Salisbury, UK - 04 March 2005

Glitz Blitz and 70's Hitz UK Tour 
The Rubettes
featuring Alan Williams
Andy Scott's
February - May 2005

Location: City Hall
, The Rubettes featuring Alan Williams, Andy Scott's The Sweet

Photos by: Linda Welch, James McCarraher & Chris Carter

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Rob and Phil at the Nickelodeon



The 70s crew in front of the stage

The bands and fans are enjoying thet "bunch of old glitz"... ;-)

James together with Phil and Grant after the show

"Sweet" Pete...?! ;-)

The songs that SAILOR played in Salibury:

A Glass Of Champagne
La Cumbia
The Old Nickelodeon Sound
Karma Chameleon
Vera From Veracruz
Girls Girls Girls
Champagne Reprise
Sailor's Hornpipe
The Full Monty

Salisbury, Friday 4 March, was a triumph! - A concert review by Linda Welch:

Linda and JasmineI’d been to the Manchester gig on 20 February and I’d been a bit disappointed – which is why no review from me for that particular show. (The excellent review from Malcolm Knowles covers the gig very well, so no need for me to comment further.)
The Salisbury concert, however, was a different show entirely! Maybe it was partly due to the audience - a group of about 20 women had come along for a birthday party in full 70s gear and were determined to enjoy every second of it – they were all in the front row.
SAILOR were on great form – although Pete was a bit surprised when he came on stage and found a rubber pig taped to his microphone! I get the feeling that the three bands – our boys plus the Rubettes and Sweet – are having a bit of a laugh between them all and maybe the pig was part of that! Anyone else seen the pig at a gig?
They played a very tight, slick set, and it seemed that in no time at all the boys were leaving the stage, with the exception of Rob, who played the "Sailor’s Hornpipe" (my 12-year-old niece, Jasmine, whispered, ‘Did they write the theme for Blue Peter??’) while the others disappeared. Of course, the SAILOR fans in the audience knew what was coming, but I’d say 90% of the audience hadn’t seen a show on this tour before so when the "Full Monty" started there were shrieks from all around! I covered Jasmine’s eyes, even though I knew they weren’t going to go ‘all the way’ but I live in hope (or should that be in fear?).
One of the party in the front row threw a pair of knickers onto the stage as they were leaving – how did I guess it would be Phil who picked them up? A strange trophy to add to the pig as a souvenir of the Salisbury show! Their suitcases will be full of really odd reminders of the tour by the time they’ve finished.
This time I was the only one in the audience with maracas – I’d taken some for Jasmine, too, but she was a little self-conscious about being right in the front row in her sailor suit (thank you, Ebay!) and decided that maracas would be just too much (and the hat was too much for her as well!)
After an excellent set from the Rubettes – including their marvellous drum session – Jasmine and I made our way out to the foyer to buy the Tsunami appeal CD and get it autographed. She didn’t want me to introduce her to them, but Rob spotted her sailor suit and asked what was printed on her stripey tee-shirt. She showed him that it said, ‘Hello Sailor’, spelled out in red rhinestones, and he took a picture with his mobile ‘phone. I think she was secretly quite pleased, although she’d made me swear not to send any photos to the website in case her school friends ever found out!
I had the chance to say a brief hello to Sarah (good to see you!) and James (likewise) before we took our places again for Andy Scott’s Sweet. I had a quick chance to introduce myself and say hello to Roger, Gill and Nicola, also SAILOR fans, in the front row. (Hope you enjoyed it all and managed to get back to Southampton safely! And maybe see you at another gig?)

By this time, Jasmine wasn’t too worried about her Aunty Linda getting up and dancing and generally making a fool of herself, so the last hour of the show was spent on my feet, rocking with Sweet – a great show as always. I’d have stayed on afterward to finish the collection of autographs on my CD but it was getting really late and Jazzie was getting a bit tired, so I hope to get the full set later on during the tour.
Message from Jasmine - "I had a really good time meeting the stars of the bands and I enjoyed all the songs they played."
Jasmine will be 13 on 2 April (when I shall be at the Basingstoke gig) and on the way home from the show last night she announced that she now wants a 70s theme party for her birthday!
Rock on, Jasmine!
And see you all in Bournemouth, everyone!
Linda Welch 05 March 2005

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