Fan-meeting 2004 in Tring, UK

We're heading for a great, big, worlwide power cut...

Anyway the wind blows...

Power to all our friends...

The SAILOR fans and friends were all seated in the Court Theatre in Tring, UK on the evening of the 20 March 2004, ready for SAILOR's 30th anniversary headline concert. The show was sold out, the stage set looked marvellous, the fans were dressed up and ready for the best and most special show in years. SAILOR started their performance at 8 pm with their trademark-song "Sailor", receiving a more than fantastic applause from the audience. When they were just about to start the second song "Blame It On The Soft Spot" there suddenly was a power cut because of the terrible storm outside - not only at the theatre but at the whole town. There had already been problems with the electricity in the afternoon, but now SAILOR had to leave the stage in order to try to solve the problems together with NaylorMan.
The fans started their own little party in the dark theatre, in spite of the worrying events, waiting for NaylorMan who gave them regular updates on the power cut. Everyone hoped the problem would be solved in the next few minutes, so the show could go on. But at 9.45 pm there was still no electricity and it was rather unlikely that it would come back soon, so SAILOR decided to play the concert on the next morning at 10 am ("Sunday service with Rob Alderton"...). For quite a few fans this unfortunately meant that they could not come back to see the concert because they had to drive a long way, flights to catch etc., but it was the only way for SAILOR to rescue the concert at all.
On Sunday morning approximately 100 tired but yet expectant SAILOR fans found their way to the Court Theatre in Tring once again and then enjoyed the most special and unique concert in years, including not only SAILOR's greatest and latest hits but also some rare songs like "Jacaranda" or some songs that were never before played at any live concert: "Nickelodeon Nights" and the brand new song "The Harbour Bar Bell", written by Rob.
Photos from both days will be online soon (we suggest that we just turn the first night into the official Tring fan-meeting or something like that).
If you have any photos, reviews or anything else about the "Tring Thing " that you would like to see here too, please e-mail them to us at!!
Further information soon.
Best wishes and SAILOR-greetings,
~ The MARINERO crew

In front of the theatre...

Eileen, Karsten and Katrin in front of the Tring sign - the last photo before it was blown away by the storm, we guess ;-)

Eileen and Malcolm in front of the theatre

Sold out...

Katrin, Stephanie, Karsten and Sarah

Katrin and Linda

Eileen and Malcolm in the audience...

Malcolm and Wilma

Eileen, Karsten and Wilma

The Wagners...

Malcolm and Sarah

Malcolm and Susanne

Karsten and Walter

Leisl and Karsten

Katrin, James and Malcolm

Karsten and Katrin together with the Jones family - Vicky, Zoe, Emily and Keith

Shake the maracas, everyone...!! - The audience on Sunday morning

Eileen, Malcolm, Katrin and Karsten in the audience...

Anne and Wilma

Anne, Wilma and Susanne

Eileen and Alan


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