Zwickau, Germany - 15 December 2007

Event: Kultstars
SAILOR, Torfrock, City, Karat

Photos by: Claudia Richter, Petra Meissner

SAILOR on stage


Phil and Grant

Henry and Phil

SAILOR during "The Old Nickelodeon Sound"

SAILOR during the "Full Monty"

SAILOR during the "Full Monty"

A concert review by Claudia Richter:

We arrived at the "Stadthalle" in Zwickau at 5 pm. We thought that arriving one hour before opening is an appropriate time to get a good place in front of the stage. What we saw when reaching the main entrance was something we were not expecting. Only seven people were waiting. My first thought was that for some reason no concert is taking place. But they were still selling tickets for the show, so I calmed down a little bit. It was freezing outsight so people might not want to spend an hour in the cold. We decided to get something to eat and come back before the opening. When the doors opened at 6 pm. there were about 50 people waiting and I got a little nervous what kind of show to expect with such a small audience. We ran to get a place in the first row although running was not necessary because people weren't very excited to reach the stage. Waiting for the show to start I thought how different these Saxonians are. Most of them bought tickets for seats (how can somebody enjoy a concert sitting on a chair?).
The show started with a band named "Torfrock". Although they did their job well (if one likes such kind of music) it was very hard to survive 60 minutes without getting extremely bored. But I reminded me that the band is SAILOR. But I worried about the fact that only about 1500 people were in the hall of which about 98% only bought a ticket to see "Karat". But kindly enough they welcomed SAILOR. Their performance was fantastic and the crowd realized that there is a very good band standing on the stage so they waved and clapped their hands. SAILOR performed about an hour and we heard all the great songs like "The Secretary", "The Old Nickelodeon Sound", "Give Me Shakespeare" and so on. The crowd was so enthusiastic about the performance that they wanted to hear an encore which made me very glad because I was waiting to hear Oliver singing "Con Te Partiṛ". He has such an incredible voice!
It was a wonderful evening and I hope to see the guys again soon.
Claudia Richter

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