's Oliver Marsh in
Schwarzenberg, Germany - 10 June 2017

Event: R.SA-Festival Schwarzenberg 2017
Location: Waldbühne Schwarzenberg
Bands: The Firebirds, Pussycat, Middle Of The Road feat. Sally Carr, The Rubettes feat. Bill Hurd, SAILOR, Jethro Tull by Ian Andersen, Albert Hammond & Band

Photos by: Katrin Wagner ©, Paul Trondl ©, R.SA* ©
Videos by: Katrin Wagner ©

SAILOR were meant to play at the R.SA Festival in Schwarzenberg (Germany) for the first time in over 3 years. But the band only consists of Henry Marsh and Oliver Marsh at the moment after Phil Pickett's departure last year. And Henry recently had a hip operation from which he is still recovering. So, instead of cancelling, captain Oliver took on the difficult and brave job of entertaining the enormous crowd at the Schwarzenberg festival on his own, with a backing track made by Henry especially for the occasion that included the rest of the music and his backing vocals.
The audience ended up being so impressed by Oliver's voice that the crowd requested an additional encore and he sang a second "Con Te Partirò".


  • Here are some first impressions of SAILOR's Oliver Marsh in Schwarzenberg (Germany) on 10 June 2017 - some bits "A Glass Of Champagne", "The Secretary", "Girls Girls Girls", "La Cumbia" and the big finale with "Con Te Partirò" - performed twice because the audience couldn't get enough of his voice:
    filmed by Katrin Wagner © www.sailor-music.com

"Con Te Partirò"

"Con Te Partirò" *

"Con Te Partirò"

"Con Te Partirò"

"Con Te Partirò"

The songs that SAILOR's Oliver Marsh played in Schwarzenberg:

A Glass Of Champagne
The Secretary
Girls Girls Girls
La Cumbia
Con Te Partirò - Time To Say Goodbye

Con Te Partirò - Time To Say Goodbye

Before and after the show...

The venue

Found him... Captain Oliver

More people

Yet more people

And even more people

Running order

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