Bad Segeberg, Germany - 18 May 1991

Event: RSH Oldie Night
Location: Karl May Festspielbühne, Kalkbergarena

SAILOR's comeback performance...!!

This is what SAILOR wrote about this performance in their official fanclub biography:
"It is a hot summer evening and a fifteen thousand strong audience seated in an outdoor environment, similar to a Roman amphitheatre, is waiting in anticipation for a very special opening act. The rapturous applause for SAILOR is way beyond Grant, Georg, Henry and Phil's expectations as they emerge from a giant sized juke box, evoking a feeling that they have been beamed back to Earth after their twelve-year absence. Wearing battered-looking white suits but looking remarkably unbattered and youthful, the band bounds with enthusiasm to their waiting instruments, the opening bars of "A Glass Of Champagne" literally bringing the audience to its feet.
The momentous occasion is further enhanced by the other acts due to play that evening forsaking their last-minute rehearsals to witness and applaud SAILOR's return."

The pictures were taken from the video recording of this TV show, so please excuse that the quality is not the best!


  • Here's a video-clip of SAILOR performing "The Secretary" in Bad Segeberg, Germany, on 18 May 1991:


SAILOR during an interview in Bad Segeberg

Henry and Phil at the Nickelodeon

Henry and Phil during "Girls Girls Girls"


Henry and Phil during "The Secretary"



Henry, Phil, Grant and Georg performing "La Cumbia"

Phil and Henry during "La Cumbia"

SAILOR during "La Cumbia"

The songs that SAILOR played in Bad Segeberg:

A Glass Of Champagne
The Secretary
The Old Nickelodeon Sound
Girls Girls Girls
La Cumbia

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