Quay Hotel

The sun was down, the mist was high
I just kissed my love goodbye
She was off to chase a will
From an uncle in west Brazil
So there I was, all alone
Another week away from home
Walking down some foggy street
Looking out for a place to sleep
But a sound through the wind was carried well (oh so well)
The squeaking sign of Quay Hotel

Well the lights were dim, the lifts were slow
Still people, they come and go
Full of whispers and shady deals
Pouring out over greasy meals
Then evening came, and songs would flow
From the lady at 'le grande piano'
But the voice of Lilli-Ann
Sounds suspiciously like a man
Funny how I never heard those songs (all those songs)
But they knew them well - in Quay Hotel

Well the song and dance went raving on
But I kept feeling there was something wrong
For the look on every face
Put a gloom on this eerie place
Nervously they seemed to wait
For some dramatic unknown fate
They seemed to know their every stand
Like a spring-winding monkey band
I ran up to the door and tried to turn the keys
But a porter said, 'This way, please
Retire to your room
For your turn will be coming soon.'
And the night began to feel so long (oh so long)
I didn't sleep so well - in Quay Hotel

I knew I was a mistaken face
In this macabre waiting place
For the guests of this Hotel
Are checked in by the tolling bell
For I awoke in the same old foggy street
Without a trace in hell - of Quay Hotel.

Words and music by Georg Kajanus 1976 Sashay Music
Lyrics reprinted with the kind permission of Georg Kajanus

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