Katrin Wagner

SAILOR - Grant, Georg, Phil and Henry - together with the Wagners after a performance at the "Hessentag" in Gross Gerau (Germany) 10 June 1994

Katrin together with SAILOR - Grant, Rob, Peter and Phil - in Roermond (Holland) 02 December 2004

Katrin together with SAILOR - Grant, Phil, Henry and Peter - in Volendam (Holland) 30 April 2006

The Wagners together with SAILOR 2006 - Katrin, Phil, Oliver, Grant, Henry and Karsten in Munich (Germany) 14 October 2006

Katrin together with SAILOR - Phil, Nick, Grant and Henry - in Unterschleissheim (Germany) 24 July 2010

Katrin together with SAILOR - Oliver, Phil, Henry and Tom - in Lauterbach (Germany= 17 December 2011

Sometime in the summer of 1991 my own personal SAILOR story began. I was eleven years old then, and my brother Karsten, 26, came to see us on a Saturday morning and was all excited because of a strange and surprising incident: His girlfriend had woken him up the other morning because she'd happened to discover a new song from his old favourite band SAILOR on the radio. Karsten seemed to be very surprised by that, having thought that there are no new recordings since the separation of SAILOR more than ten years ago.
And then - twelve years after the separation - SAILOR had reformed in the original line-up and had just released a new album.
Karsten was totally enthusiastic. Having bought the new CD he came to us again in order to show it to our parents. While dad was busy recording the CD on a tape for himself, I was rather unimpressed by Karsten's stories about his favourite band that, according to him, was really famous some years ago. But what in the world could he so great about some old English musicians...?
During the next time I saw SAILOR on television on several occasions. There they always performed a song named "La Cumbia", which was also played on the radio quite often. Our parents seemed to be very impressed by the fact that they are back together again, but I was busier laughing about their strange white suits and the huge odd blue instrument with two keyboards named Nickelodeon that two of them were playing.
It took nearly one more year until my attitude towards SAILOR finally changed. During the summer holiday in 1992 my father had taken a cassette of the 1991 SAILOR album with him which he played in the car quite often. Suddenly I started to listen to the music more carefully. At first it was more or less out of boredom while we were driving. But then I began to like some of the songs, especially "Knock Knock" and "The Secretary".
Back from holiday I surprised my brother by asking him to record some more SAILOR songs from the 70s for me. Having listened to those I noticed that I really like them, too.
In the meantime Karsten had become member of the official English SAILOR fan club and received a band biography, a fan club t-shirt, an autographed picture and a (bad) copy of an old German television special from 1976 from the fan club secretary Jean Murray. In addition to that, the parcel also included a nice letter from band member Henry Marsh himself.
Karsten gets me a copy of the 1976 video, as well as another video from a performance at an Oldie Night in Bad Segeberg, Germany, from 1991 where SAILOR play their two greatest hits "Girls Girls Girls" and "A Glass Of Champagne". Having watched the video I now like those four English musicians even more. And they don't look that bad either.
A short time later I have got all SAILOR songs on tapes and busy myself with the SAILOR boys more and more. I decide to improve my English a bit, so I can read the English biography that we've got from the fan club. Also I'm always painting small pictures of the SAILOR logo, the Nickelodeon and so on.
In September 1992 the new SAILOR album "Street Lamp" is released. I like it even more than all the others, and especially the track "Precious Form" becomes one of my very favourite songs.
A few weeks later I finally decide to grab all my pocket money in order to join the fan club in England. In the letter I also include some of my SAILOR paintings and a tape with a medley of my favourite songs that I have mixed.
In other situations the new SAILOR life is not that funny sometimes. It's hard to believe what problems you can get at school in class 7 just because you like the music of an "older" band. Many people make fun of me and don't understand me at all (and don't want to). There is a whole book to write about this too...!
It takes nearly half a year until I finally receive my membership details from the SAILOR fan club in England in spring of 1993. The big parcel includes my club-card, an official letter from the band to all fan club members, a merchandise list and the band biography.
While browsing through the biography I suddenly notice that one page differs from the others. To my surprise it's a handwritten letter from Henry Marsh, in which he writes that he received my drawings and my mix and truly enjoyed them. He also mentions that SAILOR would like to meet us when they are in Germany again.
I'm totally surprised by this letter and have to read it again and again to believe that it's really true. Karsten can't believe it either and come to us straight after work, reading the letter again and again and shaking his head in disbelief and surprise for not less than about 40 minutes.
During the next time SAILOR have many television appearances and have now changed from the white suits to black outfits. Amongst others they perform their new single "Precious Form" at the German talk show "Gottschalk Late Night" on RTL television. I'm not allowed to watch this particular show as it's on very late, but at least I can record it wand get up half an hour earlier the next morning to watch it a couple of times before I have to go to school!
In July 1993 the German channel "Hessischer Rundfunk" broadcasts a 30 minute SAILOR special hosted by Heinz Günter Heygen, in which the boys perform several songs and do some interviews.
In September 1993 there's a show named "Kollegen Kollegen" on German RTL television that deals with a company that produces champagne. Suddenly the host of that show announces SAILOR with "A Glass Of Champagne". It's the first time that they perform with a new black Nickelodeon and a street lamp on the stage and also in stage outfits which look like the ones they wore in the 70s. It's really fantastic, although Karsten doesn't want to believe me at first and asks whether I'm sure this hasn't been an "old" video!
From then on they always perform in the old "Trouble" outfits and with the wonderful new black Nickelodeon.
A short time later Karsten discovers that SAILOR are going to perform at an Oldie Night together with several other bands in Dortmund at the famous big concert hall "Westfalenhalle" on the 30th of December 1993. We decide to drive to this concert in order to see the band for the very first time. So my brother gets me a special SAILOR t-shirt for my 14th birthday, and three weeks later he gets me a ticket for this concert for Christmas. It's all very exciting!
And from then on the adventure has only really started...

