Torgau, Germany - 07 August 2010

Event: 6th Oldie Night
Schloss Hartenfels
Bands: The Travelin Band, SAILOR

Photos by: Katrin Wagner, Karsten Wagner
Videos by: Karsten Wagner

Well, here it is: the NEW NICKELODEON:


  • Here's a video of SAILOR live in Torgau, Germany, on 07 August 2010...
    Check out Nick, Henry, Phil and Grant playing "Blame It On The Soft Spot":
    filmed by Karsten Wagner

  • And another bit of SAILOR live in Torgau... Check out Nick, Henry, Phil and Grant playing "Stay The Night" (partly, because the battery left us):
    filmed by Karsten Wagner/Katrin Wagner

SAILOR on stage

Henry and Phil at the Nickelodeon

Henry, Phil and Nick during "Girls Girls Girls"

SAILOR during "Karma Chameleon"

Grant's announcement for "Stay The Night" makes Henry very tired...

Henry, Phil, Nick and Grant during "Panama"


Always moving...

...Captain Nick

Henry starts a conga-line with the audience during "La Cumbia"...

SAILOR during "La Cumbia"

The Full Monty...

The Full Monty...

The Full Monty...

Henry, Phil, Grant and Nick during the "Champagne" Reprise

The end of the show

The end of the show

The songs that SAILOR played in Torgau:

A Glass Of Champagne
Blame It On The Soft Spot
One Drink Too Many
Give Me Shakespeare
The Old Nickelodeon Sound
Vera From Veracruz
Mack The Knife
Josephine Baker
Girls Girls Girls
Karma Chameleon
Traffic Jam
Stay The Night
The Secretary
La Cumbia

Grant's Moment (Drum Solo)
The Full Monty
Can't Take My Eyes Off You
Champagne Reprise
Girls Girls Girls

Before and after the show...

The place of the event: Schloss Hartenfels

The place of the event: Schloss Hartenfels

Henry, Nick, Phil and Grant with the new Nickelodeon

Phil with the new Nickelodeon

Nick and Phil with the new Nickelodeon

Soundcheck time

Henry and Karsten


...and Katrin together with Phil

The Wagners and the new Nickelodeon

"Thingelodeon?!..." - A concert review by Katrin Wagner:

It's almost midday when Karsten and I leave our hometown Kassel to drive to Torgau in the East of Germany. Both my sat-nav systems can't recognise the motorway, as it's freshly finished, and so the journey leads us to some very funny parts of the East.
At 3 pm we arrive at the hotel in the city of Torgau. We check in and are told that SAILOR are already checked in. Suspecting that they are busy doing their soundcheck at the
castle "Schloss Hartenfels", where tonight's Oldie Night is going to take place, we decide to drive there too. Only one single parking space in front of the castle seems to be just right for my car.
The open air concert area is located on the castle courtyard, where we meet Phil, Grant, Nick and Henry. Phil proudly presents us the new Nickelodeon. To be honest we don't like it very much at first sight, but later on stage and with the lights on it will all look much more interesting and a lot nicer, as we'll see.
On our way to the toilets we're surprised to find SAILOR's dressing room right next to these inside the castle. They have to share the dressing room with the Travellin Band who will be on stage before SAILOR, as (as Phil was told), there's "only one room at the castle". Hm...?! Anyway...
We watch SAILOR's soundcheck and are happy that such rare songs as "Traffic Jam", "Josephine Baker" and "Stay The Night" will be in the set tonight. The latter one was performed by SAILOR on a few occasions in the last couple of years, but not sung by Henry himself since January 1997.
We meet some other fans - Gabi and later also Daniela, who seems to be a huge Henry-fan. A little later Karsten gets his press ticket, while I go to pay for my ticket together with the others (slightly unusual as the webmaster, but hey... ;-))
During the performance of the first band, the Travellin Band - a CCR cover-band, we decide to sit down and order something to eat at the restaurant located on the castle courtyard, but, just our luck, the kitchen just closed and we can only get something to drink. Fortunately we're saved from starving by a nearby Bratwurst a little later, which we enjoy as the singer of the Travelling Band mentions John Forgerty and yet another song about the Mississippi for what feels like the 5000th time.
At 9.30 pm we make our way to the front row, as it's now almost time for SAILOR. The new Nickelodeon - when viewed and photographed from the right angle that we have now found - looks rather nice with the lights on now and much better than earlier in the daylight.
SAILOR's concert brings a lot of fun to an enthusiastic audience, as well as all the live classics and the previously mentioned rarities. Karsten films some songs, whiel I'm busy taking photos with my own camera as well as Grant's who wanted to have some photos with the stage and the beautiful castle in the background. Unfortunately the castle is hardly lit, though, so that it's way too dark to see it on the photos now. Shame. (Later I will realise that all the good photos are not on my camera but apparently on Grant's ;-))
After the show we drive back to the hotel. There's no bar and the reception is closed, but in spite of this we manage to have a little after-show-party at the entrance hall, having brought a few drings from the venue and a few plastic cups from home. Before we're all off to bed we are told that SAILOR will leave at 6.30 am. So... sleep for 3 1/2 hours.
In the morning Karsten and I decide to get up at 6 am too and meet the SAILORs at the breakfast room. The nice people from the hotel have kindly got up earlier than usual so that the boys can have breakfast earlier than all the other guests. Afterwards we say goodbye to the SAILORs and decide to not go back to sleep but drive back home instead to be there early. And that's what we do...
Thanks for yet another fun and unforgettable concert (number 97), boys! It's always worth it, no matter where and how. And in spite of all hurry and exhaustion and all, the best-ever way to forget stress and worries!
Katrin Wagner, 10 August 2010

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