Annika Nilsson

My name is Annika Nilsson, Iīm 33 years old and I live in Halmstad which is located on the south-west coast of Sweden.
I came in contact with SAILOR's music at age 7 or 8, thanks to the radio - "A Glass Of Champagne" and "Girls..." were played quite frequently...and since I had never heard music like that before, it didnīt take long before I was hooked.
In 1975, Swedish TV had the good sense to show a program with SAILOR - the first time I had actually seen the guys, and I remember staring at this strange-looking instrument apparently known as the Nickelodeon...
Sadly, I never managed to get my hands on any of the SAILOR-LPs at the time, neither did any of my friends, which meant that we could never quite figure out exacly who was who in the band namewise - we just called them "the guy with the anchor, the guy with the cap, the guy in the white suit...and the other guy."
Anyway, the years passed and SAILOR became a fond memory from my childhood - until a Saturday in the summer of the year 2000...
That day, I just happened to ask my Mum if she remembered the group with the odd-looking instrument - "it looked like two pianoīs standing back-to-back" I said as a clue.
Well, she didnīt remember them, and so I let the subject drop - until that same afternoon, when we as usual on Saturdays went to a large second-hand market (which by coincidence is located down in the docks!!), a woman there was selling out her entire record-collection - and she had the "Trouble" LP!!!
I bought it without further ado, itīs almost in mint condition (thereīs a slight "boo-boo" on "Girls..") and I played it twice a day..
So, my heroes are back and with them lots of fond memories and thanks to Karsten & Katrin Iīve been given the wonderful opportunity to see more of the lads on video, and hear more of their wonderful music!!
Something thatīs been missing for too many years has been returned to me (and my entire family!!) thanks to the Wagners - and I do know the guysī names now!!
Thank you Georg, Phil, Henry and Grant - your music means a lot to me!!


A SAILOR picture signed by Georg Kajanus for Annika in 2001:

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