There were many personal highlights during those 100 SAILOR concerts so far, probably too many to mention in detail. But here are some of my very favrourite moments in photos - for example the DVD recording in High Wycombe, my birthday-surprise during the Holland tour, my 100th concert in 2010, the Nickelodeon in the garden etc. etc. etc...

With the old black Nickenlodeon which now belongs to us and stood in our garden for some time (It was used in SAILOR from 1993 - 1996).

The birthday surprise on stage during the 2004 Holland tour - special thanks to Peter, Rob, Grant and Phil!

The birthday surprise on stage during the 2004 Holland tour - special thanks to Peter, Rob, Grant and Phil!

The birthday surprise on stage during the 2004 Holland tour - special thanks to Peter, Rob, Grant and Phil!

Greetings from the old crew... ;-)
Georg Kajanus, Rob Alderton and Katrin & Karsten Wagner - London - 05 December 2005

In the audience at the "Ultimative Chart
Show" with SAILOR in 2004...

...and again in 2008

My 100th SAILOR concert

My 100th SAILOR concert

At my 100th SAILOR concert - together with Henry, Nick and Grant.
(Phil couldn't be there for the 100th anniversary photos, so the other SAILORs decided to replace him with the wooden thing in the middle!)


Karsten and I try to make as much promotion as we can in the area where we live, so that SAILOR are not only known as one of the bands who only perform at Oldie Nights. With their marvellous music the boys should really be appreciated by every listener, instead of being remembered as a band who was only successful in the 70's. For me, SAILOR is the best band in the world. Their songs are completely great and each one is different from the others. This does not happen very often nowadays!

Anyway, I hope to see all you nice fans soon at one of the next SAILOR-concerts!
Special greetings to all the great people that have shared the whole fun with us before, during and after the SAILOR concerts throughout the last few years!

I saw SAILOR at the following concerts:
in the line-ups
KMPS: Georg Kajanus, Henry Marsh, Phil Pickett, Grant Serpell
LMPS: Peter Lincoln, Henry Marsh, Phil Pickett, Grant Serpell
LEPS: Peter Lincoln, Anthony England, Phil Pickett, Grant Serpell
LAPS: Peter Lincoln, Rob Alderton, Phil Pickett, Grant Serpell
MMPS: Oliver Marsh, Henry Marsh, Phil Pickett, Grant Serpell
PMPS: Nick Parvin, Henry Marsh, Phil Pickett, Grant Serpell
MMPM: Oliver Marsh, Henry Marsh, Phil Pickett, Thomas Marsh
At the two concerts marked with * Grant Serpell was replaced by Thomas Marsh due to an injury!

