Bad Segeberg, Germany - 16 May 2003

Event: Radio Nora Oldie Party 2003
Location: Karl May Festspielbühne, Kalkbergarena
Admittance: 6 pm
Beginning: 7 pm
Bernie Paul, Sydney Youngblood and Band, Katrina from The Waves, Boney M featuring Liz Mitchell, Tina Charles, Goombay Dance Band, SAILOR

Photos by: Katrin Wagner, Karsten Wagner, Norbert Lorenz, Elisabeth Weber from Yesterday - Das Oldie Magazin, Holger Kasnitz

photo © by Katrin Wagner
Stage and audience at the Kalkbergarena

photo © by Elisabeth Weber

photo © by Elisabeth Weber

photo © by Holger Kasnitz
SAILOR performing "A Glass Of Champagne"

photo © by Elisabeth Weber
Rob and Peter during "La Cumbia"

photo © by Katrin Wagner
SAILOR performing "Karma Chameleon"

photo © by Holger Kasnitz
Rob and Phil at the Nickelodeon

photo © by Holger Kasnitz

photo © by Holger Kasnitz
...and Rob during the "Latino Medley"

photo © by Elisabeth Weber
SAILOR during the "full monty"

photo © by Elisabeth Weber
SAILOR during the "full monty"

photo © by Elisabeth Weber
SAILOR after the show (left to right:) Phil, Rob, Peter and Grant

The songs that SAILOR played in Bad Segeberg:

A Glass Of Champagne
Latino Medley
The Old Nickelodeon Sound
Karma Chameleon
The Secretary
Girls Girls Girls
La Cumbia
Champagne Reprise

"Grant's moment" - drum solo
The "Full Monty"

photo © by Katrin Wagner
Katrin and Graham at the hotel

photo © by Norbert Lorenz
Phil ("Mr. Latin") presents the new DVD

photo © by Norbert Lorenz
Rob, Norbert and Grant - it's not sure if the are just tired or if they have one drink too many... ;-)

photo © by Norbert Lorenz

photo © by Norbert Lorenz
Karsten, Peter, Norbert and Katrin...

A concert review by Katrin Wagner:

Karsten and I drive to Northern Germany and reach Hamburg, where we pick up our old SAILOR-friend Norbert, at midday. A short time later we continue our travel to Bad Segeberg. We reach our hotel in Bad Segeberg at 3.45 pm, but we only stay there for a few minutes and then go to SAILOR's hotel which is full so that we couldn't get a room there. We wait for SAILOR who are still sleeping after their long travel, soundcheck etc. and meet some members of the other bands in the meantime, e.g. the lovely Liz Mitchell from Boney M.
Rob, Grant, Phil, Peter and Graham finally join us later in the evening and we talk for a while. Then they drive to the venue at about 9 pm, and Karsten, Norbert and myself also decide to drive to the big open air stage named Kalkbergarena where the "Radio Nora Oldie Party" has already started a few hours ago. This time we have to get ourselves tickets, but we are still allowed to take photos for the website. We watch some of the other half-playback performances of Boney M and Tina Charles and a very "interesting" full-playback performance of the Goombay Dance Band from the top of the hill. Then we go downstairs and place ourselves right next to the stage on the right side because now it's time for SAILOR who are the highlight of today's show. Unfortunately somebody had forgotten to pack some of their things into the other car with which they have been driven to Bad Segeberg, so that the ship for the "full monty" is missing, as well as the parts of the Nickelodeon with the treble- and bass-clef for Rob's and Phil's side. So some white plastic-bags have been put on both sides of the Nickelodeon instead so people can't look through it. Looks very "good"... And the people from Radio Nora have fortunately managed to build quite a good-looking replacement for the ship so SAILOR can also do their famous "full monty" at the end of their show.
But things don't get better at all, because SAILOR - who normally need approx. 15 - 20 minutes to set up the stage and all the instruments including the Nickelodeon, guitar, accordion, mandolin, drums etc. - only get 2 minutes (!) until they have to start with their live performance. Rob and Graham hurry and work as quick as they possibly can, but the hosts of the show don't even seem to care and announce SAILOR although there just isn't enough time to get everything ready so fast. So SAILOR start with "A Glass Of Champagne", and neither the bass-keyboard nor the guitar can be heard. Rob quickly gets parts of the bass-sound onto his side of the Nickelodeon so that "Champagne" still sounds as it should. A short time later Phil's side is finally working again, and Pete's guitar can also be heard (at least as long as nobody trys to pull any cables or something like that...!). In spite of all this SAILOR do a fantastic job - as usual - and the audience really seems to enjoy their entire set. Absolutely marvellous!!
The whole concert is finished at 11 pm (they are not allowed to play any longer because the open air stage is right in the middle of the town). Fortunately our car is not too far away from the venue, so that we can leave before all the other visitors have reached their cars and end up in a big traffic jam. We go back to SAILOR's hotel and stay there for another few hours, talking to the guys for a few minutes. Later we go back to our own little hotel, sleep for a while and then go back to SAILOR's hotel on the next morning in order to buy some DVDs from Phil and say goodbye to everybody.
Copyright by Katrin Wagner, 20 May 2003

