Straubing, Germany - 13 April 2007

Event: Radio AWN Oldie Night
ion: Joseph-von-Fraunhofer-Halle
Beginning: 8 pm
Duty Free, Swinging Blue Jeans, SAILOR, The Tremeloes

Photos by: Katrin Wagner, Susi Gebel, Andrea Graf from, "Boogie-Walter"

photo  by Katrin Wagner
The city of Straubing - the view from my hotel balcony...

SAILOR on stage

photo  by Katrin Wagner

photo  by Katrin Wagner
Henry and Phil

Phil during "Karma Chameleon"

SAILOR during "Karma Chameleon"

photo  by Katrin Wagner
Grant explains what has happened... "Heinrich ist tot!"

photo  by Katrin Wagner
The new "Wooly Bully" hats...

photo  by Katrin Wagner

photo  by Katrin Wagner
Oliver during "Vera From Veracruz"


photo  by Katrin Wagner

photo  by Katrin Wagner
Henry and Phil

photo  by Katrin Wagner
Oliver... in the navy ;-)

photo  by Katrin Wagner
Grant and Oliver during the "Full Monty"

Phil, Henry, Grant and Oliver during the "Full Monty"

The "Full Monty"...

photo  by Katrin Wagner
Phil, Henry, Grant and Oliver during the "Full Monty"

The end of the show

The songs that SAILOR played in Straubing:

A Glass Of Champagne
Blame It On The Soft Spot
One Drink Too Many
Give Me Shakespeare
The Old Nickelodeon Sound
Vera From Veracruz
Wooly Bully
Mack The Knife
Karma Chameleon
The Secretary
La Cumbia

Grant's Moment
The Full Monty
Girls Girls Girls
A Glass Of Champagne

photo  by Katrin Wagner
After the concert: Susi, Hilde and Katrin together with the SAILORs

Let's get together... - A concert review by Katrin Wagner:

Concert number 78 is the very first time that I travel to a SAILOR concert on my own. Usually there have always been Karsten and/or our friend Christel as well, but this time it's just me and my poor old car. On the way I get to know that Rolf, another SAILOR-friend, can't come today. So will it just be me in the front row? And will I still get a ticket at all?
The day starts at 7 am with a telephone interview for the radio station that hosts SAILOR's concert tomorrow evening in Landshut. Actually I have planned to go to this concert too, but the hotel is booked up, the show will be shorter because there are more bands and the drive would be even longer, so that I will only make it to Straubing today.
I reach Straubing after a 5-hour-drive at about 1.30 pm. The hotel is quite familiar to me, I've been here 5 years ago with some former colleagues. Just as I leave the hotel car park and want to check in at the reception I bump into the SAILORs who have just arrived, together with all the other bands. Good timing!
When all the musicians and crew have finally checked in, I can check in too and it turns out that all the normal single rooms are taken so that I get one of the suites on the top floor. :-)
Back at the hotel foyer Phil, Grant, Henry, Oliver and roadie Mark want to go to a nearby restaurant and kindly ask me to join them. Afterwards they have an hour of sleep before their soundcheck. The other bands make fun of me because I'm always sitting at the foyer, waiting for the boys, whenever they pass by...
While SAILOR drive to their soundcheck at 4.30 pm I go back to my room and sit down on my balcony to enjoy the sun for a while. Later I go back to the foyer again to wait for the return of the boys. Just when I sit down there again, the other bands arrive to drive to the venue. "Are you STILL sitting here?" No, I have only just returned!
SAILOR arrive back at the hotel at 6.30 pm, and I decide to walk to the nearby concert hall in order to get a ticket and be there in time when the doors are opened. Getting a ticket is no problem, as the audience is quite manageable tonight. At the foyer of the concert hall I meet two fellow SAILOR fans - Susi and her mother Hilde - whom I know from the Internet. I'm not alone any more! Marvellous!
Susi and Hilde have got front row tickets, while I sit down at the back for the first band, Duty Free. During the break they tell me that there is one free seat right behind them in the second row. So from now on I join Susi and Hilde there, and we enjoy the Swinging Blue Jeans.
Next it's time for SAILOR. During the break I hear some familiar sounds from the loudspeakers. Mark plays a special 70s compilation that has originally been used for the Tring 2004 concert and has been specially mixed by ex-SAILOR Rob just for this occasion. Strange, as it always reminds me of this day (the day of the famous power cut!) and other things. :-(
The hosts of the show announce that they would like people to get up and dance in front of the stage. Well, this shouldn't be a problem during the next band - at least not for Susi and me! No sooner said than done, the two of us rush to the front as SAILOR walk onto the stage and start their show. The rest of the audience is in a good mood, but people stay at their seats or just stand up further at the back.
SAILOR play a great one-hour show with all the usual songs and the "Full Monty". Captain Ollie has become much more confident on stage and does a fantastic show indeed. Overall the show could be summed up as big fun! (Involved people will know what I mean!) ;-) We enjoy it all very much.
My personal surprise of the day is a new ending for "Girls Girls Girls". (Personally I think the song is perfect as it is in the original version and does not need anything "bigger" at the end though!)
After SAILOR's show we briefly meet the boys at the foyer. Susi and Hilde want to take a photo with them and ask me to join them. As I'm really exhausted I decide to miss out the Tremeloes and walk back to the hotel (not the best idea to walk this dark lonely road on my own at night, as I realise). The Swinging Blue Jeans make fun of me because I'm sitting in my corner at the hotel foyer yet again...
SAILOR arrive back at the hotel at about 1.30 pm. Phil and Grant go to bed, while Henry, Oliver, Mark and I go to town for a last drink...
The next morning: SAILOR have got another show on Saturday evening in Landshut, so that they don't leave Straubing until midday. After breakfast with the boys I drive back home, while the SAILORs spend the following hours in town. About five hours later I'm back home at last, ready to put some photos on the website...
Katrin Wagner, 15 April 2007

