Rødovre, Denmark - 04 November 2006

Event: Denmark Tour
Location: Viften
Bands: SAILOR, The Rubettes (featuring Alan Williams), Billy Swann, Little Richie (original lead singer of Racey)

The songs that SAILOR played in Rødovre:

Songs marked with * played together with Billy Swan

A Glass Of Champagne
La Cumbia
Give Me Shakespeare
The Old Nickelodeon Sound
Vera From Veracruz
Karma Chameleon
True Love *
Lover Please *
Dream, Dream, Dream *
I Can Help *

Wooly Bully
Girls Girls Girls
A Glass Of Champagne


A concert review by Jesper Frigast Larsen:

The "70s Hitz and Blitz Show" on 04 November 2006 in the Copenhagen suburb of Rødovre was the last leg of the tour of Denmark that featured SAILOR, The Rubettes and guest appearances of Billy Swan and Little Richie of Racey.
Unfortunately, the turnout was rather small, as is often the case in the Copenhagen suburbs where promoters often book the same act to a number of concert halls within a few days and a few kilometres of each other, meaning more shows with less attendance rather than one big Copenhagen show with a lot of people!
Anyway, you can’t blame the fans who turned up, but, as Rubettes singer Alan Williams put it – "You’ve been a wonderful audience, but don’t forget to bring your friends the next time!".
But we who came surely had a good time. SAILOR was on stage first, presenting the new "Nickelodeon light". Having attended one of the last SAILOR shows featuring Peter Lincoln in Svendborg 3 months earlier, I was amazed by the shot of new energy that new singer Oliver has given the band. The band looked and sounded 20 years younger – and they also feel younger, as Grant confirmed to me after the show.
Of course, with Billy Swan guesting in the middle of SAILOR’s set with SAILOR as backing group, this wasn’t a full SAILOR concert which meant that some of my favourites like "Blame It On The Soft Spot" and "Traffic Jam" had to be omitted from the show. But some of the changes from the old set just felt so natural and obvious that it just makes you wonder why they weren’t made years ago: Of course Captain Oliver is a pirate king – this image could be exploited even further in the future. Of course Henry’s solo in "Give Me Shakespeare" should be in the baroque style. And of course "Sailing", made famous by Rod Stewart but here done remarkably well by SAILOR, is so much more worthy of a place in a SAILOR show than, say, "Mack The Knife" or "La Bamba".
In fact, with Oliver’s great voice at the microphone, if SAILOR has to do covers (which in principle I don’t really approve of with so many wonderful SAILOR originals to choose from) why not take in even more sailing or sea-themed songs in order to fine-tune the image of the band, rather than playing songs like "Woolly Bully" which is powerful but not really SAILOR. As an example, I would love to hear the band take on a full version of Brian Wilson’s gorgeous "Sail On Sailor" rather than the mere taped version that is played as the final part of the encore. Phil’s bass Nickelodeon and the band’s great harmonies should suit this song really well, and it could also be a nice tribute to the Beach Boys who supported the band in their Caribou era.
Personally, when playing in Denmark, I would also love to hear SAILOR play "Stay The Night" which is not only the best non-Kajanus SAILOR song but also very popular in this country, and I have a feeling that it might suit the rejuvenated harmony singing of the band very well.
Anyway, it is of course up to the band to what it feels best, and there should be many occasions in the future to do exactly that, as the new line-up and refreshed energy of the band should give the band a new lease of life at concerts all over Europe. If you have a chance to go to a SAILOR show, jump for it. You certainly won’t be disappointed.
Jesper Frigast Larsen

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