Svendborg, Denmark - 12 August 2006

Event: Town Festival
Location: Frederik’s Island (Frederiksøen) in Svendborg Harbour
Admittance: 6.15 pm
Beginning: 6.30 pm
SAILOR, Strange Days, The Band Who Knew Too Much, Peter og De andre Kopier

Photos by: Karin Christiansen

SAILOR during "A Glass Of Champagne"

Henry and Phil at the Nickelodeon

Grant and Peter during "A Glass Of Champagne"

Grant and Peter

Grant announces "The Old Nickelodeon Sound"

Henry, Phil and Grant during "The Old Nickelodeon Sound"

Peter during "Vera From Veracruz"

Phil and Peter during "Vera From Veracruz"

SAILOR during "Traffic Jam"


Grant, Phil and Henry during "Mack The Knife"

Phil announces "Karma Chameleon"

Henry, Phil and Peter during "Karma Chameleon"

Henry and Phil


The Full Monty...

The Full Monty...

The Full Monty...

The Full Monty...

The Full Monty...

The Full Monty...

Bye Boys...

SAILOR during "A Glass Of Champagne"

The end of the show

The songs that SAILOR played in Svendborg:

A Glass Of Champagne
Blame It On The Soft Spot
One Drink Too Many
Give Me Shakespeare
The Old Nickelodeon Sound
Vera From Veracruz
Josephine Baker
Traffic Jam
Mack The Knife
Karma Chameleon
The Secretary
La Cumbia

"Grant’s Moment" - drum solo
The Full Monty
Girls Girls Girls
A Glass Of Champagne

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