Marinero fan-meeting 2003

Ahoy everybody,
as you all know, the SAILOR headline concert could not happen because of problems that were beyond our control. Instead we had the first official MARINERO fan-meeting here in Kassel on 18 May 2003 with Malcolm, Walter and Stephanie from England and German fan Michael. Many thanks to them for comming all the way and make it a very special day!!
Check out Malcolm's review and the photos below...
SAILOR-greetings, ~Katrin

Let’s go to "Kassel" town - a review by Malcolm Knowles

So the highly anticipated concert in Kassel was cancelled. Does something like that stop SAILOR fans having fun? – no way!! Having booked my flights from London to Frankfurt, and booked my ICE train tickets from Frankfurt to Kassel, it just seemed to make sense to travel even if there was not going to be a concert. What a good decision that turned out to be.
Katrin and Karsten, along with Michael (another fan from Germany) met Walter, Stephanie and myself at our hotel (sadly not the Quay Hotel) in Kassel. After the usual pleasantries, we set off to visit the studio where Karsten does his regular radio shows. There we watched the new “Pirate Copy” DVD. There was great excitement each time any of us appeared on the screen. It had been a great honour to be at the concert in High Wycombe last November but to find ourselves captured on DVD enjoying the band at their best really is a privilege.
Having savoured every moment of the DVD, we headed off to the Herkules Monument which towers over Kassel. Whilst I am still unsure why this amazing monument was actually built, I do know that, if you ever find yourself in Kassel, this is one sight not to be missed. I am sure the structure must be unique (I have certainly never seen anything similar) and the views are amazing. From there we headed off for an excellent Chinese meal before heading to the Musiktheater. The band, along with Katrin and Karsten, had all hoped that everyone would have heard that the concert was cancelled – we were going along just in case any people still arrived. In the event, many fans did turn up. Some just turned their cars around and drove away whilst others stopped for a chat. Some were locals whilst others had travelled much further. Susanne had driven from Stuttgart - having seen SAILOR at an oldies night she was clearly looking forward to seeing them play their own show. Another couple were clearly disappointed having found a rare babysitter for the evening. With a bit of moral support from the rest of us, Katrin and Karsten did a great job explaining to these fans why the concert was cancelled.
After that, we clearly needed a drink. Before heading off to a local pub however we gathered in a tunnel, where there were a number of SAILOR concert posters, for one last photo shoot. Passing motorists must have wondered what on earth was going on. A rather daft but somehow rather memorable moment.
In the pub we all enjoyed “a glass of champagne” – taking time to toast the band and other SAILOR fans. We continued to drink the night away (“One drink too many”??) until the place shut. After a few hours sleep and a quick trip round the Kassel shops and I was heading back to the UK. Was I disappointed not to see SAILOR in concert again? – of course! Was this still a GREAT weekend – you bet!! Karsten and Katrin are wonderful company and it was lovely to meet new friends like Michael and Susanne. I know that my fellow Brits, Walter and Stephanie, also had a fab time and I hope that we will all find an excuse to be back in Germany for another SAILOR fans night on the town very soon. SAILOR music is all about having fun – with or without the band.
Malcolm Knowles

Karsten, Katrin, Walter, Stephanie, Malcolm and Michael

Stephanie, Walter, Michael, Katrin and Karsten at the "Free Radio Kassel"

Karsten, Katrin, Walter and Stephanie at the "Herkules"

Walter, Stephanie, Karsten and Malcolm at the "Herkules"

The "Herkules"...

Malcolm, Katrin, Stephanie and Walter at the "Herkules"

In front of the Musiktheater...

Walter, Karsten Stephanie, Katrin and Susanne with some SAILOR-posters...!

"Let's get together the six of us over a glass of champagne"... Walter, Stephanie, Karsten, Malcolm, Katrin and Susanne (she took the photo)


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