A concert review by Karsten Wagner:

Sista Katrin and me, Cap K, started on the 16 May 2003 to the town Bad Segeberg in Northern Germany to see SAILOR, after the big headline concert in Kassel sadly had to be cancelled because the promoter was beamed up to Mars or something like that. After a looong drive, (it's always fun to stand still in the 'Elbtunnel') and picking up our SAILOR-friend Norbert in Hamburg, we arrived at our nice little hotel in Bad Segeberg. Then we went to the hotel where SAILOR and the other bands were staying. Several hours later we had a short meeting with SAILOR after they had woken up, and then we went to the open air arena where the concert took place, where we had to pay to go inside the venue and take pics for the website (a shame for us, after we had so much work / promo..... these gigs are "well organized" - most of the time there are no guestlists or something like that....).
Well, at first I frustratedly went to search for something to eat and drink while we listened to the full-playback acts: Tina Charles and the Goombay Dance Band. Then we went downstairs and got beside the stage on the right side to see the live-band SAILOR *g* . The guys had only 2 minutes to set up the stage for their live performance. After the announcement, SAILOR got on the stage and wanted to start with "Champagne", but there was no bass-Nickelodeon and no guitar. Rob did a great job again, quickly programming the bass-sound on his side of the Nickelodeon... later Phil's side worked again, and Pete's guitar was also heard again....   marvellous....!
Anyway, the guys did a great job again, and the people went nuts.... (as ever, because this line-up is always very good at live-shows!).
After this we searched our car, fortunately found it and drove back to the hotel, met the guys for some short moments, later got back to our hotel and had sleep for 4 hours. In the morning we had a short breakfast and again went to the guys' hotel. They still were not happy either because the Kassel-gig was cancelled. We bought some new Live-DVDs for some SAILOR-friends. Then they went away to catch their flight from Berlin :-o (they always have to take cheap-ones from somewhere) unbelievable..... What more can I say....  I would like to end up with Henry's words (he said when we met one time in chaotic circumstances): "I'm sorry for all this..."
Greetz: Cap K   ~~~

Copyright by Karsten Wagner, 20 May 2003

Reviews from the newspapers "Nord Express", "Seegeberger Zeitung" and "Hamburger Abendblatt - issue Norderstedt":

Radio Nora - Oldie Party
Hot party-mix and cool weather

Bad Segeberg - Party at the Kalkberg. For the fifth time Radio Nora invited the fans to an Oldie-party. Approximately 6000 music-fans celebrated together with the stars of yesterday. (...) The band SAILOR proved that handmade music is much better than just singing to music from a tape. In addition to their old hits like "Girls Girls Girls", "A Glass Of Champagne" or "La Cumbia" and "The Secretary" from the 90s they also included cover-versions into their show at the end of the Oldie-party.

The fans got warm during "Daddy Cool"
Approximately 6000 visitors celebrated the Oldie-party of Radio Nora - Boney M. were an absolute highlight

(...) The mixture of the programme can not be blamed for the fact that some places at the open air theatre remained free during the third Oldie-party - as usual one day before the big Oldie-Night - at the Kalkberg. But the people who stayed right until the end in spite of the cold seemed to enjoy it very much.
In addition to Boney M it was also because of the boys from SAILOR and their funny stage-show and Bernie Paul ("Oh No No") that the audience got warmer - and when it got darker and the free seats were devoured by darkness, the mood of the fans was at its best. Not only the usual party-guest appreciate the fact that the artists in Bad Segeberg still use their own voices. SAILOR and Sydney Youngbloods Band "Ey-No" even provided the real live-experience. (...)

The text under the photo of Rob and Phil:
SAILOR provided a great ending for the Oldie-party with their chart-hits "A Glass Of Champagne" and "Girls Girls Girls", a funny stage-show and the typical Nickelodeon.

The old hits are still up-to-date
16000 visitors celebrated the stars from the good old days in Bad Segeberg

Bad Segeberg - The full moon was in the sky, but the sun rose at the Kalkberg in Bad Segeberg: "Sun of Jamaica" came out of the loudspeakers and lighters were lit in the big arena. (...) Last weekend approximately 16000 visitors celebrated two huge parties in Bad Segeberg: The Oldie-Party on Friday and the Oldie-Night on Saturday, both hosted by Radio Nora, have a certain cult-status. A lot of beer and a lot of memories. It doesn't matter that the artists have become a little older - the visitors are older as well.
Not all artists look as good as Suzi Quatro, not all of them can rampage across the stage like the musicians from SAILOR, but they all give their best. Sweet, Animals, Bernie Paul, Dave Dee Dozy Beaky Mick and Tich and many others provided several hours of musical fun.

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