Gundula Krasniqui

Gundula in the 70s

Gundula with the Nickelodeon at the SAILOR concert in Munich (Germany) 14 October 2006

SAILOR on stage in Munich (Germany) 18 October 1976
Photo taken by Gundula

Gundula's SAILOR special "Trouble" - written in 1978:

Once upon a time there was a SAILOR who always said to himself: "I WISH I HAD A WAY WITH WOMEN" an ran from his HARBOUR in PANAMA. He used to KEEP OFF THE STREETS AT NIGHT and so he went to QUAY HOTEL, DOWN BY THE DOCKS, at COPACABANA where NOTHING HAS CHANGED. He met his old friend CHECKPOINT CHARLIE who wanted to have a PYJAMA PARTY with the GIRLS OF AMSTERDAM. But the SAILOR was afraid of DANCING, moreover he was OUT OF MONEY and couldn't pay anything. So he decided to BLAME IT ON THE SOFT SPOT and walked up THE STREET. There he saw the TWO LADIES ON THE CORNER with STILETTO HEELS who were distributing ASHES AND DIAMONDS. He recognizes HANNA, the JAMAICA GIRL and JOSEPHINE BAKER with whom he had TROUBLE IN HONG KONG and he said: "ALL I NEED IS A GIRL, please STAY WITH ME NOW, STAY THE NIGHT!!!" "O.k.", said HANNA, "LET'S GO TO TOWN and have A GLASS OF CHAMPAGNE". They came to house where are PEOPLE IN LOVE and JOE'S PIANOLA was playing THE OLD NICKELODEON SOUND. A lot of SAILORs there were in ROMANCE with GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS because this was the SAILOR'S NIGHT ON THE TOWN. Hanna and the SAILOR went upstairs to her room and she said: "OPEN UP THE DOOR, my love". In a MELANCHOLY way he opened the door and walked through her room, looking at the beautiful JACARANDA flowers and falling in love with HANNA again. Then she gave him ONE DRINK TOO MANY and asked: "GIVE ME LA SAMBA!" But he was pretty drunken so that he only could whisper: "You're MY KIND OF GIRL - MY GIRL - only SHE KNOWS WHAT TO DO." But she was so impatient and shouted at him: "You'd better PUT YOUR MOUTH WHERE THE MONEY IS and GIVE ME SHAKE's BEER." He didn't notice her gossip and murmured: "ONE LIFE ONE LOVE ONE DAY" - suddenly she cracked a COCONUT on his head and said ironically: "WHEN IT HURTS YOU - it's not my fault." After this happening he woke up and ran out of the house, wishing to be better a STRANGER IN PARIS than the RUNAWAY. He heard HANNA crying: "STOP THAT MAN", but no one could catch him. The SAILOR ran into a TRAFFIC JAM and with a COOL BREEZE in his nape he raved in the direction of the BLUE DESERT, wishing that this desert was INSTANBUL. The time: 6.25 pm. - Nobody had ever seen him again...
Gundula 1978

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