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October 1996

CD: CMC Records CD6003-2

Henry Marsh: Nickelodeon, accordion, piano, computer programming and vocals
Phil Pickett: bass Nickelodeon, hammond organ, piano, mandolin, autoharp and vocals
Grant Serpell: drums, percussion, vocals, - and introducing:
Peter Lincoln: 12 and 6 string acoustic guitars, electric guitar and lead vocals

A Glass Of Champagne
Girls Girls Girls
Karma Chameleon
One Drink Too Many
Traffic Jam
Catwalk Girls
The Secretary
Stay The Night
Latin Eyes
Hat Check Girl
Stiletto Heels
Istanbul 6.25
La Cumbia
Stranger In Paris
Nickelodeon Nights

Produced by Phil Pickett and Henry Marsh.
Engineered and mixed by Charlie Jensen.
Mastered by Peter Iversen and Charlie Jensen at PUK Digital Mastering.
Recorded in PUK Recording Studios, April & May 1996
Additional engineering by Ian Humphries at NAM Studios, Wiltshire and Ian Shaw at Shawsound, London

Additional musicians and singers:
Chris Goulstone (Spanish guitar on "Latin Eyes")
Naomi Eyres (Vocals on "Catwalk Girls")
Peter Lee (Ragga vocals on "Karma Chameleon")

Photos by Jonathan Opong-Wiafe

left to right: Grant Serpell, Peter Lincoln, Peter Lee (who does the Ragga vocals on "Karma Chameleon"), Phil Pickett and Henry Marsh

Liner notes:

Question: What´s got eight legs, short hair, strange theatrical clothing, no electric guitar, a Nickelodeon (what´s that ?!), a street lamp, a portable harbour town and dares to call itself a band?
Well, the answer may beginn with a folklore tale, seldom told, of a nightclub in Paris in 1946, where the proprietor, a Monsieur Faux, insisted that his house band dress as sailors, as a remark of respect to a sailor who saved his life many years previously. This tradition is said to have continued until 1970, when the club appropriately named "Le Matelot" was burnt to the ground. The soul-surviving members of the houseband, allegedly Phil Pickett and Georg Kajanus returned to London to form the "Sailor" that we now know and love. Joining them on this adventure were Henry Marsh, formally guitarist and keyboard player with the band "Gringo" and Grant Serpell, drummer with the cult jazz- rock phenomenon "Affinity".
Those who remember the early 1970s may well remember it as an area recovering from the psychedelic 60s, and the music of this new decade featured either rock bands with guitar heros, or pop rebels who helped usher in their style and glamour for what the 70s is now best remembered.
Sailor stands alone as the most original chart act of the decade. The group line-up incorporates instruments as diverse as mandolines, glockenspiels, accordion, military bass- drum, and of course the legendary Nickelodeon, an exclusive invention of the band. The sound originally inspired by one of Georg´s demo tapes and intended only as "musical review", was recognized by Grant as the perfect group direction.
The song then became theatrical located in a fantasy world of red light districts and harbour towns - the characters being lonely sailors far from home.
The Nickelodeon, an extraordinary instrument was designed and built for the purpose of delivering Sailor´s definitive sound. The first album, released in 1973, included the hit "Traffic Jam". the album achieved Gold status in Holland. But it was the second album "Trouble" that established Sailor throughout the world. "A Glass Of Champagne" was top hit throughout the world in 1975, and was soon followed by "Girls Girls Girls" in 1976.
Those fortunate enough to have experienced a Sailor concert during this period will recall not only the unique theatricality of their stage act - a harbour town, the Nickelodeon, street lamps, palm trees, etc., but also the variety of musical influences and styles rendered in one performance.
In the 80s, Henry mainly composed music for television, Georg released three albums with "DATA", Grant took up teaching chemistry, while Phil enjoyed success touring with "Culture Club" and co- writing the now classic hit "Karma Chameleon".
In 1989 a dream for Sailor and its fans came through. A new album , after a ten year silence, two new hit singles "The Secretary" and "La Cumbia", songs which are firm favourites at their concerts and which re-establish the band as a force to be reckoned with in the 90s.
In 1995 Georg Kajanus departed the band to pursue a solo career. But, Sailor took on the seemingly impossible task of finding a replacement. The arrival of Peter Lincoln, a respected guitarist and singer, has given new life to Sailor. Just listen to the new tracks to really experience the giant leap that Sailor has taken in such a short space of time.
Latin Eyes, Catwalk Girls, Nickelodeon Nights and Karma Chameleon are unquestionably songs that will re-instate SAILOR to it's rightful place at the very top.

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