Lody Scheffer

I was born in a small harbour town called Harlingen, Netherlands on September 11th 1960. My father was a fisherman owning his own boot and when I was old enough I went with him as often as he would let me without getting me into trouble at school. Being at sea was better than being at school!
After my divorce in 1999 I met my present girlfriend Marja and together we have a beautiful daughter Alicia, born 19 July 2002, she’s my little piece o’gold!
I am a welder in the stainless steel world, that means that I work mostly in dairy (milk and cheese) and foodfactory’s (beer, coffee, chips etc.). It’s nice work and it pays very well!

I was 14 when I heard "Traffic Jam" while chasing girls at the fair. I remember it well because I was overwhelmed by the "different" sound compared to the everyday type of music you had and, impulsive as I was (and still am) I rushed to the record shop that was just around the corner (and still is with the same owner who knows I’m nuts about SAILOR ever since) and bought the single right away. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the bands name was SAILOR and immediately fell related to the name and music only to learn that the seafaring tails still had to come! The virus had settled!!
I was kept informed by the record shop owner every time a single or album was released! As easy as that!
If I mention that period when I’m with my parents and brothers now a days they always say the same thing, "You could sit near the pick-up in that old comfy chair for hours, eyes closed, and listen to those SAILOR records over and over again, day after day".
I was completely hooked and could listen to certain songs over and over again, in one way or an other; SAILOR songs never seem to bore. SAILOR was also often on T.V. and on radio off course.
I’m not sure but I think they once played in Harlingen for a TV show, I didn’t know until I saw the show on TV! I think that would have been my best chance of seeing them "live" in those days.
Thinking about it now I feel that you did not have much advertisements or promotion for the tour dates of SAILOR back then so you did not have a clue about their performances.
In the late 70’s I became a sailor myself, in the Royal Dutch Navy. During that (fantastic) time I became to understand the lyrics of the SAILOR songs even better.
Songs like "Blue Desert", "Panama", "Sailor", "Girls Girls Girls", "Out Of Money" and "Let’s Go To Town", hey; I’ve been there!!
When I left the Navy in the early 80’s, SAILOR was gone too. They weren’t on the radio anymore, the record shop-owner had no idea of what happened and there was nothing to read in those girly-pop magazines. SAILOR had disappeared from the face of the earth! I only remember the record guy calling me about a new album of SAILOR that had been released. It turned out to be the "Greatest Hits Vol. 1" album with one new track "All I Need is a Girl" which sounded great!
Than….. silence. No more SAILOR. I was devastated!! I couldn’t imagine a life without SAILOR. No more new releases, the eager waiting for a new album or single. Nothing! I started cherish the record collection I had, accepting the fact it wouldn’t be extended in the future.

I was watching TV, some family show, boring so I go to the kitchen to get me a beer, come back and see a band playing. "Hmmm" I think, "that’s a nice piece of up tempo music, I wander who they are!" After a few seconds I get a funny feeling, "That singer… he looks like, like ……..
The next day after work to the record shop. He came up with "Dressed For Drowning" and "La Cumbiaaaaaaaa".
With "Dressed…" I didn’t hear or see any comparison with the SAILOR that were brand marked on my eyeballs and for the exception of "Runaway" and "Hat Check Girl", I didn’t think much of it (and still do). But "La Cumbia"… well, that’s something else!!! It was breathtakingly good!
At that time, the computer found its way into my life and boy, did that open a world for you!
It was in those days that I got into contact with the SAILOR club with Andrea Stollorcz at the helm. I became a member ( No.: 68) and received the SAILOR book and some other goodies.
But one day that was gone too…… a shame!
Concentrating on the World Wide Web I learned you could buy a lot of SAILOR accessories on auctions and webshops and Andrea pointed me out that a brother and sister by the names of Karsten and Katrin were running a homepage about SAILOR.
Well, the rest is known to you about K&K. Their site is the link between us and SAILOR concerning tour dates, releases and everything we need to know.

