Timmendorfer Strand, Germany - 05 July 2008

Event: 100 Jahre Seebrücken
Location: Vorplatz der Seebrücken am Timmendorfer Strand

Photos by: Katrin Wagner, Uli Neumann
Video by: Katrin Wagner

It could be called an unusual concert. The promoter had lost a page of SAILOR's fax with their techinal details, and so there were no keyboads and no drums when they got to the place of the event. A local crew guy saved the concert by driving home and bringing all instruments he could find... ;-) Special thanks for this! Otherwise the show couldn't have happened...


  • Here are some video-impressions of SAILOR live in Timmendorfer Strand, Germany, on 05 July 2008...
    Check out a short piece of Oliver, Henry, Phil and Grant playing a bit of "Blame It On The Soft Spot" during the soundcheck and then, at the concert, some bits of "Vera From Veracruz", "Stay The Night", "La Cumbia" and the big finale:
    filmed by Katrin Wagner ©

Henry and Phil


Henry, Phil and Oliver



Phil and Oliver during "The Old Nickelodeon Sound"


Grant - hidden behind the drums

The songs that SAILOR played in Timmendorfer Strand:

A Glass Of Champagne
Blame It On The Soft Spot
One Drink Too Many
Give Me Shakespeare
The Old Nickelodeon Sound
Vera From Veracruz
Girls Girls Girls
Stay The Night
Wooly Bully
Mack The Knife
Karma Chameleon
The Secretary
La Cumbia

Grant's Moment
The Full Monty
Con Te Partirò - Time To Say Goodbye
Champagne Reprise

Before and after the show...

At the place of the event... the "Seebrücke"


The instruments have arrived at last... Chaos...



"Uli, here's some money, could you go and get us beer?"

The beer is here...


Fellow SAILOR fans: Judith, Tom and Matthias
I hope I got your names right... if not please let me know!! ;-)

A concert review by Uli Neumann:
SAILOR in Timmendorf on the beach - They came late, but tremendously

