DVD "SAILOR Live In Concert"
recorded 16 November 2002 in High Wycombe (UK)

In Concert


Alpha Centauri - ACE 11097 A

Re-release of "Pirate Copy -
SAILOR Live In Concert" 2003

Peter Lincoln
Phil Pickett
Grant Serpell
Rob Alderton

A Glass Of Champagne
One Drink Too Many
Blame It On The Soft Spot
Mack The Knife
Josephine Baker
Vera From Veracruz
Traffic Jam
Karma Chameleon
The Secretary
Girls Girls Girls
La Cumbia
The Frozen Man
Give Me Shakespeare
The Old Nickelodeon Sound
A Glass Of Champagne (Reprise)
1812 / Grant's Moment
The Full Monty (In The Navy / Hot Stuff)
Girls Girls Girls (Reprise)
Latin Medley (La Bamba / Volare / Bamboleyo)


  • Band documentary with in depth interviews with all band members

  • History of SAILOR

  • Three bonus tracks recorded "unplugged":
    A Glass Of Champagne
    Girls Girls Girls
    Karma Chameleon

HIGH WYCOMBE - photos  by Uli Neumann

SAILOR's very own review of this very special show:

High Wycombe - The Band's Perspective
Greetings From Home Port...

SAILOR, Grant Rob Peter and Phil, were all initially very nervous about attempting such a large venture in the UK - their own 'Headline' concert, and at the same time arranging to have the first ever 'Live In Concert' DVD filmed by Angel Air at the November 16 2002 Show at the Swan Theatre in High Wycombe.
As soon as we walked out on stage however all those fears quickly sank to the bottom of the ocean, the response
from SAILOR's loyal and devoted fans, some of whom travelled from all over Europe and the 4 corners of the UK being absolutely fantastic. From the very first note of SAILOR's now famous Overture going into "Champagne"...the atmosphere was simply electric on stage!
'Naylorman' - our trusty "Flex, Plugs and Rock and Roll-meister" and Rob, who had built the elaborate and highly atmospheric set entirely with his own bare hands, (ably accompanied by his charming partner Anna, sewing mistress supremo!) were at the venue very early setting everything up. By the time Peter Grant and Phil arrived at around 11.30am, one or two technical problems had ensured the day was not going to go all that smoothly, and as everyone involved knew how important this was for us, the temperature started to go up more than a few degrees!
But as usual the crew and several helpers and 'palm-tree preeners' just about made it in time for SAILOR's performance, although the band had no time at all to run through the many cues necessary for the camera crew and production staff who were only going to get one stab at it - The actual performance itself! So when we went on everyone was pretty "wired-up," but as the Concert progressed it became more and more enjoyable, particularly in the performance of material never before played by the current line-up of SAILOR, and indeed for over 25 years!
Meeting everyone afterwards at the After Show Party was also a delight, especially as we now knew we had something very special on DVD already "in the can." The producer of the video told us it was one of the best things he's ever filmed including all the interviews etc and couldn't wait to get back to his studio to start assembling the final package. Our new PR representatives, Wharts and Hall, also confirmed that press and media interest was running very high indeed, and that concert reviews would be *****
The best news for SAILOR however came from a large number of fans who had seen the group perform over many years since the 1970's all of whom confirming what at least Phil and Grant had suspected, that although always having been undeniably a terrific and unique live band, the 'present' SAILOR was by far the most musical, entertaining and theatrical line-up they had ever enjoyed.
SAILOR would therefore now like to sincerely thank everyone wholeheartedly for supporting us, - especially those that came such long distances, and also to say that this particular "SAILORs Night On The Town" was one of the most special evenings ever and really meant a lot to us.
We do hope to be able to do something again next year along similar lines and if we keep getting the kind of ecstatic reviews and e-mails so far received about the show, SAILOR will feel very confident about doing it all over again!
Bon Voyage


Review by German music magazine "Good Times" issue September 2003:
For nearly thirty years hardly anything has changed in SAILOR (except for the line-up): The Nickelodeon was updated technically and with synthesizers, but it still fascinates with its fairground-sound. The songs have always sounded as if they were from the 1920s, and at the same time dust-free ("Girls Girls Girls", "One Drink Too Many", "Jacaranda", "The Old Nickelodeon Sound"). The stage is still lightened by an intimate sailor-pub-illumination and a streetlamp. And the original members Phil Pickett (nick), Grant Serpell (dr) and "the new guys" Rob Alderton (nick) and Peter Lincoln (voc, gtr) are still faithful to their outfits.
In spite of all the show and the closeness to the English Cabaret, SAILOR, whose respective members have kept the fun of playing, are a convincing band, especially because of their music and vocals. "Pirate Copy" is therefore not only advisable for fans. As a bonus there are three "unplugged"-tracks, a detailed band-history and interviews.
(Angel Air / Fenn, 150 Min.)

