Watch out for bootlegs...
Fake SAILOR albums...

The following CDs are no real SAILOR albums!!

They have been recorded by someone who calls himself "Bizarro" and have been released by different record companys during the last few years. Now they are available for very low prices in almost every CD shop and also at eBay etc..

"Bizarro" has taken several of SAILOR´s greatest hits like "Girls Girls Girls" or "A Glass Of Champagne", other songs have been written by himself, and he has invented new names for some of his songs which shall probably remind people of SAILOR's famous songs, for example: "Sexy Sexy Secretary", "Life Is Fun In Stiletto Heels" (but sometimes he also uses the original names). And SAILOR have never had any songs like "Love Your Money", "Heaven", "It's Only (In Your Dreams)" or "It's Not Over"!!...

The covers look like real SAILOR albums, and they might even include the real band biography.

If you ever discover one of these fake SAILOR albums don't buy them (except if you want to laugh about this music). The music sounds awful and it is very easy to notice that SAILOR don't have anything to do with these recordings.

How to recognize the fake CDs:

  • all of them show the name "Bizarro" somewhere
  • some are called "Sailor '97"
  • some of the songs don't only sound completely different than the originals (actually all of them except "Girls" and "Champagne" don't have anything to do with the original tunes), they also have different names:
    e. g. instead of "The Secretary" Bizarro's track is either called "Sexy Sexy Secretary" or "Loving You Sexy Sexy Secretary"
  • SAILOR have never had any songs like "Love Your Money", "Heaven", "It's Only (In Your Dreams)" or "It's Not Over"

It's really sad that people try to make money with the SAILOR name like this, pretending to be the real band. It's bad for the image of SAILOR as many people who buy those CDs by mistake might simply think that those are bad new recordings by the present band.

So please watch out to avoid diappointment and if you see any SAILOR CD which doesn't appear here at the Albums-page better check it twice.

Here are the latest versions of Bizarro's bootlegs. In some cases he calls himself "Sailor '97"...

...The back of one of the bootlegs:

Last updated: 07 February 2004

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