This Saturday, the fifth of July 2008 was dominated completely by the 70s decade of the last century, that decade, when SAILOR had their creative time founding everything what SAILOR is today.
Due to the high gas prices in Germany and because it's convenient, I decided to travel by rail and bus. So I didn't have to worry where to park my car and worry about traffic jams caused by the "Schlager Move" (an event similar to the techno-event "Love Parade", where they play and celebrate German 70s songs. All the people are dressed in screaming colors that day. There were more than 500.000 people having party with the old songs), a triathlon-event, severeal road works and the holiday traffic.
First I travelled to Eutin castle (Eutin is near Plön, were SAILOR performed last year) to visit an interesting exhibition in the local "Südholstein Museum" with a lot of items, wallpapers, toys, commercials, furniture, fashion and information about the 1970s decade. So I was well prepared for my (fanfare, please!) 10th SAILOR concert.
To watch this, I went to Timmendorfer Strand by train and had then to take a one mile walk to the beach of Timmendorf (The name "Timmendorfer Strand" means "Timmendorf Beach". It is a wonderful beach, white sand, blue sea, beautiful bikini girls, all a sailor and of course at least male SAILOR fans could desire,)
For the first instance, Katrin didn't want to visit this concert, because nobody wanted to come along with her, but changed her decision short-dated. Via cellphone I knew that she and SAILOR already arrived at the hotel, she had to pay 10€ (15,70 USD / 7,91 GBP) just to park her car there. The accommodation should cost 185€ (290USD / 146 GBP), so she decided to travel back that night after the concert.
I reached the stage early, ate an ice and watched the other stage performances. Katrin stayed at the hotel waiting for SAILOR. She gave me a call and told me, that Grant's drumkit an the two keyboards were still in the UK and the local organizer didn't organize to have keyboards for SAILOR to play. The cardbox-Nickelodeon was erected on stage but without the keyboards it would be useless.
There was an unreadable fax and nobody cared about clearing the information. So this concert was balanced on a knifes edge.
SAILOR were in low spirits and stayed an the hotel while Thomas and Katrin decided to go to the venue. In the meantime the local manager was able to find some keyboards, but they were far away and hat to be taken to the venue. Finally two keyboards reached the stage. One of those keyboards was a technis-piano designed to be played from a sitting musician. So Phil would have to play this keyboard on his knees. The stage staff placed two cases under the instrument to put it in a suitable position for Phil to play it. The piano exactly fitted beetween the cardbox-Nickelodeon-panels and fortunately was MIDI-complient. Katrin gave SAILOR a text to let them know that the instruments haved reached the venue. They came to the stage and looked at the instruments sceptically. It took some time since the sound was good and SAILOR left stage to prepare for their performace starting at 21:15 with a more than a one hour delay, but the concert started and that was the main thing.
Like ususally SAILOR started their set with "A Glass Of Champagne" and they and the audience were in a marvellous mood.
So finally it was a fantastic evening and another prove for the cogniton, that concerts starting with abstacles are finally the best concerts. The audience was magnified by SAILORs performance and SAILOR were magnified about the audience, their reaction and their vibes. SAILOR make a joke of it, that we don't like that "Wooly Bully" in the set list, because it has nothing to do with SAILOR in any way and dedicaded this song to me as "Uli Bully". It is a little embarrasing, that the promoters announced SAILOR as the band playing "Stiletto Heels" and they never play it! Radio NORA played it in their teaser for their Oldie Night in Bad Segeberg, in Timmendorf it was announced in the papers. "Stiletto Heels" and "Down By The Docks" were hits in Germany. So all the more I was happy to listen to "Stay The Night".
After the show, there was a long firework on the water, a crowning final to this concert directly performed with a stage view to the baltic sea. SAILOR retired and Katrin waited at the rented band van because she placed some gifts from other SAILOR-fans as a credit for her work with the website on the passengers seat. I went back to the stage and met Ollie so I could talk a little with him, before saying goodbye to Katrin and than make my way back to the local railway station, where my train left at 23:34. After changing trains in Luebeck and Hamburg Central Station, I finally had to change into a bus from Hamburg-Altona to get back to Wedel, where I arrived short before two o'clock at night. After another 10-minutes walk I arrived at home and fell into bed at almost 2:30. Katrin should still have been on her way home at that time...
Hans-Ulrich "Uli" Neumann

Newspaper article about the concert:

SAILOR: tuneful pop with perfect patina

Timmendorfer Strand - No - they won't be accepted in the Hall Of Fame of the rock musicians any more. And what they sing doesn't have anything to do with political correctness, either. What shall one think of the band whose biggest song starts with th sentence: "I've got the money, I've got the place - you've got the figure, you've got the face". This is probably not what true feminists would put into their CD rack.
None of this matters: The things that the British band SAILOR delivered at the Timmendorfer Brückenfest were finest tuneful pop sounds with exactly the right patina from the 70s. And at least likewise many women as well as man smiled about their lyrics which deal with clicking stiletto heels and sharp whistles for the ladies in the streets.
Also without their front-man Georg Kajanus - in the old days this was the guy with the red neckerchief and the sailor's cap - the present line-up delivered what we up here in Hollstein call marvellous music. The fact that Henry Marsh, who still conceals his thin scalp hair with a Panama hat, announced the present lead-singer as his son might have seemed like a joke for many of the listeners. But it wasn't: Oliver Marsh has been in the leading position since 2006 - and he really is the son of the funny old one at the Nickelodeon.
Apropos: The typical SAILOR instrument was missing due to a communication problem at the Timmendorfer Seebrücke. But with two e-pianos the professionals, who have been touring since 1974, managed to deliver their sound quite originally. When Marsh junior began to sing "Time To Say Goodbye" in Italian, which seems rather unrelated to SAILOR, the audience was amazed: "He can really sing!"
Result: The boys with smell of a harbour bar are not there for sensitive people. All the others can have a lot of fun listening to "Girls irls Girls" or the boozer-avowal "One Drink Too Many". Just like last weekend in Timmendorfer Strand.

The text under the photos says:
SAILOR in Timmendorfer Strand: The songs about harbour bars and girls in stiletto heels perfectly matched the Brückenfest ambiance.

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