Fan Projects

In this section you can find details about SAILOR-related projects created by SAILOR fans. So far we can only report about one very special event here, but who knows, there might be more?!

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    Bill Blenman's "Sailor - The Musical Journey" (2006) *
    "Sailor - The Musical Journey" was an amateur production written by Bill Blenman with songs by Georg Kajanus.
    It happened from 03 July until 08 July 2006 at the Carnegie Hall Dunfermline (near Edinburgh), UK.

* The one-off, amateur production for charity of 'Sailor The Musical Journey' by Bill Blenman should not be confused with the totally separate and different Musical called 'Sailor', written by Roberto Trippini and Georg Kajanus with Barbie Wilde, from an original story by Georg Kajanus, lyrics and music by Georg Kajanus.  
The rights for 'Sailor The Musical Journey' by Bill Blenman are not available for future performance.

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