November 1975

LP: Epic EPC 69192
CD: Sony Music 465581 2
CD: Epic ESCA-7861 (re-released 21 June 2001)

Georg Kajanus: 12-string guitars, charango, Veracruzana harp and lead vocals
Grant Serpell: drums, percussion and vocals
Phil Pickett: bass Nickelodeon, guitarron, piano and vocals
Henry Marsh: Nickelodeon, accordion, piano, marimbas and vocals

Girls Girls Girls
Trouble In Hong Kong
People In Love
A Glass Of Champagne
My Kind Of Girl
Stop That Man
The Old Nickelodeon Sound

All words and music by Georg Kajanus
Produced by Jeffrey Lesser
Associate producer: Rupert Holmes
A Widescreen production

Engineered and mixed by Jeffrey Lesser
Associate engineers: Dick Palmer with Norma Denys and Damian Korner
Recorded at CBS Studios, London, October 1975
Mastering engineer: Arun Chakraverty
Design: Roslav Szaybo (CBS Records)
Photography: Peter Lavery

USA promotion material for the "Trouble" album:

Throughout Europe SAILOR have unquestionably arrived at stardom. Their unique vocal style and musical approach, complemented by a thoroughly unusual stage show has captivated the continent's live, T.V. and radio audiences alike.
SAILOR's latest single, Glass Of Champagne, hit the #1 spot on the Britisch charts. Producer Jeff Lesser and Rupert Holmes of widescreen production fame produced it, and while Rupert was on the phone during the production chores with Barbra (Streisand, that is), Jeff laid down the tracks that were to finally become SAILOR's 2nd American album release. SAILOR, incidentally, had it so together while in the studio Jeff and Rupert had no trouble (no pun intended) in capturing the group on tape. The technical aspects were their own concern.
Trouble (without doubt SAILOR's best effort to date) toasts the broad spectrum of musical tastes with such selections as Glass Of Champagne, Girls Girls Girls, People in Love, and Stop that Man, to name but a few.
As a totally unique entity SAILOR reflect this character even in their instruments. The Nickelodeon (bearing no resemblance to those old canival-styled machines which decorated the corners of old dusty pool halls and soda canteens) is an instrument designed by head singer Georg Kajanus, which combines the crisp clean sound of a glockenspiel and the electronic manouverability of a syntheziser. The results are stunningly infectious and form the basic from which their sound emanates.
The Nickelodeon is just one clue to the source of SAILOR's particular style of magic. The others are on this LP. SAILOR. Their latest LP is in your hands. Why not take 29 minutes and 25 seconds and get into Trouble. It could become a habit, you know.
Thanks to
Dave Rossi (USA) for this "Trouble" promotion material!

Review by the "Rolling Stone":

The latest word in European eclecticism, SAILOR generally succeeds in its attempts to combine various good-time musical styles with effete flash. "A Glass Of Champagne," the English hit included here, is a sort of carbonated version of Roxy Music's "Love Is The Drug," and the group's general stance is located precisely between Bryan Ferry and early Nilsson. They move from a tailor-made American pop concoction, "Girls, Girls, Girls," to an exotic adventure-film parody, "Trouble In Hong Kong," to a ballad, "People In Love," whose vocal passion is increased by the pleasant banality of its lyrics.
But without a distinctive vocalist to provide cohesion, SAILOR's displays of dexterity are sometimes exhausting or boring. Georg Kajanus is a decidedly average singer; when he attempts Ferry-style crooning, he strains. In general he fares better with fast songs that don't give him time to get his attitude down.
But he's a first-rate songwriter, penning all of the diverse songs on Trouble. The band provides lush and only occasionally ("The Old Nickelodeon Sound") overdone mood music for Kajanus's sundry reveries. He's very old fashioned, and when not mooning over women (always "girls" in his vocabulary, although Georg doesn't look like any, uh, spring chicken), he is evoking foreign scenes of mild danger and sharp melancholy. It's difficult to imagine how SAILOR can make a career of it, however. (RS 212)
Kenneth Tucker

Reviews from fans...

January 2003:
Must-have CD from SAILOR!
I have been searching for this albums as a CD for years! And I have now finally discovered it! For me it's the best CD from SAILOR of all. The record was played by me until it couldn't be played any more! Tracks like 'Stop That Man', 'Trouble in Hong Kong' or 'My Kind Of Girl' go straight into your ear!!

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