A concert review by Susi Gebel:

Friday the 13th - a horrible date for many, but not for real SAILOR fans like us. With lots of pleasant anticipation we (Susi and Hilde) started the not so far journey from Munich to Straubing in the very best mood, and as usual we could rely on our "navigator". Much too early we arrived in Straubing and had a first look at the concert hall (outside some of the guys from Duty Free were having a cup of coffee), and then we decided to eat something.
Refreshed we went back to the concert hall. Well, we were kind of insecure because there weren't many cars outside, but we were still enthusiastic. At the foyer of the venue the amount of people was rather manageable too. Well, this makes one worried... But then... Surprise: Suddenly we see Katrin, lucky us, we had already been afraid that the mood might not be the best tonight, but with Katrin's presence there shouldn't be any more doubts.
Duty Free opened the event and were, as we thought, great, as usual. They always take care of spreading a good mood, and we enjoy seeing them at every Oldie Night. After the break we could fortunately get Katrin close to us, and then we had fun with the Swinging Blue Jeans.
Then - finally: SAILOR are ready and so are we. After we were told that people are allowed to get up and dance etc., Katrin and I immediantely rush to the front, that was really great, the best place I ever had. Hilde "secured" the front row and took care of heating ip the shy audience that slowly started to loosen up a bit and then had a lot of fun in the end. The rows at the back were too shy and didn't really dare to stand up or come closer, but at least they were able to clap their hands quite well...
Well, what more could I say: Me in the front, SAILOR played all the famous songs, spread a lot of fun and action; I was totally impressed once again. We all agreed that Oliver becomes more and more self-secure with every performance and did a great show. To sum it up: we really enjoyed it and had a lot of fun during this "funny show".
Then we had another big highlight: Thanks to Katrin we could meet the boys briefly after the show. Shy as we are we asked Katrin to ask the boys whether we could take a photo. Now we are really proud!! So Friday the 13th is a great day indeed.
We would lilke to say thanks to Katrin because she took care of us, because without her we wouldn't have dared to talk to the boys.
And then we also stayed to see the Tremeloes and thought that they were very good too and we really enjoyed their performance.
Many greetings to all the SAILOR-fans
Susi and Hilde from Munich

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