Schwarzenberg, Germany - 31 May 2008

Event: R.SA Oldie-Nacht
Location: Waldbühne
Bands: SAILOR, The Troggs, T-Rex, The Lords, Eric Faulkner's Bay City Rollers, Dschinghis Khan, The Lords, Karussell

Photos by: Susi Akinci, R.SA radio

The audience

The audience

Phil and Oliver... (courtesy of R.SA radio © -

Henry and Phil... (courtesy of R.SA radio © -

Grant, Henry and Phil

Phil and Henry

The end...

A concert review by Susi Akinci:

After half a year without SAILOR we already seemed to show some kind of withdrawal syndromes, so that the open air in Schwarzenberg seemed just right. So let's go. Hilde and I on the way from Bavaria to the "Erzgebirge" in East Germany with the fast car of my brother-in-law (he said that, if we had to travel such a long way for SAILOR, we should at least have a fast car). Munich: wonderful sunshine, Schneeberg: well, how can I describe it, cloudly and rather bad weather. We checked in at our hotel and went to the rooms, which, by the way, were very nice. Suddenly it got very dark in the room, so I went to the window, and what a shock: heavy rain and a hail storm. A nice surprise. At the hotel we were told that a free shuttle service was available to the concert venue, the "Waldbühne" which stopped right in front of the hotel. Good news, but bad weather. During a nice lunch and a few glasses of wine, the fire brigade arrived in front of the hotel and got us rid of a complete flooding. Just wehn the fire brigade disappeared, the rain stopped. So we hurried to the shuttle. There we met other fans who stayed at the same hotel, and together we went to the concert venue.
Having arrived there we had a little bit of mountaineering to do to get to the "Waldbühne", but at least the rain was back as well. Hair ruined, but who cares, all fans were in a great mood and everything was well organised. In spite of the rain the "Waldbühne" was full of happy and friendly people. As if by miracle we got straight to the first row in front of the stage. Then the rain stopped and everything was good. The two hosts of the show were great, and the music was fantastic too.
Then it started with Karussell, who were really good. After a short break the show continued with The Troggs, who were great as well. Well and then: SAILOR as the third band on stage were fantastic and 12.000 people sang and danced madly to the well-known hits. Phil and Henry provoked lots of laughter with their little dance-interlude, people were impressed by Grant's German and cheered, and what can I say, fantastic as ever was especially Oliver's voice that enchanted the crowd. Much too soon the performance was over after a little more than half an hour. Unfortunately it was a shame that a few thousand people couldn't see Phil and Henry at the Nickelodeon because it was placed at the far back of the stage and couldn't be seen from the left side. But fortunately they came to the front microphone to present themselves to the cheering fans.
And again this wonderful evening passed way too fast. After the concert the unprejudiced fans from our hotel told us that they thought that SAILOR were the best band of all, and we can only agree.
Thank you SAILOR!
Susi Akinci

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