Helge Christensen

HelgeMy name is Helge, born in 1959, married with two children, and I live in the southern part of Norway in a small town called Arendal.
I have been a SAILOR fan since I heard "A Glass Of Champagne", I think it must have been in 1975. Their music was different from other bands I listened to at the time (Uriah Heep, Camel, Yes etc.), with their nice melodies and harmonies, and of course the Nickelodeon sound. Maybe they were of special interest to me since Georg is partly Norwegian, I don’t know. Over the years I bought the first five albums, "Sailor" on cassette tape, "Trouble", "The Third Step", "Checkpoint" and "Hideaway" on vinyl. Since then I have often played their music, but the quality of my vinyl albums are not the best anymore I’m afraid.
So lately I have tried to download some of the old songs from the internet, because I still want to listen to their great music. While looking for these songs I came over the Marinero web site, and I have found a lot of interesting information there. I didn’t know that SAILOR still existed! After "Hideaway" I haven’t heard any new information on SAILOR anywhere. So I was very surprised to learn that they reunited in the 90’s, and released some cd’s with brand new songs. The new songs are great, "almost" as good as the old ones. (Maybe I’m oldfashioned, but I still like the oldies best.) Lately I have bought a couple of their new cd’s, and also the dvd. They are all great! I wish that Georg and Henry hadn’t left the group, but their replacements are great too.
I hope SAILOR will write a lot of new music in the future, and not release so many "Best Of", "Greatest" and "Legacy" albums, because after 30 years, their music is still very interesting to listen to, and I never get tired of their songs. Looking at their touring list, there’s not much of a chance that they will ever play in Norway, but there is always hope.

These are my favourite songs on the SAILOR albums:
Sailor: Blue Desert, Blame It On The Soft Spot
Trouble: People In Love, Jacaranda, A Glass Of Champagne, Panama
The Third Step: One Drink Too Many, Cool Breeze, Stiletto Heels
Checkpoint: Stay With Me Now, Romance, Checkpoint Charlie
Hideaway: Give Me Shakespeare, Stay The Night, Jamaica Girl
Dressed For Drowning: Pearl Harbor, Who Will Stop The Rain
Sailor (1991): Music, Knock Knock, St. John (St. Jean)
Street Lamp: Street Lamp, Marinero, Under The Moon

Favourite album: Trouble
Favourite song: One Drink Too Many

Finally, I would like to thank the Marinero crew for putting together such a great web site, I don’t think I have ever seen a web site with such complete information on a band anywhere.

Helge Christensen,
Arendal, Norway.

Last updated: 14 August 2004


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