Waren an der Müritz, Germany - 28 May 2011

Event: 10th Müritz Sail
Location: Hauptbühne / main stage

A concert review by Phil Pickett:

I have just walked off stage in Müritz harbour, North Germany to one of the most amazing audience reactions I have ever witnessed as a member of SAILOR over the last 40 years. The power and majesty of Oliver's voice, which although already superb a couple of years ago when he was first with us - is now in 2011, truly world-class.
Backed by his elder brother Thomas Marsh's sensational drumming, with extreme prejudice - and firing on all rock n' roll cylinders - I am very proud to announce that SAILOR is back where it belongs - with a vengeance!
If I'm honest, with the many commitments one takes on in the changing times and fortunes of being a musician these days and just how challenging it can sometimes be, I hadn't taken on board, not only that I'd perhaps become a little tired of the format, but frankly, how gradually diminished the band had become with some of its performances recently.
So much so, that when Grant Serpell left suddenly without notice last New Year's Eve, I'd actually thought of throwing in the towel myself.
But now I am so glad I didn't!
All the cliche's of revitalisation and 'shot-in-the-arm' adrenaline don't come anywhere near the feeling of being on stage with these guys! What I'm talking about is driving, relentless raw power & precision, youthful energy and musical passion. Henry and I enjoyed it too!!
Seriously though, not only do I now yearn for the next gig, but for the first time in many years, am inspired to write songs and record again with SAILOR.
With this in mind, I have nothing but praise and appreciation for the dedication of my partner, elder statesman of the band and dear friend Henry and his painstaking attention to detail whilst guiding his two talented sons so ably through the intricate SAILOR performance archives, thus enabling the band to enjoy yet another innings - and, (some may have felt unlikely!) a late-flowering of SAILOR's fortunes all over again.

Songs performed at Müritz were:
A Glass Of Champagne
One Drink Too Many
Give Me Shakespeare
The Old Nickelodeon Sound
Vera from Veracruz
Mack The Knife
Girls Girls Girls
Karma Chameleon
The Secretary
La Cumbia
Full Monty Medley
and finally (with a background of fireworks across the harbour) a heart-stopping rendition of "Con Te Partirò" from Oliver Marsh.

The SAILOR Beat Goes On!
See you at one of our shows soon!

Phil Pickett

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