Weisswasser, Germany - 23 May 2009

Event: Radio WSW Oldienacht
Location: Sportplatz W- Seelenbinder Straße

Bands: Middle Of The Road feat. Sally Carr, Christie & Band, SAILOR, Dozy Beaky Mick & Tich, Showaddywaddy

Photos by: Katrin Wagner, Radio WSW

This was the first SAILOR concert with Nick Parvin. Welcome aboard to our new captain!!

Grant Serpell was injured around the time of this event, so that he wasn't able to play. He was replaced by Henry's son: Thomas Marsh. Thanks Tom, great job!!

Phil, Henry, Tom and Nick (courtesy of Radio WSW © -

The stage... (courtesy of Radio WSW © -

Tom and Phil during "The Old Nickelodeon Sound"

Henry and Phil during "The Old Nickelodeon Sound"

(courtesy of Radio WSW © -

Henry and Phil
(courtesy of Radio WSW © -

Could I please get this photo, Henry?!? ;-)

Henry and Nick during "La Cumbia"

Henry and Phil during the Half-Full-Monty
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The songs that SAILOR played in Weisswasser:

A Glass Of Champagne
One Drink Too Many
Give Me Shakespeare
The Old Nickelodeon Sound
Vera From Veracruz
Girls Girls Girls
Mack The Knife
Karma Chameleon
The Secretary
La Cumbia

Tom's Moment (Drum Solo)
The Full Monty
(Phil and Henry only)
Can't Take My Eyes Off You
Champagne Reprise
Girls Girls Girls

After the show...


... and Katrin together with Captain Nick

SAILOR and their new Nick... - A concert review by Katrin Wagner:

What a day... After a long and exhausting drive on many bumpy roads to the very East of Germany, Karsten and I arrive in Weisswasser at 2.30 pm. Today will be the first SAILOR concert with new singer Nick Parvin. Also, Grant's injured hand still causes him problems, so that he can't play and will again be replaced by Henry's son Tom Marsh.
As my brother and I want to check in at the hotel (a small one with only 18 rooms, the other bands all stay at a different hotel) we find the main entrance closed and the reception empty. There's a bell outside. We ring it. No reaction. Two phone numbers on the door. We dial the first number and can hear the phone ring inside. No reaction. We dial the second number. No answer. This goes on for quite a long time. Nobody to be seen or heard anywhere. Bloody annoying! Finally, after about half an hour, two others guests kindly let us in, saying they have no idea where everybody is, and suggest that we should wait inside. That's what we do. Nobody to be seen or heard. A piece of paper on the desk tells us that, at least, hooray, this is the correct hotel, as it says that there are six rooms booked for SAILOR. The same piece of paper also says that two people named Wagner are supposed to stay in room 117. Hey... that's us. Yet, nobody there to check us in. After yet another half an hour of waiting we eventually decide that we're fed up with this and check ourselves in, leaving a note on that piece of paper that we've taken the key. Ridiculous.
A few minutes later, back downstairs, I find several other guests waiting outside who say that they can't reach anybody either and couldn't earlier in the day. Then, finally, a guy appears at the reception, looking rather confused to find us there. We express our anger and explain... He says we should have called the phone number instead of just getting in, that he was only away for two minutes. Call the police because we got in here without permission? Great idea! Which doesn't come true in the end. Ridiculous.
We check in officially at last and wonder what to do: Wait here for the SAILORs to be able to welcome our new captain before the concert? Drive to the venue in case they might stop there first for a soundcheck? We decide to stay here.
6 pm. No SAILORs anywhere. The doors at the venue will open in one hour, so we should probably get there soon to pick up our press tickets. But this probably means that SAILOR will get to the hotel just when we've left. And this is exactly what happens...
Yet, now we're at the venue to find that the information from the local promoter about admittance at 7 pm was wrong. People are already getting in. And to make our day even better we're told that there's an unusually strict photo and video prohibition at this concert so that we can't take photos or record anything on video. The promoter allows us to go back to our car when SAILOR's show starts at about 10 pm, get the camera, and then bring it back to the car after the third song. Er... no.
So, while Karsten returns the cameras to the car (mine is still in my handbag!), I get to the stage and manage to get to the front row. Just in time before lots of other people have the same idea. I keep a place next to me free while my brother walks around a bit, gets a beer and a bratwurst. Then, when I try and quickly find something to eat too, somebody tries to get on my place in the front row without success. This is why I usually NEVER leave my place.
Then... the first good thing of the day: We're surprised that the first band, starting the show at 8 pm, is Middle Of The Road featuring Sally Carr, replacing The Rattles who can't play here today. Wonderful. At 9 pm it's time for Christie and Band, better than expected. During their performance we see SAILOR's van arrive behind the stage, to be recognised even it in spite of the darkness and the black curtain blocking our view.
Things get really exciting after 10 pm. The carboard kind-of-Nickelodeon is only half of what it used to be. And then... after this horribly annoying day... we don't care about it all any more, because all of this results is a great entertaining SAILOR concert in the end. And with a nice new lead singer who does a great job! Of course it's slightly strange to get used to a new voice at first. But that new voice is really great, and Nick seems to be a fantastic singer and guitarist. "Vera" will forgive you ;-)
Tom also does a stunning job at the drums again, and even though we terribly miss Grant and can't wait to see him again, he couldn't have a better replacement anywhere.
Anyway... Welcome aboard Captain Nick! To all SAILOR fans: Please go and see one of the next gigs if you can. You won't regret it!
Other highlights of the day - apart from Captain Nick and drumming Tom - are Phil singing "Karma Chameleon" plus Henry and Phil doing a Half-Full-Monty. And as it's my 90th SAILOR concert, Phil dedicates "Mack The Knife" to me and says that I should get a medal (while Henry suggests: "No, she needs help!"). Thanks!
The audience truly enjoys the show and even requests an additional encore. Marvellous!
Before we leave we watch a bit of Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich. Then, back at the hotel, we're finally able to welcome the SAILORs and have a glass of champagne to celebrate Nick's first concert. Not easy to find a place to sit down together, as the hotel is dark and abandoned again and the bar is locked, but sound engineer Mark finds a way! ;-)
The night is short and the breakfast is bad (knowing that some components were already standing at the breakfast room openly last night without cooling). Also, it's not too easy to check out when a hotel accepts no credit cards. Especially if somebody wants to pay for four band members, a sound engineer and a driver...!
I should have written much more about the concert instead of going on about these hotel stories. But honestly, they were just too "special" to not be mentioned!
Better luck (place) next time, eh?!
Katrin Wagner, 26 May 2009