No. Date Town Country Location Event Line-up
1 30/12/1993 Dortmund D Westfalenhalle 1 Oldie Festival KMPS
2 12/05/1994 Northeim D Waldbühne Oldie Festival KMPS
3 10/06/1994 Gross Gerau D Hessentag Radio FFH Oldie Night KMPS
4 15/11/1994 Kassel D Documentahalle 5th birthday of Radio FFH KMPS
5 19/11/1994 Kassel D Messehalle Oldie Night KMPS
6 27/12/1994 Hannover D Eilenriedehalle Oldie Night (Christmas Tour) KMPS
7 30/12/1994 Dortmund D Westfalenhalle 1 Oldie Night (Christmas Tour) KMPS
8 07/01/1995 Fulda D Richthalle Oldie Night (Christmas Tour) KMPS
9 21/01/1995 Erfurt D Thüringenhalle Oldie Night KMPS
10 27/05/1995 Elspe D Karl-May-Festspielbühne Oldie Night KMPS
11 17/06/1995 Kiel D Rathausplatz Kieler Woche KMPS
12 26/08/1995 Bottrop D Jahnstadion Oldie Night KMPS
13 02/09/1995 Rochlitz D Rathausplatz TV: Tag der Sachsen KMPS
14 30/09/1995 Gehrden D Festival tent Oldie Night KMPS
15 18/11/1995 Brilon D Schützenhalle Oldie Night KMPS
16 25/11/1995 Bielefeld D Stadthalle Oldie Night KMPS
17 01/06/1996 Esbjerg DK Glamrock tent Esbjerg Rock Festival LMPS
18 17/11/1996 München D Bavaria Film Studios TV: Gottschalks Haus-Party LMPS
19 09/01/1997 Erfurt D Club Rotplombe private party of a lawyer company LMPS
20 01/05/1997 Münster D Halle Münsterland TV: Musik liegt in der Luft LMPS
21 03/05/1997 Oestrich-Winkel D Festival tent Oldie Night LMPS
22 04/07/1997 Friedrichroda D Festival tent Oldie Night LMPS
23 19/07/1997 Düsseldorf D Festival tent, Messe Oldie Night LMPS
24 20/07/1997 Mainz D Fernsehgarten TV: Fernsehgarten LMPS
25 06/09/1997 Kirchheim D Tennishalle Oldie Night LMPS
26 04/10/1997 Erfurt D Thüringenhalle Oldie Night LMPS
27 01/05/1998 Gera D Kultur- und Kongresszentrum Golden Oldies Tour 1998 LMPS
28 20/05/1998 Recklinghausen D Saalbau Golden Oldies Tour 1998 LMPS
29 23/05/1998 Braunschweig D Stadthalle Golden Oldies Tour 1998 LMPS
30 06/06/1998 Gotha D Festival tent Oldie Night LMPS
31 02/10/1998 Apolda D Brauereihalle Oldie Night LMPS
32 13/02/1999 Berlin D SEZ SEZ Carnival 1999 LMPS
33 12/06/1999 Wiehl-Bielstein D Biergarten der Erzquell Brauerei Brauerei Open Air LMPS
34 23/10/1999 Münster D Halle Münsterland Golden Oldies 99 LEPS
35 26/11/1999 Göttingen D Lokhalle Golden Oldies 99 LEPS
36 15/01/2000 Bremen D Stadthalle 6 Tage Rennen LEPS
37 16/01/2000 Bremen D Stadthalle 6 Tage Rennen LEPS
38 29/01/2000 Dortmund D Westfalenhalle 1 Die besten Oldie Stars LEPS
39 15/04/2000 Veendam NL Indoorcentrum Let the sixties roll LEPS
40 30/04/2000 Erfurt D Thüringenhalle Golden Oldie Night LEPS
41 05/08/2000 Steenwijk NL Festival tent Dicky Woodstock Popfestival LEPS
42 30/09/2000 Bremerhaven D Stadthalle Oldie Night LEPS
43 18/05/2001 Rotenburg / Fulda D Meirotels-Halle Oldie Night LAPS
44 02/06/2001 Dresden D Großer Garten Oldie-fm Nacht LAPS
45 20/10/2001 Kiel D Ostseehalle Radio Nora Oldie Party 2001 LAPS
46 03/11/2001 Wolfsburg D Congresspark Oldie Night LAPS
47 10/11/2001 Mannheim D Maimarkthalle Golden Oldie Night Live 2001 LAPS
48 15/12/2001 Essen D Grugahalle 13. Essener Oldie Night LAPS
49 23/03/2002 Zwickau D Neue Welt 55. Oldie Night LAPS
50 10/08/2002 Erfurt D Thüringenpark Traumzeit Open Air LAPS
51 16/11/2002 High Wycombe UK Swan Theatre, Town Hall SAILOR In Concert LAPS
52 31/12/2002 Mainz D Rheingoldhalle SWR 1 Silvesterparty LAPS
53 30/04/2003 Hamburg D Alsterdorfer Sporthalle Oldie 95 Oldienacht LAPS
54 16/05/2003 Bad Segeberg D Kalkbergarena Radio Nora Oldie Party 2003 LAPS
55 23/08/2003 Egmond aan Zee NL Hotel Zuiderduin Golden Classics LAPS
56 08/11/2003 Leipzig-Mölkau D Gasthof Zweinaundorf Oldie Night LAPS
57 25/01/2004 München D Olympiahalle Radio Arabella Stars 2004