Review by SAILOR fan Stephen, written on 14 May 2003:
My copy of SAILOR's DVD arrived this morning. I've now played it through three times and I must say it's brilliant, marvellous, fucking out of this world! It's taken a long time for this day of joy to arrive but it's here now.
I've been a fan of SAILOR since the first SAILOR album - before the hits came along. I remember many a gig up and down the UK. And what a great set of albums from 1973 to Live in Berlin.
I had wanted to go to the concert last November, but my wife was due to give birth on the same day. Finally our lovely daughter Taryn arrived two days later. I mention this because I can't wait for the next opportunity to be there, especially after having watched the DVD - and Taryn watched it once all the way through (although she did sleep through the second play). So we have another fan in the making.
It's a great DVD, brings back wonderful memories, to hear the greats from many great albums - I only wish the guys could have played for hours to get in all of the favourites - where is Quay Hotel!!!!!
Please post this wherever to let people know how great the DVD is - I'll tell everyone I know to order a copy.

Review by SAILOR fan Uli Neumann, written on 24 May 2003:
I was lucky to be able to visit that glorious night at the High Wycombe "Swan Theatre" in November 2002. After coming home I wondered if all that I saw and heard there was true or was it a dream? It was a really marvellous concert, the very best that I have ever seen in my whole life. About sixty photos I took there were the only possibility to remember so far, because the announced DVD wasn't available for a long time. But now waiting has come to an end, the DVD is in my DVD-player. I tell you that I can't describe how fantastic this document of music is, my words are too poor for that.
You can watch the whole concert in a perfect video and sound quality, not a single song they performed in High Wycombe is missing. You can see Peter Lincoln, the gifted musician at the guitar and perfect singer, Phil Pickett at the bass side of the Nickelodeon, absolutely perfect and very entertaining, at the drum, with the right feeling for rhythm, drums and percussion, the man who doesn't seem to become older, Grant Serpell and at the treble side of the Nickelodeon, the youngster of the SAILOR-crew, Rob Alderton. He's a real musical genius, improved the Nickelodeon by adding a third keyboard to bring back the original sound of the first Nickelodeon, absolutely perfect. It fantastic how the four guys interact with their audience and to see how much fun they have in performing live. And finally and not to forget, the man without SAILOR would not be able to perform live, the constructor of the new Nickelodeon, Graham Naylor.
All these members are interviewed on the DVD in addition to the interview with Katrin and Karsten Wagner. The SAILOR history and some unplugged tracks make this DVD complete. Your SAILOR collection is not complete without this.
Buy this, even you don't have a DVD-Player at the moment, you'll be sorry if you don't. Perhaps you can complete your PC with a DVD-ROM, so you can watch this DVD at your monitor.
So let me say finally, that all I told you is nothing in comparison to the feeling you get while watching this recording of SAILOR 'live'.

Review by Empiremusicwerks:
One of the creators of theatrical rock, SAILOR lead the glam rock scene in the early 70's. Their live shows where full on theatrical productions that made them the most original chart act of the 70's. First time captured live on DVD.

Review by "Deichgraf", 18 June 2003
A must, not only for SAILOR-fans. Everyone who missed the great concert in November 2002 can now catch up on what he or she missed. You can see and hear everything that SAILOR have performed that night, no cuts. Of course it includes the world hits "Girls, Girls, Girls" and "A Glass Of Champagne", but also old songs that SAILOR haven't played 'live' for a very long time. Angel Air managed it in a wonderful way to capture this wonderful concert in a perfect picture- and sound-quality.

Review by Tony Shelvin, music critic for Cambridge's East Anglian Daily Times:
Hello again, SAILOR
SAILOR Live In Concert DVD
SAILOR? Still together? Well reformed actually; and, like many bands of their generation, making a very nice living in Europe, where the people are not quite so fashion-conscious as us Brits. This DVD is a concert that the band performed last year in High Wycombe of all places, filmed for Angel Air's Wave DVD Series, and a jolly fun evening it appears to have been.
The band are best remembered for their chart hit, the Roxy Music-sounding A Glass of Champagne and the Vaudevillian Girls Girls Girls, both of which feature here and also in the bonus 'unplugged' section. One of the founder members Georg Kajanus declined the reunion, but his replacement, Peter Lincoln, sounds uncannily like him. Henry Marsh also stayed at home but the rotund Rob Alderton looking like Christopher Biggins in a Noel Coward play is a superb piano/accordion player and feels right at home in the wacky cartoon-like setting.
Included in the set list is Karma Chameleon which SAILOR's Phil Pickett co-wrote with Boy George. It sounds really delightful with a laid-back accordion and mandolin backing.
It's great to see the band has retained its Nickelodeon - a Heath-Robinson contraption made up of pianos, organs, synths, glockenspiels and doorbells. This monster adds much to the proceedings of what was obviously a very pleasant evening spent in the company of an unusual and highly entertaining band.
Review by courtesy of Phil Pickett!!

Review by Hans-Joachim, written on 10 July 2003:
I am simply enthusiastic! I will never understand, that a band that has made such great songs throughout the years (the recording-quality was also very good most of the time - that's important for me!) has never reached the significance that they surely deserve. Back to the DVD: Great picture, great sound and the music of this live recording TERRIFIC. They are real musicians - although only! half of the original line-up. I hope they will have success with this DVD - THEY DESERVE IT!

Some pictures from the DVD:


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