Uli and Ulrike in the front row

Karsten and new fan Finja

The Nick trying to escape...

SAILOR sign autographs after the show (cheers Hen...) ;-)

A concert review by Thomas Wenzel:

Well, now I also want to write a little report.
This is my first SAILOR concert with Oliver Marsh (a total of 5, but I will probably never reach 80, like Katrin), and I'm already very curious, as Katrin has shown me some extracts from previous concerts, so that I was really enthusiastic to see it.
It's also a "home track advantage" for me, as I only live 50 km away from Plön.
To say it in advance, I was NOT disapponted, it was a very entertaining concert with lots of show-elements, so that time passed way too fast. The sound was very good and there was a lot of power in the songs that I haven't heard like tis before. But my last SAILOR concert is already 4 years ago...
My favourite songs were "Wooly Bully" with really impressing backing harmonies, and "La Cumbia", and to be honest also "Girls Girls Girls".
Okay, I do of course have some personal favourite songs that I would like to hear LIVE, for example "Cool Breeze", "Two Ladies On The Corner", "The Runaway", "One Life One Love One Day", "Stay The Night", but maybe we can get some of these songs at the solo concert in Luckenwalde, who knows...???!!!
After the show Katrin and Karsten asked me whether I wanted to come with them to the hotel where the "Boys" were staying. I had hoped for this and had brought some CDs for SAILOR to sign, but I must add that I was at the SAILOR-Musical in Scotland last year and have there met Georg Kajanus who also signed some CDs, so that I now have signatures of the complete crew...:))
It really was a very very funny after-show-night, the weather was great and we sat outside on the terrace of the hotel and SAILOR were in a very good mood.
I must admit that I was impressed to be able to meet my favourit eband in person, and that my impression was absolutely positive and I hope this has not been the last meeting.
This is a threat!!   :))))))))))
That's it, and I say "ROCK ON" and see you all in LUCKENWALDE on 01.09.2007!!!!

A concert review by Bianca Dürkop:

Hello to all of you!
I heard about this gig in the middle of July and decided to see SAILOR live again. It was my third concert. The last one was in 1994.
I searched the Internet to find some news and came to Katrin's website. There I read about their new lead singer Oliver Marsh. Sorry, but I was very happy to read this. I didn't like Peter very much. I really don't know why. I forgot SAILOR for some years. But I wanted to see and hear the new crew.
Plön is only 25 km from where I live, so I drove there in the afternoon on 4th August.
My boyfriend and I waited in my car and heard some music from SAILOR. Later we went to the market place and hold out for SAILOR.
When the concert began I was very impressed of Oliver's voice. I think he is as great as Georg as a lead singer. To my mind the boys couldn't find a better one.
The sound was great and the vibe was unique. Nearly everybody in the audience danced and sang. I stood in the middle of the audience and it was an unforgettable evening.
My favourite song was "Give Me Shakespeare". But the other songs were also brilliant. And the time passed by so fast.
I wanted to get an autograph, but the day was too long for me. I was too tired, so we went home.
I hope SAILOR will have some more concerts in Nothern Germany.
Best wishes!
Bianca Dürkop

Down by the lake - A concert review by Katrin Wagner:

My 80th SAILOR concert starts with a great big worldwide traffic jam on the way to Northern Germany. Therefore Karsten, Christel and I reach the small town Plön a lot later than expected. It feels a bit strange for me to drive Karsten's car to a SAILOR gig for the very first time today, as it used to be our dad's car before and the backseat of this very car is the place where I first got infected by the SAILOR virus! Who'd have thought I might drive it to one of their concerts 15 years later?!Ah, the Wagners...
We check in at our hotel at 5 pm and then drive to the market place, where the open air concert will take place. The concert is hosted by the radio station "NDR 1 Welle Nord" so that the show will be recorded for radio and also for NDR television. 
At the backstage area we are told that we can come back here later to stay at the press section in front of the stage, so that we can take photos during SAILOR's show. The nice NDR people say that we don't need special permissions but can go straight through when it's time for SAILOR.
We meet fellow SAILOR-fans Thomas W., Thomas S., Uli and his girlfriend Ulrike - then temporarily lose each other again (including Karsten) for a while... Chaos.
Then it's finally time to welcome the boys, and as we return the market place we are approached by a radio lady who wants to do a live radio interview with Karsten and me. Not very easy, as we can hardly hear a thing while another band is performing!
A little later it's almost time for SAILOR's show so that we want to go to the press section, but the "lovely" security people refuse to let us in. "We have a permission from NDR", I explain to them. "Well, we don't care", is the nice reply that I get, along with the suggestion that it might even be fake. We suggest that they should call the responsible lady from NDR to confirm this. "If you're not lucky and she passes by by chance then it's your problem, we're not going to call her!" We haven't travelled all this way for such a nice treatment, I tell them, and also add that they are well informed about the fact that we'd be here now (I know that they got the e-mail including our permission - it's on the printed piece of paper I'm holding in my hand). They call us unfriendly... Christel, Karsten and Katrin
Lucky us that the nice NDR lady has given us her mobile number. She comes to help within a minute and leads us past our new security friends and into the press section. Now what was so difficult about this?? 
It's not sure how long they will allow us to stay here though. Somebody tells us we can stay for the whole concert, somebody else says we might have to leave after the first couple of songs. I remember my golden SAILOR rules: 1: Expect the unexpected. 2: There's always something wrong!
In the end we can stay for the whole SAILOR show and take photos. Karsten even films several songs.
SAILOR's show is really fantastic and - as ever - very entertaining. The audience enjoys it very much, as well as the band... They play a long set including all the usual hits and highlights. I'm supposed to say something nice about one particular song even though it's a none-SAILOR song, so I will now tell you how much everybody has enjoyed the wonderful marvellous fantastic entertaining version of "Wooly Bully"... (Hi Ollie - see, I've considered your criticism!! ;-)). But seriously, it IS an entertaining bit of the show and the audience DOES enjoy it a lot.
My personal highlight is, of course, my favourite song "The Secretary", but generally all sounds great, thanks to Oliver's strong voice. For the audience the "Full Monty" is the highlight of the show, as they never expect something like this to happen at the end of a concert.
After the show SAILOR sign autographs and sell CDs/DVDs. Thomas S. has to leave to drive back home, as well as Uli and Ulrike, so that Karsten, Christel, Thomas W. and I join the boys for some drinks and a chat at their hotel.
On the next morning Karsten, Christel and I return to SAILOR's hotel to say goodbye. Their new driver says we can follow their car back to the motorway, so that's what we do... ("Stalkers!!", Phil jokes ;-)) Another 6 hours and a couple of traffic jams later (where's this cool breeze when you need it??) we are finally back in Kassel.
Katrin Wagner, 06 August 2007

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