A concert review by Karsten Wagner:

Katrin and I spared neither cost nor effort to see and hear SAILOR's first live gig with new singer/guitarist Nick Parvin near the Polish border. Therefore we had to leave Kassel early to handle the long journey and arrived over there, passing funny towns like Muskau or Brehmen...
Thanks to my "new" used car and its strong horsepowers we arrived in Weisswasser already a few hours before SAILOR got there. After a good shake (due to the suspension of my "new" sportscar, as well as the "Erich H.-Memorial-Roads", real concrete slabs :o) we finally stood in front of the "hotel" that SAILOR and we had booked rooms in.
Unfortunately all doors were locked and none of the two phone numbers helped. No human being could be seen in and around this neat "guesthouse". The business cards of this hotel showed the ludicrous remark: "Dignified hospitality since 1923". Well, apparently nobody wanted to change anything about the style of this estate since then.
After more than half an hour an older couple appeared inside this "ghost-hotel", desperately trying to leave the "dignified house" through the locked doors. The man finally managed to get a key and open the door. I immediately insisted on going inside to not have to spend another couple of hours waiting outside. Meanwhile several telephones at the reception kept on ringing and I rang the bell which - as an adornment - stood at the reception. What happened was: NOTHING. This once-in-a-lifetime experience is also available on video, because: Incredible!!!
At the reception we found a piece of paper with our names, the names of the band and all room numbers. As there was no human being to be seen anywhere after almost two hours, we eventually checked in ourselves, took the key to our booked room and went there. A little while later our webmaster went back to the car and - incredible but true - met a real human being at the "reception", who cursed at us (not to be repeated here). My appearance "downstairs" (after yet another perilous ride in the non-maintained elevator) calmed the young man down a bit, who kept on assuring that he had only been away for two minutes (!!!)... To make a long story short here... the guy eventually told us that the reception was occupied all day and night (ha...).
Having spent a long time in "the streets of Whitewater" near the "hotel" to maybe open the doors for SAILOR, we drove to the venue of the concert. The well-known concert-chaos expected us there. Nobody really knew what was going to happen where, why and how. At least we found out that the Rattles couldn't play so that they were replaced by Sally Carr's Middle Of The Road, as we could guess because they had just finished rehearsing when the doors were opened. The chaos continued without a break, until I got fed up and brought all cameras etc. back to the car. Sally and her boys started the gig, a huge thankyou for Sally and co. for a great show! Then we saw Christie, who, thanks to his band, was bearable this time.
Then it was time for SAILOR... this time with the front part of the photographic Nickelodeon-thing in the metal frame with adhered cardboard. It simply looked miserable. In other words: SAILOR need a new Nickelodeon again or something like that.
Then: The boys entered the stage featuring their new guy, Nick Parvin. He had a dark sailor's hat pulled deep into his face, with a blac jacket, a black/red striped sailor-shirt, black trousers, black shoes, with Pete's marvellous blue guitar... that's how Nick wildly jumped around on the stage. He sang very well, although, of course, we have to get used to a new lead-voice again, lyrics need to be learned, and he plays the guitar very well too. Unfortunately only 6-string again, but he can also shake the maracas.
Considering that the band only had one rehearsal together (!) the performance went so well that SAILOR were the only band to give an additional encore. Their funny stage show and Georg's songs are always worth the journey. And we gave Nick an mp3-CD with all SAILOR songs, which he seemed to like. :)
After SAILOR we watched three songs of Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich, whose singer Dave Dee had sadly passed away some months ago.
"Back to the "hotel". There was one thing to be noticed: Hotel dark, locked, reception deserted, bar locked... so that Katrin and I waited for our SAILORs for about 15 minutes and opened the door for them when they arrived. I had a certain precognition (er...) and had therefor brought a six-pack of beer for the first "SAILOR-thirst". SAILOR's driver was sent back to the venue to get something to drink from the dressing room. At the hotel of "dignified hospitality" there were no minibars in the rooms, only empty cabinet for these. Thanks to SAILOR's driver we could drink to the first concert with Nick.
After a little chat, looking at photos etc. we slept for a couple of hours.
Next morning: Hotel breakfast. Not much to say, literally, as there wasn't much to eat. After some talk about our website the SAILOR boys had to hit the road again, and Katrin and I also left this "lovely" place.
At least our two new SAILOR cars now have air conditioning so that these concert journeys in the summer are more comfortable.
Recommendation to all SAILOR fans: Go to see them and have fun. Nick Parvin is great !!!
See you soon, Karsten Wagner / Cap K ~~~

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