It took until 1999 before I saw SAILOR live. They played in Wiehl (Germany) at a golden oldies concert. As it turns out it was also the last concert of Henry Marsh. I feel very lucky to actually have met him and the other members after the concert, again thanks to K&K. Since then, I have seen them several times including the High Wycombe concert. It is so much fun to see them play, it’s unlike anything else I have seen. I always try to take friends who remember SAILOR by name but forgot about their music and they are overwhelmed by the charisma of the intense happy and joyful performance. They all have bought the DVD and some CD’s. But then, being a SAILOR fan, you always picks sides.

The release of the DVD was undoubtedly one of the highlights as well the release of the book by James McCarraher. We have been spoiled lately being SAILOR fans and let’s hope that our "boys" have a lot more to come our way.

Like Helge I would like to place my list of favourites:

Sailor: Sailor, Blame It On The Soft Spot, The Street.
Trouble: A Glass Of Champagne, Panama, The Old Nicke-lody-on Sound.
The Third Step: Quay Hotel, One Drink Too Many, Out Of Money.
Checkpoint: Romance, Down By The Docks, Put Your Mouth Where The Money Is.
Hideaway: Pyjama Party, Stay The Night, Ashes And Diamonds.
Dressed….: Runaway, Hat Check Girl.
Sailor 1991: La Cumbia, Big Bamboo, Knock Knock.
Street Lamp: Precious Form, Under The Moon, Who Cares.

Favourite album: Sailor.
Favourite song : Sailor.

It’s hard to imagine, but I also have a song I really don’t like: Machines.
And of the songs that haven’t been released, I really like: Mack The knife, Pimps Brigade and the ’96 Christmas song.

Today, I have approximately 120 SAILOR and related 45’s from countries all over the world, some 50 albums including the 1976 BBC studio live recording, all of the CD’s and CD-singles incl. the 3 "Karma Chameleon" prints and the "Estepona" release, about 10 tape’s and a shipload of magazines, paperclippings, photo’s, t-shirts, posters, etc., and thanks to K&K and myself some 20 hours of videorecordings.
But the chase continues for I know I haven’t got it all!! And if you’re looking for something of SAILOR, sent me an e-mail and maybe I can help!

Lody Scheffer
Harlingen, Netherlands.

SAILOR fans together with Henry Marsh and Phil Pickett in Wiehl-Bielstein (Germany) - 12 June 1999
(left to right:) Michael, Andreas, Henry, Lody, Phil, Gerd, Katrin and Lody's brother Pieter

Lody together with Peter Wiehl-Bielstein (Germany)
12 June 1999

Lody together with Phil in High Wycombe (UK)
16 November 2002

Lody and Marja together with Grant in High Wycome (UK)
16 November 2002

Lody and Marja together with Peter in High Wycome (UK)
16 November 2002

Lody together with Rob in High Wycome (UK)
16 November 2002

Lody together with Peter in Egmond aan Zee (Holland)
23 August 2003

Lody together with Peter, Grant, Phil and Rob in Egmond aan Zee (Holland)
23 August 2003

Review: SAILOR in High Wycombe (UK) 16 November 2002:
THIS WAS A NIGHT TO REMEMBER!!!! WE HAD SUCH A GREAT TIME, IT WAS MAGIC. THE CONCERT, MEETING THE FANS, especially Andrea. And the after-party, meeting the band and Chip Hawks. It was a struggle to get to High Wycombe in time but it was well worth it!! I hope the DVD takes of like a rocket and gives it SAILOR the break that it needs to get back in the charts again where they belong (if you compare it with all the shit that fills the charts now).
I suggested to Phil that SAILOR should release "Mack the Knife" because in my eyes it has the gadged that will touch people (and it's a good song when performed by SAILOR). SO ALL YOU FANS, GO OUT AND BUY THE "LIVE IN BERLIN" CD WHICH CAN BE ORDERED AT
copyright by Lody Scheffer, 17 November 2002

SAILOR in Leuwaarden (Holland) 27 November 2004...

The SAILOR Birthday Cake from Lody and Marja...

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