Mandy Phelps

Mandy together with Phil and Rob in Bath (UK) 27 February 2005

Mandy together with Grant and Peter in Bath (UK) 27 February 2005

Grant and Mandy in Oxford (UK) 10 April 2005

Peter and Mandy in Oxford (UK) 10 April 2005

Review: SAILOR in Oxford (UK) 10 April 2005:

Fantastic! Fantastic! Fantastic! It had been a long 6 weeks since I had seen them last (in Bath). Plus I was eager to wear my new jacket I had bought especially for the concert, a naval uniform jacket complete with stripes on the sleeves and gold double breasted buttons with anchors on! (It’s amazing what you can find on ebay!!)
It was really great to see the boys again, and so many other SAILOR fans. It was a great night full of fun. Being the end of the tour, the sound engineers/ backstage stage staff etc were playing jokes on the bands. When SAILOR performed their ‘full monty’ bit, the music didn’t stop at the right point, as though they had to carry on undressing!! It was very funny!
I also managed to have a chat and some photos with the band in the interval. I asked Phil where the Autumn concert is likely to be held, he said in the London area somewhere, which is great, as that’s only a couple hours drive for me (or my husband I should say – he’s my chauffeur! bless him). I told Phil I had been at the Bath concert – and he remembered me! That really made my evening! (Considering I only re-discovered SAILOR 2 years ago I’m really making up for lost time!) Hopefully the ‘Buried Treasure’ CD will keep me going until the Autumn!
The Rubettes drum routine was fantastic, great joke with that too, as ‘someone’ had put white powder on top of the drums! As soon as they started drumming, clouds of white (smelly) dust billowed everywhere!
There was a great crowd in that night, everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. I left there on Cloud 9 – as I always do (it’ll take me a few days to come down!).
Big Big SAILOR Fan!

Mandy Phelps, 12 April 2005

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