58 20-21/03/2004 Tring UK Court Theatre SAILOR In Concert


59 26/06/2004 Reading UK Wellington Country Park Marvellous '04


60 31/08/2004 Köln D NOB Studios TV: Die Ultimative Chart Show LAPS
61 20/11/2004 Egmond aan Zee NL Hotel Zuiderduin Golden Classics Tour LAPS
62 30/11/2004 Kerkrade NL Parkstadt Theater Golden Classics Tour LAPS
63 01/12/2004 Etten-Leur NL De Nobelar Golden Classics Tour LAPS
64 02/12/2004 Roermond NL De Oranjerie Golden Classics Tour LAPS
65 17/03/2005 Bournemouth UK Pavilion Theatre Glitz Blitz & 70s Hitz Tour LAPS
66 14/05/2005 Dresden D Großer Garten R.SA Pfingsttreffen LAPS
67 11/06/2005 Bad Ems D Kurpark Rheinland-Pfalz-Tag LAPS
68 02/07/2005 Magdeburg D Domplatz Sachsen-Anhalt-Tag LAPS
69 22/10/2005 Regensburg D Regensburg-Arcaden 6. Oldie Night LMPS
70 29/10/2005 Bergen op Zoom NL De Stoelemat Back To... LMPS
71 04/12/2005 London UK The Bedford SAILOR In Concert LMPS
72 11/03/2006 Unterschleissheim D BallhausForum Radio Arabella Kult-Hit-Party LMPS
73 30/04/2006 Voldendam NL Jozeftheatre SAILOR In Concert LMPS
74 13/05/2006 Wertheim D Showbühne Main-Tauber-Halle Baden-Württemberg-Tag LMPS
75 20/08/2006 Dortmund D Westfalenpark, Seebühne EDEKA Familientag LMPS
76 09/09/2006 Parchim D Sandbahn NDR Sommertour LMPS
77 14/10/2006 München D Riem-Arcaden Oldie Night MMPS
78 13/04/2007 Straubing D Joseph-von-Fraunhofer-Halle Radio AWN Oldie Night MMPS
79 21/04/2007 Nürnberg D Meistersingerhalle Radio F Jubiläums Oldie Nacht MMPS
80 04/08/2007 Plön D Marktplatz NDR Sommertour MMPS
81 01/09/2007 Luckenwalde D Kulturkantine Luckenwalde SAILOR In Concert MMPS
82 24/11/2007 Erfurt D Messehalle Traumzeit MMPS
83 23/01/2008 Düsseldorf D Messe "Boot" Exhibitor's Party MMPS
84 28/03/2008 Köln D nobeo Studios TV: Die Ultimative Chart Show MMPS
85 17/05/2008 Bad Segeberg D Kalkbergarena 21. Radio Nora Oldie Nacht MMPS
86 05/07/2008 Timmendorfer Strand D Seebrücke 100 Jahre Seebrücken MMPS
87 30/08/2008 Schneeberg D Strandbad Filzteich Silberstrom Oldieparty MMPS
88 25/10/2008 Essen D Grugahalle 18. Essener Oldie Night MMPS
89 03/04/2009 Heide D Autohaus Stotzem SAILOR In Concert MMPS*
90 23/05/2009 Weisswasser D Sportplatz Radio WSW Oldienacht PMPS*
91 04/07/2009 Berlin D Gropius Passagen Sommerhitnacht PMPS
92 15/08/2009 Gronau D Auf Die Ohren Rock 'n Popmuseum PMPS
93 02/10/2009 Regensburg D Regensburg-Arcaden Oldie Night PMPS
94 21/11/2009 Lippstadt D Südliche Schützenhalle Oldie-Nacht PMPS
95 06/03/2010 Suhl D Congress Centrum Lange Suhler Oldienacht PMPS
96 24/07/2010 Unterschleissheim D Rathausplatz Stadtfest PMPS
97 07/08/2010 Torgau D Schloss Hartenfels 6. Oldienacht PMPS
98 02/10/2010 Sottrum D Festival tent 18. Oldie Night PMPS
99 13/11/2010 Essen D Grugahalle 20. Oldie Night PMPS
100 03/12/2010 Hildesheim D Sparkassen Arena Oldie Night PMPS
101 14/05/2011 Gelsenkirchen D Veltins Arena Oldiemarathon AUf Schalke PMPS
102 24/06/2011 Bad Salzungen D Stadtfest Marktplatz MMPM
103 10/09/2011 Wedel D Yachthafenfest Yachthafen MMPM
104 17/12/2011 Lauterbach D SAILOR In Concert Gemeindehaus MMPM

to be continued... ;-)


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